End of the month Chainlink will explode,
>for those who havn’t noticed yet. The deadline on their pivotaltracker has changed from 8 to 1 april

>adaptars that support different exchanges have been relaesed

People browsing this board not buying chainlink....

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Can you explain more user?

Holding 100k Link is like edging for days, months, maybe even years on end until the greatest orgasm in the history of the universe, which will last for the rest of your life.

Are you talking about singularitynet? What do you mean by singularity?

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This was posted a few days ago

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but I'm not buying because I'm all in already

will binance use link for it's announced dex?

the price singularity. it's a part of chainlink meme folklore

It's an April's joke

Idk, I think people can use it make deals based on the price of a certain exchange.

I just wonder what will happen after are all tasks are finished on de Pivotaltracker..

don't get how those screenshots prove the OP. please enlighten this brainlet

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decentralized trade bots. nice

will i make it with only 25k Link?


Well that is 25 thousand thousand dollars

sure your life will become much easier with LINK

checked - 1000eoy confirmed

Yes if you hold for long enough. We're going to Ripple's MC by EOY minimum


15k Link
30k Req
1k Omg
And as wildcard 250 Xrb
We will all make it eoy +$1MM confirmed

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general reporting in

Link will change the world

gotta buy some more...