Buy this coin already

buy this coin already

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Already all in senpai

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I bought in at 45 cents. Should I feel sad senpai? Watching it go up to 55 and then crash to 29 made me want to kms

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Sell your ether for more linkies.

I am, dont worry

$1000 eoy it really doesn't matter user

Thanks - I was being sold the panic sell by my roommate, but I refuse to be bogged

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I literally couldn't care less what the price does between now and mainnet. It's all just bots speculating on the market as a whole and has nothing to do with the project's actual merits.

dammm look at the TA

post your roommates address, we'll burn his house down with everyone inside

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>tfw no money to buy link
>no dicks to suck because live in a hole(quite literally)
>no courage for rope
what do

ask your parents for money

>investing others money
linkies are cruel bad people

$10 ....ten fucking dollars...TEN , that's all Link would be worth if it performs at its optimum. You fags are getting old and tiresome with the constant hyperbolic shilling of your heavy shitcoin bags

it'll be more than that you fucking indian

>they unironically think link will be worth 8k sats ever again

you're right, it will skyrocket to 100,000 sat

holly shit look at that vol.