Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA Pt 4

Feel free to ask questions outside of crypto as well. I am here to help. Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.

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You can tell now that volatility is king here, and volatility can really hurt if it catches you in the wrong places. Do you consider your gains won or earned?

Volatility is something you certainly need to take into consideration when building a portfolio not only in crypto but in other markets as well. It is a bigger deal in crypto however because the swings can be huge and people either underestimate or do not understand once your portfolio drops 50% it has to go up 100% to recover. Most alts got crushed some down over 80% which would require 400% recovery to get back to even.

Good to see you again. I'm the user who asked about NEM in your first thread. Holding BNB since high do you think it's going leading up to 4/15? When are you planning on selling?

hey mate! any thoughts on vechain?

Your discord link ???
What do you think about the PBC reports ( I am going heavy into Aion cause of the alliance with Wanchain)

if you ever wanna chat


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I told people in my vip discord BNB was a strong buy. I still consider it the strongest safe play in crypto right now. I think it can get to $25 by April if BTC get's its act together.

Please rate my analysis from lunchtime today!

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is tether a potential scam ?? will it burst off in the coming few years

I like Vechain and owned a huge portion for a while and doubled my money on it but I think currently there are some smaller cap projects that can grow faster right now. I have almost got this feeling that normies have flocked into VEN because of the constant hype and it has become the next "tron". People will fud VEN when it does not make them instant millionaires overnight. I highly recommended a blend of 4-5 supply chain coins in any portfolio. Supply chain is probably the best use case of crypto tech. You can find the link on my twitter to discord. I like Aion but token inflation concerns me.

I do not believe in T/A in crypto. I just do not. I believe more in news/events/whale manipulation/public sentiment.Obviously nobody knows if tether is 100% a scam but there are red flags. I would never go 100% tether for very long. Just stay vigilant with anything in crypto scams are everywhere.send me a friend request on discord. I will be happy to help anyone with their current portfolios allocations and make suggestions.

I gave you mine because I don't know yours lol


Who the fuck cares. Any moron could have x30'd during the last bull run picking coins with a dart board, hence why all these "brilliant investors" have fallen silent and picked up a daytime drinking habit these past months of bear market.

What matters is your performance during the bear market where just keeping your ATH would be an impressive achievement to anyone with half a brain but judging by your Twitter handle you're firmly aiming for the braindead moon kiddie crowd.

have you tried forex? so how did you learn memelines?

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are you the same guy on twitter who argued with korean jew? whats your deal with him?

not him but korean jew is a maximum shiller in cohorts with cryptogat and bitcoin burch the bravado guy. and has a paid group which of course coordinate pump and dumps on dumb money on twitter

discord link on your twitter has expired so I added you

I agree. Bull runs certainly make everyone look good. Hence why I stressed the importance of picking quality projects because 99% of crypto is vaporware,ponzi's, frauds/scams, or just downright absurd marketcap evaluationsYep I called him out for acting like he is a genius who never makes bad calls or has lost money. He said something like he was up over 250x and acted like that should be typical results. He has shilled LUXcoin , PROC etc at ATH so he could dump on his dojo guys and those coins proceeded to go -85% but he fails to mention that.

Have you heard of DERO coin before? I'm highly curious for your insight into this coin, but I'm more interested to hear your thought on why it will fail as literally everyone I talk to on Veeky Forums calls it a pajeet scam yet every single bit of in-depth research I'm seeing show it skyrocketing if the devs follow through with what they are planning.

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Yep. Claims to be up 250x on his initial investment yet begs for dojo signups. I basically said something like well then you must have started with only $100 bucks because if you started with any respectable amount you could prove multi million profits. I always post screenshots of my holdings and admit when my recommendations have performed poorly this guy acts like all his plays go 100x. Put a new link that is fresh on my twitter now. Thanks

I have not man. Sorry I do not pretend to be a expert on every shitcoin. There are just so many that it is hard to follow them all plus new ones are created daily. I will look into it.

You can make some arguements for T/A in traditional markets where movements are much smaller and there is not rampant volume manipulation and fake marketcaps. I have played around with forex with some success but I mainly just stick to the basic proven effective method of making money over time which is buy and hold passive ETF's. I have placed thousands of trades and the amount of successful day traders is about the same as successful sports bettors aka basically nobody :)

>part 4
Bro, you really have a have a huge ego and you’re so desperate to find new retards for your group to daily shills AMA on Veeky Forums

hello koreanjew :)

Not sure if you answered this previous threads. Thoughts on PRL?

>vip discord
First thread in the series I saw. made it to here before closing.

Not a fan. Think it is crazy overrated. Just my opinion. I was telling people to sell when it pumped to $3-4 range. I hold true to my calls.

Total market cap projection before burst of bubble?
And thoughts on -5% DJIA?

>Total market cap projection before burst of bubble?
Binance offering FIAT pairings could save the crypto world. Right now all alts are at the mercy of BTC which is a shame. Several good projects out there that have literally nothing to do with BTC but get dragged down because BTC is tied to basically everything and is the face of the crypto world. As far the Dow Jones Industrial Average is concerned we were due for a pullback. People were getting greedy the same way the crypto world was. No down years since 08. Old people asking to sell off bonds in favor of equities. Trump brings a lot of uncertainty as well. Until things settle down with China we will continue to pull back. Also election season coming up should drop it but then after I think it will be smooth sailing.

Jumped in on BNB and ZIL from the Pt 2 thread. Thanks for making me some money for the first time since Jan

Thoughts on BAT and NAS?

I saw that you were super bullish on CMT but have not bought in yet and I'm looking into these 3.

It's fucking funny how you troll KJew and gat on Twitter follow you only cos of that

Are you in $omg if not why not?

And from what I gather you're really rooting for CM

Opinion on LINK?

Opinions on blocknet?

opinion on SAFEX please.

vip discord
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What to put money into to hedge against recession/depression when wall st collapse.

Was thinking rental real estate in commuter belt/popular schools. Single family homes, or even pbsa (purpose built student accommodation)

In addition...other than crypto, already havev90% net worth in crypto

CMT is still a good buy right?

Is qash any good?