Sorry to be the one to tell you this

Even if you do make it user, your life of playing vidya all day and jacking off to hentai will still be sad and pathetic regardless if one of your cryptos moons and you become wealthy. The fact is a lot of you don't deserve to become rich. Most people who become wealthy grind away and experience a lot of failure prior to finally succeeding. They are the people who have satisfying lives and don't kill themselves later in life and aren't heavily depressed, unlike people who just luck out like those who win the lottery. The ones who toil away are also the ones who learn valuable life lessons and are ultimately the ones who keep their wealth or increase it in the long run not the ones who luck out. If your plan is to retire in your early 20s you may have fun for the 1st year or 2 but you'll ultimately end up killing yourself anyway. Work and ambition gives meaning to life. Anyway anons I hope you do make it, but when you do don't be a faggot and waste your life.

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Keep on working for Mr. Shekelberg. That yacht isn't going to pay for itself!

Goldstein is a big fan of your affinity for Hentai user, "keep your jerking your worm user don't bother having a family like a good goy"

Oh do tell me how pirating virtual goods and not bringing in more consumers into the economy will benefit Mr. Shekelstein.

Yes, society throws riches to talented and altruistic achievers, thats how it works user. Its all well deserved, you nailed it.

What altruistic activities did you apply your talents to?

Masturbating to hentai and playing video games, retard

Already are married, have kids and made it, never needing to work again in my life. Just invested in Crypto for fun. What now?

Enjoy your life. Just out of curiosity how long have you been retired for?

>The fact is a lot of you don't deserve to become rich
>standard salty nocoiner talking points

I'll leave this room for months at a time if I make it. Never could afford to travel much otherwise.

I never said that society throws riches to talented and altruistic achievers faggot, I said that most people who become wealthy work hard to get there and they have a much better success rate once they've "made it" of maintaining their wealth as opposed to the 4channer who wanks off to hentai all day and thinks all his problems will be solved when one of his cryptos moons.

Work all life away, take and pay debts, for the greater good.

OK nigger, what if browsing internet, travelling and hanging out with people is what I actually want at this point?

I am already in uni and it sucks, I have had jobs and they suck, you basically spend 90% of your precious time on things you do not even enjoy.

If I change my mind later, I will have much better opportunities for studying with money.

So no, your goy-slave life is probably not for me.

Notch is happy right? OP disproven.


1. Notch is a creative contributing person

He was.

Now he's just a neet that happens to be a billionaire.

Okay but don't feel sorry for yourself if you don't make it. The fact is that based on what you see as your boring is what gives you a better chance of 'making it' and your self indulgent view is not going to help you make money. You'll probably realise this as you mature because you seem pretty naive and idealistic. I don't know maybe people just don't share the attitude I hold that got me to where I wanted to be in life.

You don't know me faggot. Everything I've tried turn to shit because of a certain group who fears me. I've had my share of experience so I deserve this. I had to lie, cheat and steal to be able to afford crypto while you get allowance. I've even killed people to survive. Don't fucking test me.

You should read a book called Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. It will take away your ego and your sense of entitlement, you'll probably stop bitching and complaining as well. I hope you do make it in the end if you really have persevered through hard times.

>read some Roman cunts book
Oh yeah, truly an enlightened people. Which is why they fell and got genetically wiped out


Your wage slave job will help you “make it” in no way. Your goal is to start a successful business. You do NOT need a job or university degree for that.

Haha okay you clearly have no desire for self improvement, dont worry about it man I'm sure you will make it with that shit ass attitude of yours. I'm sure all the bad things in your life are you just not getting your "lucky break", no self analysis, no accountability just poor little user always drawing the short straw. P.S You're not going to make it user.

So, what are you?

Any advice how to be like YOU then? You seem to be really doing good with your life.

Funny you should talk about ego, seems you're full of it to sit there thinking you're a wise sage.

Fuck you OP I will be using my crypto wealth to fund real life cat girls/boys for domestic ownership

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Also, nigger, having family and kids is nothing like your mommy told you.

If you want to be working for someone else through whole your life with low to zero mobility, and then have these people say you that they hate you / you did it wrong / you didn’t do enough — go on.