I know lots of bait moon mission threads, but get in here

My friend is a bitcoin millionaire. Big moon mission coming up before the end of march. I'll give you some hints:

>Only trades in Ethereum.
>Getting added on 5 exchanges, same day.

Will be honest if correct.

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I'm sure it's some shitcoin on ED or IDEX that you are going to try to shill once you, with a different IP "guesses" it like with every other thread similar to this.

nobody gives a shit.

Normies only know about bitcoin and that is all that matters right now until more normies get in the market.


Stop niggerawsting you faggot

video game related?

It is on IDEX. No it's not a shitcoin and I haven't seen it mentioned once except for a comment I made on a different moon thread

You could literally buy this entire coin's sellbook for about $25,000 and sell it back for whatever price you want to. There are no millionaires on Veeky Forums, because if there were, it would have happened already.

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Not me, bro. I saw the other bait threads, felt kinda bad cause i'm trying to actually help out the Veeky Forums lads right now and everyone will think it's another b8.

>buy order book for $25k
>set sell orders
>nobody buying
>try to give it away
>nobody wants it for free
>resort to paying people to take this shitcoin off your hands

If you think you know it, say it. Or atleast give a hint I could understand.


Chinese team?

Ding ding

what's sector?

Well unfortunately that doesn't really narrow it down much...



Everybody thank this guy. He was quick.

Enjoy Veeky Forums, we're all gonna make it

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Fun game, thanks buddy

Formidable adversary

MAN which i own massive amounts

Does anyone know its current market cap?

165 million.

How many of these before I start liking dick?

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Tell me me
Show I just cut my losses in nano and just go in this?

These threads really are the height of biz faggotry.