None of you are holding for a lower price are you?

None of you are holding for a lower price are you?

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No we're a bit past anger

I want the lower price buy in.

Based on our chart it looks like we are at complacency.

>forgot to crop out the arrow on the side
Anyway as all the "le bull run xd" posting yesterday and your bravado shows, we are at complacency

I didnt forget. Its a pallet.

Maybe it's just the beginning and we are at complacency, so there will be a huge dump and bear market soon. Or we are at disbelief, look how many people stopped believing in price increase - "this is a sucker rally". I believe more in second option

How the fuck are we still at complacency when BTC dropped more than 70% from its ATH?

That happened when there was a nice revovery after the ATH. If we're going by the chart we're between anger and depression. That or denial is taking an awful long time.

Zoom out and look at the log. The only thing you can draw from ops pic is we are going lower since the charts don't even remotely line up otherwise.

Denial is gonna take a long time due to December and onwards buyers who don't want to believe that they gambled mommy's money away.

Just look at Veeky Forums yesterday, full of green Wojaks and le moon le lambo threads.

One year chart next to it for comparison.

It's centainly possible.

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People do that anytime the market moves more than 1% in any direction.

Time for panic and capitulation.

Requesting the “euphoria and disbelief” version of that chart

>No we're a bit past anger

Actually I guess it does hold decently except we have an additional month of sideways at denial.

Honestly, many things like TA, market sentiment, taxes date point out, that the next bull will start around middle April.
Or huge dump and loong bear market after Death Cross.

Bullrun already started its just not noticeable yet. Dont wait until it is, you will miss the maximum profit point, which is right now.

Second one should probably bigger. You can still see the first one. Second one usually dwarfs the first one so it just looks like a blip.

Wrong, those who bought $500 are still living the dream. From a historical standpoint BTC is still in moon phase. That means there's a lot further to come down. We could drop to $2000 and from a technical standpoint still be bullish (that's still a 100% gain on the year).

I'm buying. People think the bubbles over. It hadn't even started. Hodl for life