Post ITT if you have a meme portfolio that will make you a millionare

Post ITT if you have a meme portfolio that will make you a millionare

>11k LINK
>27k REQ
>9k EVE
>1.5k VEN

t-thanks Veeky Forums

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1 mil link

5800 LINK
3k REQ
380 ICX
300 ENG

173 NEO
1024 OMG
19600 LINK
10600 REQ
450 ARY (fucking pajeets)

200k storm

20k link
35k req
4400 wanchain
~20 eth

And a bunch of ED shitcoina that im down over 50% on

50k REQ
107 LINK (for the memes)
20 BNB. I bought this for less than $20 but I just left it for transaction sake is now almost $300.

47k link
1k req
1k jnt

350k dbc hahaha!! to be fair you need to have a very high IQ to be a member of the brain gang! rotflmao

25k TRAC
20k REQ
1k ICX
Only worry I have is to pick the color of my lambo

Proud that Veeky Forums is not missing out on the REQ train.

Please remember to not sell out when REQ reaches ~$5. Historically it shows that most people cash out around here. Happened with most Veeky Forums ETH holders as well.

>all that LINK and REQ
brought a tear to my eye
we're gonna make it bros

82k trx bought at .029 won't make me a millionare but feeling comfy

10 XMR
5000 LINK
40 BNB


I legitimately took my REQ out of binance just so I wouldn't sell, bought below ICO. In hindsight I could have sold at $1 and increased my stack but it was too risky

50k link
25k req
600 BNB
50k fun
5 eth

howdiedoo Veeky Forums?

ma nigguh

220k LINK
54k XTZ
3.5k NANO

Only a bit memey, very millionarish

man, Veeky Forums really did a number on you huh? admittedly I hold all 3 myself


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> tfw own small stacks of all the Veeky Forums meme coins just in case one of them really does take off

I'm all in all on fucking LINK. Shit is staying stupid stinky.

Best to the Req squad but Sergey has my full attention.

Fucking source please

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I was thinking about picking up some link but looks like a bad idea if Veeky Forums is anything to go by. All you fucks looking to dump your bags on my gains.

it's not bags when you bought at ICO user, buy and wait

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31k LINK

200 nano
5k link
5k jnt

gonna buy more (specifically jnt I think) when I get my paycheck

sell ur nano for jnt desu. esp if u have already profited. jnt @ 30 cents is nuttttttty ya dig

I don't want to be all in on Veeky Forums coins though. nano is my safety if reddit is right

holy shit

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116k REQ
1.6k MOD
6k BEE (kill me already)


Tfw when I found req and ven independently and then realised they are memed at /biz.

Also, small time folio:

3.5K stinkers
3K req

I hope to get dumped on 2K isis coin on Monday, otherwise set for eoy net worth $1200

>45k LINK
>26k REQ
>8 ETH
>170k KEY (need to get rid of this shit)
>5k SHIP

200k ADA
3k GTO
5k CND
2 stinky linkies

Nora Stadler = source

240K BBN

1000 HPB

>those milkers

200k link btw

wish this bitch would post more 2bh

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>10k LINK
>37.5k REQ
Millionaire EOY, ask me anything.

11.5k JNT*

>28k LINK
>29k JNT
>1k ARK
>2k IOC

Rate my memefolio power levels Veeky Forums

Sell ARK and IOC and buy REQ, frendo.

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10k VEN
10k LINK
7,8k REQ
15k XLM
15k BBN
123 OMG
1,4k MAN

Will I make it?


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Hey Jambo Lambos, will I make it?

52k ZIL
13k XLM
8k Cuntdano (ADA)
5.5k Stinky Linky Chinky Pinky
1k Enigma (Wussup ma' Enigma's)

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140 XMR
80k LINK
4k OMG
150k ADA

>13k Link
>4000 VEN
>1000 OMG

Thoughts? Will i do good with this

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Lol has to turn sideways using MySpace angles to hide her waist size

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All I have is memes

200k COSS
20k ENG
75k LINK
7500 ICX
200k TAU
350 BTCP


40k LINK
19k ZRX
73k FUN
10k REQ
3k RCN
600 OMG
400 ICX

500 NANO

Probably won't make me a millionaire but I'm a poorfag anyway so who cares

5k link
1k amb
2.5k xcm