What are some good French coins? You can't lose by investing in French coins

What are some good French coins? You can't lose by investing in French coins.

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quite literally the best underdog coin on the market

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Isn’t Ark French?

You're right, it is.

Conneción de Châin is pretty promising

RLC and Tezos. Literally the second worst performers after burger coins.
As much as pol is depressed over it, the best coins to invest in are Eastern Euro, Ruski and Chunk coins



Come to think of it, even coins with black CEOs have outperformed western Euro/burger coins in general. White western cucks are literal generic garbage


The bogs are French
Sminem has a lot of potential though

Chinks and Eastern Europe coins are pumped by scammers and fake announcements
Western coins are legit businesses

1. REQ 2. RLC /thread

You can't lose if they surrender first

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>Legit businesses

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Legolas Exchange. Gonna moon hard after product release and still under the radar. They are making a crypto exchange for institutional investors that will have top-grade accountability tools. Fiat to altcoin pairs. Partnered with Makor and Ledger. Beta already in closed testing.

The real name of Satoshi Nakamoto was actually Bruno Le Maire and the real name of Bitcoin is actually Bitecogne.

You read it first on Veeky Forums.

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Origami network, token being developed by in Lille. Search on google.





Almost a year ago. LePen coin was the most shilled coin in biz.

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>You can't lose
pick one

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Which one still exists?
French Republic or nazi germany?

just dyor and look how many french republics therer are

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Biz was shilling Talao/eMindHub recently which is pretty much a decentralized linkedin (helping companies finding a special talent for a specific mission).

While the idea seems great on paper, the token usefulness is questionable.

The French 3rd Republic was destroyed by Nazi Germany. They're onto their 5th Republic now - the French just can't stop losing even in peacetime.

fucking bullshit i lost 60% of my investment in this shit wtf i got baited by their shit ico bonus affiliate ponzi scam

>French coins

You mean North African coins?

>France exists

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We reform the country regularly. A 6th republic will be probably set up in the next 20 years. So what?

You people have no clue, chinkcoins are all hype and vaporware, everyone who ever did business in China know how their entire business culture revolves around lies and scamming people out of their money and that they do very little real innovation on their own mostly because competence is ditched for "party compatibility" (else why corporate spying and patent violations is so rampant).

Americans and europeans who invested in these projects will lose so much money when the least gullible ones will understand it's all hot air and things promised never came.

If you want to really make money on the long term: pick the transparent projects with strong teams and who are delivering (iexec is a good example but there are others-, don't bother about the hype or the marketcap, these things don't matter the slightest on the long run.
Remember: trading/investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

French still won, they sat at the table of the winners, it was a sour and humiliating victory but still one. Germany in the meantime was castrated from its military and lost half of its territory.

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>Keex - timestamp photos (marsellie)
>Teszos - arthur french. Entire team french. In french uni sector yrs
>Ark - Best one on the list
>stratumn - insurers blockchain 14 connected

Fran PM is a banker, a buissnessman, fairly young he recognises the importance of DLT & will make France the best place in Europe to set up shop.

They already have a french silicon valley forming just outside Paris. Full of tech & crypto start ups

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Look at OVH

Set up in 1999 1 year before the dotcom crash. Absolutley booming now, they set up long term. That's what these guys are doing now, none of this Chink jumping ship to ship, the French are building brands.

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as a frog i'm extremely dubious of anyone who sees the french as a homogeneous group with given qualities, positive or negative
french society breeds depression in most and individualism in the few motivated to excel so they can escape
the guy who made etherdelta was french and engaged with the community for 2 years. then one day he sold behind the scenes to random chink scammers and disappeared from the internet. THAT is the quintessential frenchman of today. someone with no loyalty who will screw you the moment a greater opportunity comes

All capitals attract foreign people idiots.
Go past the big cities and see if there are a lot of blacks and arabs around.
These are /pol tier ultra zoomed examples.

I agree on the fact that we are depressed about the state of mediocrity striving of a majority of the population, but french aren't the type to fuck you from behind.