Anyone get the Trezor model T? Report in, how is it?

Anyone get the Trezor model T? Report in, how is it?

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Is much regret yes

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the upgraded price lock feature is great!

id totally buy it if it could lock my ARK or ADA

Just a regular poor person basic model. How much were these?

Bought mine 3 months ago! JUST'D

did they fix the security issues of the other trezor?

yes so many issues. much secuirty amirite

Is it true you can lock the price at any point from the last 60 days?

yes can confirm.
Beware, Ledgers lack this function. Make sure you have latest firmware. Happy price locking.

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What does it mean to price lock? Any benefits?

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Protects against bear markets. Sound investment and worthwhile feature of the trezor

>he didn't lock in at 18k

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Bro where is Trezor based out of? Their entire website has pajeet level typos and English, looks mad sus. Glad I have a Ledger Nano. This shit is scam tier

LMao, supports 8 currencies? Wow. Trezor really had to pull out the big guns and throw in a touch screen because they felt threatened by Ledger. Trezor is dead honestly. I don't give a fuck about either company and just want my coins safe without spending an arm and a leg and Ledger is the legit one out of the two.

i locked my bitcoins at $18k
>feels good

>that feel when locked btc at $7k because I thought it would drop further
can I unlock them somehow guys?

Does it keep REQ tokens safe from burning?

Are you ready for fanboys?

I mean. Why would you want a hardware wallet that only has 1/3th of the competitors cryptos available?

You get fanboys about everything but yes ledger is objectively better

This guy knows what's up.

buy some cha*n L*nk

Have you locked its price user?

>ledger is better
>they focus on important things like adding 700 new coins
>they don't waste time on trivial shit like security
>open source? I used CrunchBang linux and it was bad. it was open source too
>I bet your trezor won't even be hacked by a 10 year old like ledger was

> implyin trezor can't be hacked
> implyin the kid hack has not been patched yet

Trezor was hacked by the same kid just a few months ago. Fucking biz brainlet newfags.

The same UK kid has found vulnerabilities in both the Trezor and the Ledger. No device is completely unhackable.
The one difference I would note is Ledger's attitude toward all of this. They actually make a show of poor security practice, putting a snarky note in their packaging about the device being unhackable instead of putting on a simple security seal. And now that this posturing has been btfo by an undetectable firmware exploit, rather than admit their error, they've doubled down on the posturing.
I think the devices are basically interchangeable and have recommended both to friends and, coworkers, but I'm disappointed in Ledger's approach to security issues.