Please tell me that there will be another bullrun

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There will be another bullrun.
But not this year.

There will be another bullrun. Check em.

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Observe my digits as I tell you, bullrun is cancelled.


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There will be another bullrun.
From 20 to 2000 10x.
After you sold the bottom.

Not before July

Maybe in 2 years.

Bitcoin 50K EOY, I am not kidding.

I pray to Jesus this is true. My life savings are tied up in crypto... next bull run and I am financially free from the jew enslavement.

The next bullrun will be IF and ONLY after YOU sell your bottoms.

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Sure free monies for everyone again. Just keep hodling.

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Yeah, you'll become a millionaire by sitting on your fat NEET ass. Don't worry.


If you think that whales will let crypto sink forever and stop raping normies in the ass you are retarded.

Crypto is pretty much completely unregulated and the price of every coin is heavily manipulated, it's all by design. Bull run will happen again, normies will FOMO in, whales will dump, rinse and repeat.

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could be truth unironically .

Boomer detected

>this is a sucker's rally
buy now fags

you need to panic sell first, then the run commences.

The pace intensifies. Also, we haven't seen a shattering event comparable to MtGox crush (even after which we have seen a powerful bullrun in 2 years). I expect another tozemoon in 1-1.5 years.

There will be a huge altcoin run at some point, expect shit like vechain, nano, eos etc. to moon. Probably won't be until next year however.

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there will be another bullrun.

right after you sell