When was the actual ico of bitcoin?

when was the actual ico of bitcoin?

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when craig wright mined the genesis block

Never. The only way to get it in the beginning was to mine.

a guy bought a pizza for like 100,000 btc's in the early days... he's probably killed himself by now but yeah

Yeah bro. He bought "pizza"

How have I never made this connection
Still wrong thought. 10k btcs was like $40 back then which seems low for "pizza"

The story is not real. We have never gotten the name of the guy who made that first transaction, and we never will. If we did I'm sure plebbit or some other normie group would have started a fund for him and his name would be all over the place. It's just not a true story. There was no pepperoni pizza involved. It's a symbol of the shady beginnings of bitcoin transacting.


This argument doesn't hold up, because for the same $40 anyone could have bought 10,000 BTC.


I doubt the guy that received the btc ever sold higher or even has access to it after holding it for years.

>top kek

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who the fuck would shove a plastic case of tools up their ass without including lock picks?

fp bp

Wait what happens if Satoshi Namagodo sells all his bitcoins? Wouldn't that move the price down?

Bitcoin was the first and most advanced token to this time. Even though Vitalik said that virtual currency is awesome, just not worth 32M it ended up reqch8ng 100s of billions in value.

Yeah, he could have bought in again the day after, that's what people don't get. Bitcoin was worthless back then and nothing changed fundamentally apart from a greater adoption.

You got Vitalik's comment wrong. He said that oracles were probably not worth 32 million.

"yay crypto"
stoppit right now

BTC was an ico of the Ethereum platform.

I'm betting you're right for at least a third of early adopters. Another third were druggies, and the last ones were cypherpunks or whatever. The two first categories likely dwarfed the third. So next time you see millionaire early adopter, chances are he's in one of those groups.


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20% of the BTC supply was premined.