You don't like money?

Oh, ok - no problem. Then you won't be interested in this.

> 20mil
> no public ico
> one exchange
> 61k tg
> Hero team and advisors

Easiest decision ever.

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250k stack all in bitch
On 2 exchanges now btw bromigo, although it's idex and bibox

>no public ICO
>this is somehow a good thing

yeah its a good thing meaning there are no pajeets to dump on you for quick 10% gain.REQ was full of pajeets and even with their limited cap of like 3 eth it still tanked after ico

>You don't like money?
That's how you sound OP

>implying pajeets can dump anything except by the side of the street

• Superstar founders, team, and superstar advisories.

• High volume for such low Market Capitalization (2nd highest volume on Bibox exchange)

• China is the leading market for technology and eventually will become the emerging market for blockchain

• Data sources from
- The Government
- Major payment & financial institutions (UnionPay)
- Large telecom companies

• 61k telegram group.

Do I need to say more? You know how ridiculously difficult it is to obtain such data from the government and these companies? It is CRIMINALLY undervalued. It’s now less then 20m market cap. We will easily see a 10x within the next 1-2 months to 200m. I don’t care how high it has rose, I’m buying more before it gets discovered.

Same, ima be rich, increasing my stack to 300k end of march. This gon be guud

Wjy don't you banana shills ever write the name in post or description? It messes up the anti pajit filter.

>low market cap
>no public ico
>but a fuckhuge telegram

this street smells like shit

Probably just because of the airdrop. It was tiny just before it.

Yeah most are inactive from airdrop.

the ones who drive taxi's piss in bottles and throw them in the street in Brisbane, Who needs a toilet when your on the clock right

Have 3500 of these for the shiggles

You are literally gonna get rekt. Volume is decreasing, huge sell wall at 30k gwei is untouchable like that. Bear market. Shitcoin that heavily pumped with a big amount of bag holders that are getting increasingly nervous.

I bought in as well, but don't delude yourself that this is worth anything. I sold at 29.8k gwei and I'm happy for it.

If you want to hold because you believe in the project then that's fine. But just think about the fact that there are people who bought this at 4-8 cents just a few weeks ago. I'd take my 2-3x in a bear market and be glad for it, especially seeing this low volume decline.

By holding, you are basically gambling on a turn in market sentiment plus a new exchange. This coin rose because of momentum, that momentum is now gone and it will need new impulse.

Its going to continue to pump and retrace to higher price points all throughout May. Why would anyone sell early and miss out on gains? BBN holders will wait until it pumps to around x5 of it's current value. It should reach that 5x valuation at the end of May, that's when anybody who's been doing their homework on this token will sell the majority of their holdings.

There's no reason for people to be experiencing the buyers paranoia that you're describing. BBN isn't just another pump and dump, it actually plays a role in the Chinese blockchain ecosystem.

Sucks that you sold early. Most of what I typed above is pasta in response to an user who had similar concerns about this coin. You missed out on a lot of gains by selling early.

the new momentum being:
confirmed suppoman shill video
cmc updating circulating supply
more exchanges

Loll I have heard the same thing for 3 weeks about this coin.


I could literally buy back at a profit right now so idk what you're on about.

>muh cmc supply
>muh suppo shill video

You summed up the reasons I sold at 28k gwei last night perfectly, good shit.

Happy to have some profits this bear market to add into my actually good coins.

I just bought it because of the name

Oh, you're just risk averse. I bought in at $0.08. I'm holding until the end of May.

>People who bought at 4-8 cents
Yes my 300k from 7 cents, fucktard. If I sell these now I'll fuck myself in the ass. This is a guaranteed 5x by late may.

I put in $100 in fiat when it was $.04. I wish I would have gotten more.

>confirmed suppoman shill video

confirmed how?