Can you feel that?

can you feel that?

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The rancid stagnation of my bags? Yep.

can't feel shit captain

> Is up 22% this month against eth
> Bags
Um sweetie

its actually the best of all my bags

try again

think i might stop wagecucking if req hits a dollar

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5 bucks for me.

>can stop wage cucking in single digits
have fun with you lambos, i'd have to hope for a $100 moon shot

What the fuck is this creepy lookin thing

It's called "God's touch".

Everyone with 5 digits in REQ will make it before 2021.


I've got some Req, but if only one of my token gets burned I will market sell eveything immediately.

Your tokens are all going to get burned, you should market sell now

They will confirm partnership with LINK, pic related

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Yes. But the partnership they are announcing is a non-crypto company. So it's not LINK.

I believe the LINK-REQ partnership will come after mainnet of both LINK and REQ are both out.

link is the better token since they arent burned at random

you'll get there one day user

>bought 10k link a month ago
>4k have been burned since
it hurts bros. How can you hodl a coin that just burns in your wallet? Hoping the rest will not disappear so quickly

I bought 10k sub 6 cents

hope none of that gets burned

don't you know user? they don't burn coins bought under 6 cents

>he doesn't have the new trezor with price lock and burn guard

is this a meme or do they really burn random peoples tokens?

only if you're dumb enough to keep them in a wallet without burn guard or burn guard plus


it's a meme
do you think any dev would do that? Especially one that actually seems legitimate

Split your holdings into 1 REQ wallets to be safe

the burning isn't random, the bogs decide whose tokens get burned

they only burn yours if you answer
don't pick up any calls from France anons

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Guys do your coins get burned if you keep them on binance? I'm legitimately concerned, what kind of company burns random fucking coins???

The kind of company that answers to a higher authority

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Binance wallets have burn-gate plus, meaning the coins in them are actually more prone to burning. This was a controversial decision, but it was decided on as a way to encourage holding in an off-exchange wallet to insulate the coin price..

Only if one of the binance wallets gets designated as burn wallet for the day, REQ holders will share the 5% burn proportionate to their holdings.

But imagine the FOMO once normies realize that a significant portion of circulating supply was burned. It's worth the risk, you just have to keep it split in a lot of wallets.

If REQ hits 2$ I'll have 1MM USD (total in crypto)

Makes sense. I think it's risky as fuck to hold REQ at this point but the thrill itself is worth it. I'm planning on creating 20k wallets and sending 1 REQ to each wallet just so that I can decrease the chances of my REQ getting burnt. Plus the more wallets there are, the less likely we'll get burnt, I encourage everyone to do the same

I don't recall seeing them saying it was a non-crypto company. If the partnership is some trivial no-name company, price will tank, regardless of mainnet. Price will probably dump after mainnet anyway, unless the partnership is a large well-known company.

They say it is a company with YCombinator connection and every Cryptocompany within YCombinator already has a partnership with REQ so it has to be a non-crypto company by deduction.

Coinbase is a ycombinator company, they dont have a partnership with request

Anons the odds are low that its coinbase but it is a YCombinator startup so there is a chance. I personally think REQ would already be through he roof if it was because those Coinbase fags cant help but inside trade. Will it dump a bit with the news - absolutely- crypto is full of stupid fucks who follow old made up WallStreet terminology.

By saying cryptocompany, one would think along the lines of Kyber or Ripio. Not a motherfucking Coinbase. If it's a partnership with Coinbase, we're going to a fucking Andromeda.

Where did they say it was a company with a Ycombinator connection? Asking seriously, I can't recall them saying it.

feel this *unzips dick*

Because it was on /Biz you stupid fuck.

Thanks, just sold 100k

This is not true. There's another really los key project, called Ink Protocol. Their team is Y Combinator backed and They have a working product in Listia.con

That can be the partnership, which as it states right now, is underwhelming. Keep the feet on the ground.

God damn autocorrect. Low key project and the site is

your dick has a zipper?

Cought el mexicano !
>Los Caramba !!

if the partnerships was any hot they would have released it during the latest pump

Word around the campfire is going to have a Request button.


Honestly, I think it's going to be some literally who start-up for the partnership, since crypto-crypto transactions aren't really usable in e-commerce.

I'm holding out for the fiat-to-fiat transactions on the Request protocol, if they can pull it off, we're literally millionaires.

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How fucking new are you?

>meme team 6 reporting for duty

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This coin will hit $100 and it's completely possible EoY or early to mid 2019.

Just hang in there

They hired a chief strategy officer to time the announcement. Im sure they know when the best time is.

I honestly think it could be coinbase. It makes the most sense.

