I just lost $700 in Vegas. I am down 8k from 20k initial investment in crypto...

I just lost $700 in Vegas. I am down 8k from 20k initial investment in crypto. And stocks are doing pretty shitty because "Trump" is a fucking brainless dickhead as usual.

What do I do biz? I never wanted to be rich, just maybe 20% better off. But the opposite keeps happening.

How do I win the house? Whatever you guys tell me I will play it tomorrow (and will provide proof of my gambling). You are my only hope.

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What crypto do you hold?

Op here.

3k Ven, 1k Ada, 800 Link, 2500 Amb, 1k Nuls

House has one disadvantage and that's it - limit your play.
Walk in put 700 down on BlackJack one hand. Then let it ride and put 1400 down. Walk out 2800 ahead in

all in BNB, Coin Burn April 15th.

This. Obviously it's not an apples:apples comparison, but I used to host a gambling game in an MMO. The only thing that the winners had in common was that they knew to walk away immediately after winning. Gambling is informed by statistics, and statistically speaking, it's only a matter of time until your losses outweigh your wins when gambling. While the sample size (the number of times you've placed bets) is still low and open to being skewed in unlikely directions (winning), once you're up, walk away. I guarantee you that if you let them talk you into continuing to gamble, which is what I'd always do with the "winners"—haha you're doing a great job man! wanna go again?—guaran-fucking-teed it's only a matter of time until you lose so much money that you get demoralized and stop before you lose too much more, or stop because you're out of money. Every "winner" is just a loser waiting to happen. The moment you've profited, walk away.

>i want to be better off
>i gamble
pick one

Yea trump is the reason stocks are doing bad... And not because everything is more leveraged than ever before and they have to take profits some day.

former casino floor manager here.

This is all very very true. The thing is though, and it' a human weakness I've seen thousands of times.. they cannot stop.. people get greedy and always want more more more (and eventually ending up with nothing)

I once saw a guy win 250K on a slotmachine (He played for a few hundred bucks, not really anything crazy)

He managed to all lose that again in the following 3 days in our casino.. Till the last penny.. the whole 250K gone.

It's very rare that people walk away after a big one (or that they never come back)

>Its only a matter of time until you lose so much money that you get demoralized and stop before you lose too much more.

For a lot of people it's like crack cocaine, they can never stop and it's never enough. Gaming is extremely addictive.

The won't rob a liquor store like the average pavement ape , but they start taking out loans, stealing from their employer, taking money from their childrens savings account etc etc.

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* I mean gambling is extremely addictive.

My advice as a former casino employee is this:

go home,and book a nice holiday to the Bahamas with that money.. Much more fun than blackjack, poker or the roulette table.

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Gambling degenerate, kys.

Why did you put Trump in quotations?

Shit coins m8 no wonder why you failed at vegas

stocks are doing shit because of trump?
Youre going to have to explain that one you dumb fucking faggot. the market has gone up over 4000 points since he was elected.

you obviously bought the high.
you suck at gambling
just kill yourself now


they're doing shit at the moment because it looks like he's starting a trade war.
I'm making no political judgement here, that's just a fact.

>blames steel for the whole stock market losing value
no wonder you suck at gambling

play 3-card poker, just bet the minimum and play the bonuses. the goal is "hit the jackpot" with the bonus bet where they pay you 1000-1, 5000-1, etc. for straight flush, royal flush, etc

shoot up some country music festival

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learn to read IDs
also the stock market moves based off emotion and tariffs made people afraid. that simple

>blames trump for problems created by central banks
you wont be rich until you understand money, how it is created, interest, inflation & taxes.
if you think you know these things you don't if you are asking the question
stay poor normie

dont fucking speak to me then if i was directing my question at OP. i aint got time to read ur id faggot
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i said stop talking to me

You sir are a very intelligent man. Why do you waste your time on /biz?

Thank you for your input. As a confirmed casino loser I have lost thousands and thousands because I could not just walk away. Back in November I actually was ahead 11 ETH in BJ and gave it all back as well as 2 of mine within a couple of days. I just love that winning feeling. I felt it again in crypto Dec18-Jan 09.

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pls sir stop sending selfies and fuck off

>still hasn't changed the name field to act like it wasn't a mistake

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>starting a trade war
thank you for explaining that you do not understand the system you are in, please look up the grace commission. fyi the US is the most evil tax system anywhere on this planet. trump did not create that

>still wont stop talking to me
i dont want to be your friend, fuck off.

>fyi the US is the most evil tax system

If have some news for you.. .In several European countries you pay 52% income tax when you earn more than let's say 60K.

So over every 1 euro you earn you pay 52 cent tax..

However we don't have people living here in tents, cars or ending up with 200K hospital bills

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wnna b frinds

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>How do I win the house?
the house always wins user

>And stocks are doing pretty shitty because "Trump" is a fucking brainless dickhead as usual.

Have you invested into stocks 1 week ago?

are u a nigger?

We had once a woman in our casino who put 5 bucks in a slot machine. With those 5 bucks she won 30K (with the first or second spin)...

Woman walked out and we never saw her again.

It is possible but extremely rare. I worked at the casino for 6 years and that's the only time I saw something like that.

>he put all his money at the top of both the biggest crypto bubble and biggest stock bubble ever

dear god you cant make this stuff up

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I bought some stock in August last year.. They have been in the green virtually always since that time... till about 2 weeks ago and everything started going south.

I'm 150 red on a total portfolio of 4K, so it could be worse and is still manageable.

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t. Impatient Millennial

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Put it all on red or black. Don't be a pussy, it's the best odds your gonna get in the casino without a skill set that you don't have.

>the market has gone up over 4000 points since he was elected.
Because parabolic growth after an 8 year long bull run would end well.

Stock aren't crypto, US won't survive 50% DOW drop that's coming. Your country won't exist by 2020. Which actually feels good.

>what is gold
>what is silver

i have the best luck with craps. was up 800 last time i left vegas.

Funny I bought Bitcoin in August last year and even after this crash I've still more than doubled my initial investment.

Short the stock market.

>Your country won't exist by 2020. Which actually feels good.
Your bait was good up until that point.

The US automating more and more work than ever. There's plenty of resources here. Everyone else get's fucked if the US goes isolationist. From technology to goods to war help. It will be funny to watch everyone begging for good old America to step in once some other foreign power starts bullying someone else.