The only coin that will 100x this year

The only coin that will 100x this year.

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>The only coin that will 100x this year.

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because you sold

I don't invest in chainlink surrogates and imitators


I shouldve never married this coin

but I just bought some user

did I do good?


10x maybe.

100x you are dreaming.

This token will never be worth anything. It has had almost a full year of shilling on Veeky Forums.
The creators are full blown scammers. Some of them have a record of committing fraud in the past. Please, for the love of God stop shilling this scam token.
Nobody wants to buy your skateboard-stickers.

has it already done 10x? so only 10x left

if it does i MIGHT break even

don't be like that op, there doesn't have to one coin that goes 100x, I'm sure there is room for both omg and skycoin

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You mean 90x

the only coin that will go down to #100 this year.

There was a time back in August 2017 where this shit was at #10 ranked by market cap - it went down to #20 within 9months

must be hard to HODL a coin tha slowly disappear, like other ICO ERC20 instamine coins.

But keep on believing in such crap, you will learn it someday.

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isn’t this the scam coin with 900k in revenue or some shit

also got shit on by IBM this week kek

token fuckwit

See you Go Boys at 750$ a token some time this year, years Gona end great boysssss


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James Edwards Migger Tier Fud.

This loaded thread sponsered by @CryptoMedicated. -The migger way, create a shill OMG thread then reply with a vpn shitting on OMG holders.

Migger, you sound really lonely.

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BBN will 50x from this now until EOY.

.....ok time out. I'm a Linky too - but OMG isn't in competition with Link. Tell me you're not that retarded. Tell me you actually know what EITHER of these projects do.


>the most convincing FUD about OMG is a lie based on staking returns

OMG holders will retire next year

To the average link holder, everything is in competition with link


>tfw only 46 OMG

Guess I'll be able to buy a miata

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