Comfy Thread

Who else comfy?

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Just 24 filtered threads and 3 manually hidden one at the moment. They must all be asleep.

what the fuck is it with all the chainlink shills on here?


is it a good coin? is it gonna moon?

I don't know but I can't stand them anymore

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0$ eoy moon lambo

Some anons pool together to be able to participate in the ICO, and then it tanked, so they got desperate and changed. There is no reasoning with them now, and they're not anymore the people that they used to be, just empty shells shouting memes.

no + no

Of course not.

I only have chainklink, Linky, and sergey filters on so i still see some link threads.

oh but i make sure to report those.

Hahaha hahaha this explains so much

I'm not anymore who i used to be, no no no!

Stinkyyyyy Liiiiiiiiiinnnkkkk!

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>chainlink shills
>literally 90% of link threads are fud attempts
kys asap rakesh

1 fud thread compared to 17 chainlink threads

here just for your retarded ass
3 shill threads 7 fud threads
get btfo

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Maybe it's time to get rid of crypto as a whole? This board's IQ has been decreasing steadily in the last few weeks. Before there was actual conversation and ideas being exchanged but now I feel dumber by the minute every time I open this site.

what about every other day? you're not fooling me or anything in this thread you street shitter.

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how does it feel when you and your brown friends are exposed as nothing but paid fudders?

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coping from what? the falling price of chainlink that i dont hold?

>filters all chainlink threads
>then makes a chainlink thread

The absolute state of this brainlet

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Feels good man, these faggots brought it on themselves

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tjainlink thousand dollars end of year.