Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

how does it feel to fall for the gook pump and dump twice in a row /biz?

bithumb, upbit, and token swap is already priced in. sell now and rebuy lower or enjoy another round of heavy bags

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If you were quick enough and didn't get greedy you could have made some good profit (10 - 30% in sats) from the listings.

Why even post this then?
Being lonely is hard. But this isn’t the path to happiness. Trust me.

Aside from the great tech + muh partnerships chainId blah blah the fact is that buying into ICX is betting on whether or not Koreans like to gamble. And the answer is clear.

I am Fudmasterflex of ICX and you need to step up your game. Fud at the top, not on an 8% decline you dumb cunt. Time it right or don’t post at all.

lol 8% decline. nice advice to those who held ICX at 82k cause it was an "8% decline from the top" you retarded faggot.

Fuck are you talking about? Can you put together a coherent argument? I’m trying to debate you dumb cunt.

Respond with something intelligible so that I can respond.

it's a hard lesson we all leaern not to trust anything pumped on /biz

t. one-time TEL and AMB holder

Fuck it I’m going to bed. Sleep > you

If you held after the obvious decline then you’re an idiot anyways. Everyone had a chance to get out. Euphoric emotions overpowered the inexperienced traders and they learned a hard lesson. Period.

Fudding a recent 8% pullback is laughably stupid. Again I am the motherfucking master of ICX fud and you’re giving me a bad name. Leave it to the big boys to fud right...fud at the T O P...not on a weak pullback

My "8% pullback fud" will look fucking genius when this goes back to $1.50 faggot. Don't cry because you lost money bitch. I'm the true ICX master. Made lifechanging gains from ICX

My "8% pullback fud" will look fucking genius when this goes back to $1.50 faggot. Don't cry because you lost money bitch. I'm the true ICX master. Made lifechanging gains from this coin

I can confirm
Bleeding will continue unless we enter bull market... which doesn't seem likely
Sell now at a nice high point , or hold and bleed
If you already sold at the pump... good

Sold the bleed yesterday, gonna wait till token swap occurs and ICO platform announced.

I fell for this shitcoin yesterday i swear this is the last time i believe in biz

so for a coin to not be a shitcoin does it need to never correct itself?

Fuck off with your correction shit, everyone is selling this piece of garbage and its going yo take ages to recover if It event happens

if it's a piece of shit then why didn't it dump hard like all other coins do after a 70% increase?

It doesn't feel like anything because I bought at 28k sats and sold at 45k sats.

We are not in alt/bull market. You have to be mentally retarded to think we will have weeks upon weeks of only green.

utter morons who bought at the top- off yourselves
it went from $1.80 to $4.00, and is now around $3.40
if you are a monkey who bought at the top of course you lost money

The Best GOOK scam in the crypto sphere even has con in their name that's how fucking funny this is. Literally brainwashed monkies just buying and thinking it will moon, at over a bill mcap you've already missed the moon buddy KEK

>Muh Korea eth

gooked and pockets spooked

tfw bought the top

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the pajeets laughed at me thinking it was gonna go up 400% when i told them it was gonna dump and they got cucked, suck my dick cunts