ETH -300%

What went wrong?

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It went up too much last year
its actually just a correction

Nothing, stop correlating market volatility to projects capabililties.

No demand. Low volume.


Eth went down more than any major token. There is something more to it than merely volatility.

A bunch of fucking idiots who spout shit like "-300%" bought it. That's what went wrong.

ICOs selling it for fiat is suppressing the price

EOS is about to take over.


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Low demand , supporting shit coins.
Eth real price is around 50-100 $

>everything is down
>Durr why ETH down

I have a feeling that these big jumps and drops in crypto specifically are probably a signifier that some big money laundering thig is happening.

but then again I don't get paid for doing that kind of research.

NSA/FBI/DOJ/DEA/INTELPOL is going to have their hands full going through all those wallet addresses. during a drop like that.

How the hell can anything possibly go down more than 100%

It went up +1400% this year

> Eth went down more than any major token.

No it didn't

I literally have to pay people to take my eth now, it's gotten that bad.


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i am so done with this fucking board. you stupidity is actually irritating. i don't envy the people around you, IRL.

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saying going up 1400% makes sense because it did, if you work in multiples, but saying it goes down anything over 100% is impossible, since it has to be compared to the price it was, so you're only half right in your retarded anger

I love this board

ETH price is now -4200 dollars

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It's -2600$, nice i suppose.
Thx skelly.


It makes me believe the rumors that they're about to print more tokens. I'm staying the fuck away from eth.

Its waiting for Link to save the day.

Is the mining difficulty too high and are the miners dropping in favor of mining some other coins?



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someone unloaded their bags at 300% profit to retards that thought pow coin that was $3 year ago could cost $1400, that's what happened




no use case other than ICOs, companies dumping ETH in mass (see EOS), slow retarded tech that will be out done by competing blockchains, mining has become less profitable, autistic cat shirt developer. you have to be stupid to hold ETH unless it's in the pyramid for dividends

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It's run by a pedo skeleton with autism.

>implying anything can do down more than 100%

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it's a shitcoin.

what did you expect?

oh right, the technology. ask anyone talking about "the technology" to explain it to you on anything more than a surface level and they'll just stare at you. 99% of investors have never written a line of code in their life and are just looking to make a few bucks like everyone else, but keep repeating the technology line because someone smarter than them mentioned it once.

it's only worth as much as you can sell it for, which will be less every month.

>not paying money skeleton for the priviledge of owning eth
It's like you want CP to planted on your eth node

grug see coim -300%