Why does no one talk about Link outside of Veeky Forums?

Why does no one talk about Link outside of Veeky Forums?

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cause its a worthless token no one takes seriously?

Why do you care? You fell for it lmao??

Even normies think it’s a shitcoin

I have read the whitepaper, watched every Chainlink video on youtube, and search "Chainlink" and "Sergey" on biz everyday. Link is my only reason to live.

Too complicated. Doesn't have a pithy one liner use case that people can spout of. 95% of crypto investors can't even be bothered reading a whitepaper, let alone getting a background understanding of smart contracts and oracles.
In 2020 when "smart contracts" are a worldwide buzzword/meme, redditors will be buying LINK off Veeky Forumstards for $50+. In the meantime just let them wallow in it and keep accumulating.

>why didn't anyone outside of Veeky Forums talk about btc before 2011
>why didn't anyone outside of Veeky Forums talk about neo when it was still called antshares
>why is op always a faggot


people in the know understand the importance of oracles/smart contracts. conditional payment execution is a snappy term

Because they're plebs whose jobs will always be things like cleaning toilets or making tendies for their linkyboverlords.

We are living the same life

Unironically this

Because nobody is that stupid outside of biz

>Only normies think it's a shitcoin.

I'm in a biz shitposting discord with something like 75 active members. There isn't anyone there that liked or even though it was a good investment. Except this one guy that we kicked out months ago called "Masharza".

Is this supposed to be what, fud? You expect us to think "oh wow, 75 discord pageets from biz couldn't be wrong I better stay away"?

the guy we banned was indian, thats the only type of people that would be into "chainlink"
lol do you really think people are actually interested in that shitcoin? get a grip

pajeet is not necesserarily being a shitskin shitting on the streets, it's a state of mind. your discord group is exactly this.

except some of the coins we shilled got 11x post ICO.

chainlink isnt going anywhere but down

please tell me more about ur discord group... or maybe even better, kys.

First rule of Link never talk about Link.

Disregard the fud user.
You didn't find people talking about the A-Bomb while being developed back in the day. Same now.
It is a new concept and talking to brainlets is not good b/c of the fud.
even Ethereum had tonnes of fud while at 2-3$.
Also (((they))) are still in shock over the crypto market and applications.
Link $100 eoy !

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ground floor baby

Because we are unique in that there is a free flow of ideas here which are not upvoted or downvoted to control the narrative.

This is combined with the fact that a we have a high population of autistic NEETs who have unlimited free time to dedicate to research.

It is true that the free flow of ideas also comes with shillers, shitposters and FUD but you soon learn how to filter through the shit.

Reddit is encumbered by revolving around groupthink which stifles any gems rising to the surface. The only time when things gain momentum on Reddit is when the majority already agree that a certain topic is worthy of rising to the surface. Hence the FOMO is much stronger there and their community is much more prone to buying bags.

fuck this piece of shit i bought this and now it turns out it s a fucking Litecoin fork piece of shit scam coin
Fuck my life why do I always buy scams

nobody talks about link b/c it's a fairly sophisticated piece of technology that doesnt make for easy conversation for those not technically minded.

and that is the beauty of the memes that a technically-minded group of people - Veeky Forums biz/raelis - have crrated. it helps gets through to people that here is a great project, oh and here is a picture of sergey as a space marine.

20 dollars E oy

hmmmm good question OP

This could explain it.

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>they do not want a bunch of memes

Because nobody cares! What the fuck. Why is Bitcoin valued at 9 000 fucking dollars when its technlogy is obsolete and fucking useless compared to literally any other coin? Look at XRP, such bs jewish scam but managed to push the marketing to the normies so it moons now. Its all about brand! The name, the marketing. The fuck is Link? People want Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Stellar... retards.

>Veeky Forums

Same here sirs, i am living the dream sirs

>Veeky Forums
>technically minded
there's like 5 people that program here and 2 of them are pajeets

Just look at the "83%" threads. Not many people with even a basic understanding here. Nice time digits BTW.

I agree, and I think ChainLink should start addressing that by changing its name

Its developed by some soyboy in the basement. Normies and are not interrested. - normie here

chain link is no more a meme than eth is, read the white paper

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Delusion kek

I could literally program an oracle like chainlink myself in a few days time and have it running. This whole thing is a scam

that's the whole point isn't it, you'll become a part of chainlink network and you'll need LINK for stake collateral in order to compete for smart contract triggering jobs.

>Developed by some soyboy
>Normie's not interested

You can only choose one

no lol
chainlink has been copied allready
go lookup ducatur
theyre going to be better and MUCH cheaper. Its more realistic anyway than this bullshit. Their main net is ready by september as well. Thats how easy chainlink is to copy.

They also have a much more qualified team and a better website with marketing already.

no marketing

Someone post the We are all in this together pasta

Oh wow a random discord full of meme posting Veeky Forumstards think it's a bad investment because they fell for the FUD on Veeky Forums. I should sell now while I still can!

Chainlink is a cult.

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DO you honestly think LINK is on the same level as btc/ans/eth in terms of moon potential?

link has the potential to dwarf them all

How could a utility project dwarf the platform it's running on?

>some idiot actually put 20k USD into this meme topkek
Because nobody actually owns any.

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link is preparing for mainnet launch..? link will be larger in scope than the platform used to launch it. what you said is like asking how a website can grow larger than the hosting service it was created on

I see your point.

ChainLink is the Veeky Forums equivalent of 2011 pony shitposting. A bunch of newfags thought ironic LINK shitposting was real, fomo'd into it, and here we are.

Because only Veeky Forums and a small number of shadowy elites are smart enough to see its value

A better question is why are so many people talking about it here? Why can’t people just stfu and accumulate?

Because we are the chosen ones.

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Let us pray
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

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Fixed it.

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KYS Pajeet

Rationale conversation in a LINK thread from Veeky Forums?

This is true. Ducatur is the Swiss knife of oracles. They’re literally making blockchain great again. I’m super bullish on George Bell’s vision (despite his lazy eye).


Ari Paul's tweet lmao these guys try too hard.

hello sir we were called and told a retard is on the loose
sorry sir but you'll have to come with us.

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Because only the higher intelligence of autists can know it's real worth.

Swiss knives are shit though

We're going to the moon, he told me on youtube.

idk i have 23k link though for whatever its worth in 2 years idk that either

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its just a meme

it's an inside joke of this board to give bad investment advice- it helps to organically generate fresh pink wojack content

thats pretty accurate if you think about it..

But it's got dope gifs, like this

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There is no reason you can’t have a 100% ETH based decentralized solution, you can pay the decentralized nodes via ETH fees for their data transfer (a simple Ethereum based side-chain). So in it’s current iteration ChainLink as a token for me, doesn’t have a great value proposition. With just Ethereum support, I find it very annoying that you have to own ETH (to trigger the log event) and ChainLink (to pay for the data request) to receive a simple HTTP request

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