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What's the most important and interesting documents (outside of the whitepaper), articles, etc. that I can read about link? Videos too (not just sergey presentations at conferences).
hopefully linkmarines can help me.

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Just watch the first 10 minutes of this talk (from the time I linked) where Ari Juels talks at IC3 about the problems facing smart contracts:
Bear in mind that talk was before ChainLink was even launched, but have ChainLink in mind as he goes through the various problems. It's literally 10 minutes of your time, and I can't think of a better primer.

thanks man. didnt knew about this.

a fellow link marine made this a while back. more about mass adoption and what it will look like for link.

also i would like a spurdo link to match my bog link

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good informative thread.

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Nice video. user has a good vibe.

i expected a bit more. maybe linkmarines are sleeping.

I’m phone posting so I don’t have any of my link shit

post when you can then. biz is sleeping so the thread, hopefully, wont be archived until then.

This was the first meme i saw regarding it. It sold me on the potential. The more i looked into it, the more i was sold.

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Too gold not to post

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If you want more stuff, here's Ari Juels again on trusted hardware+blockchains:
20 minutes long this time but I think he's a good enough speaker that it doesn't drag.
If you want some more basic shilling I enjoyed this video too:

I do think the assblaster threads definitely helped in bringing some positive attention to it. I dont have any links or archives of it though.

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I'm pretty sure Assblaster was just an articulate LARPer but that picture is funny af.

I think you may be right. If larp he definitly knew his stuff. Most of his stuff was spot on. i think a few of his predictions didnt pan out but with out a link to an archive or something i cant prove

great video. we're all gonna make it...

But muh AssBlaster ...
Seriously though, 60$ would be nice

those dubs. at 60 i picture myself like vincemcmahon.gif

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nice save. I wish i knew which articles he is referencing that were leaked. either way, great share

Go through the names of everyone watching it on github and people in the slack. Google everyone you can find; it's very impressive. Just last night this nigga starred it

AB called out 3/20 being a critical date in a thread in Feb, believe it was his last post. He spoke of a race for CL to deliver to become the first. My assumption is/was Swift had developmental targets for Sergey to achieve. DYOR and see what took place on 3/20 as it was a big event for CL. As a side note, in between that time (3/8 to be exact) Swift announced the results of their testing with approximately 34 Banks. AB may no longer be connected like he was due to a change in jobs, but IMO the dude had solid info. Just my opinion and am still accumulating. DYOR.

I want him back. AssBlaster, pleaseeeee ...

"third parties" .. IMO very bullish for Chainlink but DYOR

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what happened to town crier btw?

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Still up and running:
(Also accessible on

Absolutely nothing happened on the 20th Linkies are so delusional

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This. I was there, it was less than a week ago. Nothing happened.

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