1000$ EOY

1000$ EOY


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Thank you for sharing this

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Everything is falling in to place.

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yessssssssss time to buy more

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based hicks

100K EOY

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$0 EOY Checkem

i want 15 dollars eoy.


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Wasted on you, faggot.

What the fuck?

Nicely done

what is this

Am I high how does this happen


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What the fuck?
This dude tagged >7777
Before actually getting >7777


I'm tripping too
LINK really to $1000 by EOY

The singularity draws nigh fellow apostles. Our crypto messiah will deliver us from this sodom and Gomorrah of CryptoJens and CryptoSteves that are committed blasphemy in our lord’s name. They pray to false idols like TRON and VERGE and laugh at our devotion to our savior, but soon we shall all bask in salvation, for our contracts are the smartest, our god is the truest, and our oracles are the most tamperproof.


we need answers for that mistery!!!!!

The whole point of smart contracts is that they are valid with or without the law.

So either this law does nothing at all, or it proves that smart contracts cannot operate independently of law, which actually makes smart contracts worthless by undermining the fundamental principle they work on.

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Sirs, you are not watching SXSW presentation. Legal recourse must be necessary for deliberately maliciously creating contracts that screw people over. Sirs, you also should watch Nick Szabo talk about his vision for enforcing the law through computers. This is good sirs. $1007.77 EOY sirs

Mobius $1000

Checked and you are very wrong sirs. But ChainLink is very good sirs.


everything can only go up

Yes sirs, thank you

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>What is getscript
Link brainlets i fucking swear. Fuck off to whatever discord you came from

Now that is a delicious get.

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sir please no negativity here

only positive thinking