ARK 2018 Prospects?

Low, Mid, High estimates by EOY? Plus, who is your delegate for voting?

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>voting for anyone but biz_classic

For me, it's del

lol del, wannabe biz_classic cuck

Deluded Arkies.

I'm actually surprised biz is talking about ark, ark and skycoin are my comfiest holds, people who invest in chink coins deserve to be chinked

2018 will be a great year for both

I'd love to see more genuine ARK threads on Veeky Forums. Being forced to go to reddit for the community hub is truly sickening. The levels of cringe, delusion and nuthuggery you can find there makes me feel like I could develop terminal brainlet disease from reading it. The worst part is that it's still a lot better than many other crypto reddits.

50 bucks would be a decent outcome eoy.
Should not be too far off. Bearmarket: 15-25bucks eoy

I'm tipping a conservative price of $30

EOY 100 dollars. midrange june-july 50 dollars.
im serious. I have 20k ark btw.

my delegate is dutch but once I reach 25k i will go to changs whale party

unironically one of the best dev teams out there.

If v2 gets adopted and a bunch of serious icos come around, i can easily see Ark going to 100-200-300 in 1 year. If its just a good network with some projects, maybe 20-30

tfw I only have 200 Ark
Will I ever make it?

May as well kys and hand them to me user


only if ARK reaches 500$ and you live in a 2nd-3rd world country. It should generate enough passive income so you don't have to wageslave. This scenario could only happen if crypto explodes and we reach a marketcap in the trillions.

I vote for biz_classic and I'm about to hit 1000 rolls on the faucet. Haven't hit the jackpot yet :(
I got into Ark late and poor so I only have 500. But this is a truly comfy hold. Devs get shit done, Ledger integration is good, wallet is good, DPoS is good. I think it will become like a WordPress for blockchains.

Not sure about EOY predictions. I'm guessing around $50. I also put some money into Token distribution soon. I'm not sure how long I'll hold that though.

minimum wage where I live is basically 500€ (600 dollars more or less). I get 14 Ark per month. At 43 dollars I would make more than 40% of the population just by staking my tiny Ark stack.

I hit the jackpot a couple of months ago - back when the captcha was almost impossible. Biz_Classic is my nigger.

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biz_classic should be integrated in the ark team.
actually, everyone should vote for him to the point he basically controlled the entire network.

MB a quick rundown on ARK?
A random signal channel says I should buy it, but from TA pov, ARK looks not convincing at all.

I see it is some overblockchain to interact with BTC, ETH, LSK.
You say I can somehow vote and get rewards for that, right? What is the return rate for voting?

Might still throw in $200 just to see how the voting works.
Ya welcome!

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Ark has literally never followed TA ever

$10 eoy in a good case scenario

If ARK had a marketing team that pushed consistently disappointing partnership videos with Chinese subtitles, Veeky Forums would be all over it like flies to shit. Instead I see a bunch of quiet, non-Chang nerds keeping their heads down and releasing substantial improvements while having no willingness for snakeoil sales.

As someone who held 20k ark through 2017 and missed every single moonmission because of this shitcoin i say be warned, the team is great and all but they dont give a single fuck about marketing or their investors, which is why ark will never reach 10$ ever

but it did

biz_classic is a circlejerk, the coin itself is useless, arks main function is one-click blockchains which Uncle chang had to get out of the devs mouth since people thought they main point of it was smartbridges and connecting other blockchains (which it isn't)

a one click blockchain coin will never be worth 100$ since every company is already making their own blockchains