This delusional meme prediction needs to end. It won't touch $100 until 2022.

$1-3 EOY

>$100 in 2022
Wew lad, I'd hodl.

>$1-3 EOY
That's my estimate if the market keeps this boring.

If crypto goes past the 1 trillion market cap, REQ could be $4-$8

If REQ gains any major partnerships/adoption, $10-$15. Anything past that is deluded for 2018.

In a recovering market with successful products and partnerships this is FUD


Do you realize how many req hodlers from ico will sell off and rebuy even if it reaches $25-50 EOY?

You're f'n delusional.

Man, I think it can reach $100. Just not this year. Unless we get unbelievable achievements (like the Coinbase commerce rumours and any major marketplaces or accounting stuff).

I know people said in Jan 2017 that $1k Ether was a joke, but it's kinda hard to picture that. Besides, crypto is different now.

>there is a magical price point where every single ICO holder will market sell at the same time

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>Doesn't remembered it happened to Eth at 60 usd

Speak English, rajesh.


i was under the impression the way they wrote the code it would target smaller wallets first

lol, you must be some kind of pathetic virgin if yours are getting burnt at that rate
I'm a Chad and only 3 of mine have gotten burned out of 7k

This is a very creative idea, I will do the same. thanks

REQlet here

Let's keep it real, anons. Even $5 is an awesome price target for EOY. That's 5x the ATH.
Honestly, I'll be happy for anything in the $2-$5 range. I can't see this going anywhere higher than this.

A more conservative estimate would be $1.5 EOY if sideways market remains for the rest of the year.

$10 is delusional, even though REQ is my favorite holding.

suck start a shotgun

Was daytrading and missed my buy point last 5 days ago, and then REQ recovered extremely well. Will it go down again or should I set a buy order around 2600 sats?

Next stop 3150 sats. I'm sorry.

Are you really this retarded?

>$10 is delusional
You should really research what the fuck you're buying before clicking the green button, user. Just saying.

What makes you think REQ could hit $10 EOY?

this has to be bait

got 1 btc I want to spend on req, but bought 0,4 of it for about 12K in december, should I wait now till btc rises and then buy req or just shit on my loss and go all in req? help me biz I'm frustrated

>Fiat to fiat
>42 fucking teams building apps on top of REQ
>Each one those apps will burn REQ tokens
>Burning itself
>The normie potential

As some user said, doing anything but HOLDing with REQ right now is gambling. There's partnerships and the mainnet release incoming. Personally, I'd use half of it now and the rest once it dumps a little/pumps a little.

That's the smartest way to go. So far it's my strategy right now.

It's crazy that people will go along with shit projects without any legitimacy, but Req a legitimate project with a big team and y-combinator partnership gets so much shit.

$5 eoy is highly likely
$100+ in 3 or 5 years is obvious.

Oh, I feel it user

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>but Req a legitimate project with a big team and y-combinator partnership gets so much shit
That's actually a bullish sign. The more idiots are trying to FUD this down, the more I know something big is coming.

What are your realistic price predictions for REQ and why?

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40 cents by Friday.

ITT: Telegram pajeet shills

REQ is literally a dead end, just look at the volume nobody gives a shit about this piece of garbage coin with no liquidity. Enjoy your pajeet bags if you're delusional enough to buy this pajeet shit.


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>he bought at $1.20 and sold at 15c
Kek no wonder your a salty fuck

Low volume, can mean no one wants to sell it.
I bet you're looking for a cheaper req entry point.

You forgot that Chad will never buy a mocha latte with it because it's too creepy for stacy to use, and that venmo will blow them out of the water with their crypto hot swaps in Q2.

Thanks for trying to keep the price down so we can accumulate, user. But you DO realize this board has 0 influence in the market... right?

delusional! you are the same guy who kept telling everyone that all the money was already made when btc hit 3$. goddamn go in the corner for the rest of the day and then kys. it starting? We broke highs from a week ago and we're holding strong there right now. Rocket primed and fueling?

You consider 1M as making it?

It is Cirqle, screenshot this

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What's the short term news for req, something happening this week?

1M is enough to never work for someone else again. You have plenty of time to do other shit like reselling, starting a business, getting your life and living area together to the place you want it to be.

1M gives you all the time you need to figure out where to continue going in life. Cash half out, leave the other half in crypto, and if you truly believe it's the future, having $500,000 in it will guarantee you in 5 - 10 years as well.

Cirqle is probably one of them, although they stated that "there should be results soon" from their Y Combinator backing.

That implies the partnership was obtained specifically because of their connections. Cirqle looks like they just randomly reached out.

If dubs partnership will be coinbase

fail, partnership is mcdonalds