Anyone getting in on Flowpoint?

Decentralised wifi. Best whitepaper I've ever read. Pre-sale opens in 2 days. Rockstar team. You've heard it here first. This is my gift to biz.

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BTW I love the logo

So its a skycoin fork?

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Literal pajeet street shitter logo. This market is a fucking joke.

Decentralized wifi
That fucking logo

I guess i know why cryptos are dead now

Who tf actually uses the wifi

Is this the next Prodeum?

The logo is somebody farting.

Not sure what you mean?

partnerships already lined up. stay poor.

Ive heard about this one. Sounds promising.

>Decentralised wifi.

For promoting a scam project I have d0xed you, IP leads to NZ
Will post identity in 10 minutes if thread is still here

- ScamVigilante

Please don't, I will give you 10,000 FLW tokens if you don't.

>logo is unironically a man taking a shit
top kek pajeet

I understand you might think this a joke Sean
5 minutes left

The fact that you almost had me with that logo says a lot about the time we're living in

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'Partnerships'.. so fuckin what ! The most pajeet looking shit ever.

it's just a joke shitpost..

>Open Veeky Forums catalog
>First thing i see is this fucking logo
>Burst out laughing

>You've heard it here first
>stay poor.
>street shitter logo

I can smell the curry from here.