Tfw no amount of money will make you taller

>tfw no amount of money will make you taller

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I'm 6 feet. It's awful. I'd give anything to be 6'3".

Every million you're worth after 2.5 mill adds an inch to your height user

>waah waah mommy i cant get girls cuz im not tall

lmao literally off yourself if you are this loser

I'm 190cm. Send me 1 ETH and we can be internet friends. But not for too long, I don't want people to think LESS of me because of you.

It’s the height of your heart that really counts OP

Fuck off

I'm 5'8 i wish i was a little smaller. 5'6-5'7 would be perfect.


tfw 6ft9, 2m11 hahah dutchfag tho.

I'm 6'1''...I basically look like Pique, same hair, same beard, same face, just 3 inches smaller.
I have a Masters degree in engineering, I dont have debt, I dont live with my parents.
I didnt have sex since 3 years.
Maybe I should paint my skin black so german girls are attracted to me.
But seriously, I hope REQ or LINK moons during the year so I can move to East Asia and leave this european style socialist shithole behind forever.

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>didnt have sex for 3 years

so you have had sex?

kys or back to your fucking subreddits normie piece of shit

I'm 199cm (like 6'6" probably?) and I feel the exact opposite. I'd kill to be 6'3" or even 6"

>tfw 6'2" king of the manlets

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6’ as well, live in an Asian country still feel average af. Even chinks are getting fucking huge
I can’t imagine what it’s like being a manlet

I'm 6ft 1 and feel like a fucking midget. Badly wanna be 6'3, considering LL. I dunno how the sub 6 guys even get out of bed

never change Veeky Forums


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6 feet is fine you moron

Back to r9k you autistic robot. Proper biznessmen are fucking every week

I wear 2" lifts to be 6'0

When you're tall, there's no variety in women. They're all shorter than you. Being in the average range means you can fuck little 5'3" midget sluts as well as 6'+ amazons. I can't think of a single reason why I would want to be taller. Dudes under 5'5" though are legit freaks.

t. el goblino

i'm 5'6. feels bad. atleast i can go to asian countries and be a king of manlets.

> be me
>8" dick
>lots of sex with hot thin chicks
>lost $1.4k fiat
>only own $2k crypto

Life is how you look at it.
I battled with my height my whole life but i always ended up fucking hot girls. Once i stopped caring about my height i was constantly landing hotties even more.
Pro tip: if shes an inch taller than you its even more fun.

Personally i just wish i had like $50k extra... I would feel and live much better.

6'7" here pretty comfy with my height desu

I'm 5'7, big dick, high iq, fit, good looking, born into rich family, make decent money. Never understood this obsession with height. So much more to a person lol. I would gladly trade height for what I have then care about some arbitrary metric.
Girls don't give a shit about height. I've taken girls from dudes twice my size, it makes no difference. Being interesting and funny is going to get you laid. You can be 6'4 and if you are boring chicks won't like you.
Either way, the only person height is going to effect is you. If you care about it, it's a problem. Don't care? It won't be an issue!

5'6 is below average in developed Asian countries.

I'm 5"5', my girlfriend is 5"2'. Most people who cry about 'muh height' are making excuses for not working hard in life to get what they want. Sure, I'd like to be taller, but height is something I can't change, so I focus on the shit which I can.

Tldr: stop making excuses as to why you can't get girls

This. 5’7 too and never had an issue fucking hotties and making money. And I don’t even have a big dick either.. like six inches. And I’m not very good looking. I just don’t give a shit and know how to talk

Asians these days are your height or taller

Also 5' 6". I'm pretty good looking aside from being a little person (we prefer to be called little people), shit sucks but w/e I could be a cripple, retarded, or acne-ridden so i count my genetic blessings.
All you 6' people complaining, it could be a lot worse.

I am 5'7 but good looking, sometimes feel I should have been taller
But then atleast I am not balding. Feelsgoodman

Dan Pena is alpha Manlet

I‘m only 184cm, feels pretty manlet since most people here are taller, even girls in heels are taller.

I went out for a walk today and I swear in 60% of couples the dude was a manlet
Seeing manlets with cute girls really triggers me because according to imageboard memes I should have more success with women than them but in reality I am a khv. fuck.

well im 186cm but have only 15cm penis, everyone are expecting i have like 19cm dick and are disappointed when they see it

Manlet is much better than dicklet

Yes, it can. The money can do anything.

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Even 19cm dick looks small on a lanklet body.

>I'm 5'7 too
>but ignore the fact that I can compensate for it with my looks and money and what else
>but it's all the same guys
>but I'm not 5'7 and average elsewhere, just my height
>but it's all the same
>rich btw
You must be trolling or by high IQ you mean high IQ for a mental retard. Either way, I wish I could cross paths with you one day and strangle your neck so hard with hate that my fingers would break from the force. Neck yourself buddy and don't bother saying edgy you silver platter spoon fed normie.

>heh, I'd rather be me than that 6'2 guy with acne
>heh, his acne will last forever
I don't understand how such literal brainlets are on this board. I guess when the pink wojaks come they are from actual retards that lose money than people that have fun.

yeah, then you end up with woman body proportions. tall guys dont have long legs.

>mutilate legs for a few inches of height
>can't work out without demolishing your legs
>look like a lanky freak forever

You're really annoying. Go be emotional elsewhere, nigger.

Tall here. Girls think my Dick is huge.

When using boots even taller. Short men always looking up.

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6'4 here lost virginity at 16 already passed my goal and have slept with over 20 women by 23 I'm trying to go for 35 before 26 now. But I'm secretly a total biz bro I spend hours playing games and looking up cryptos to invest in since I bought eth at around $8

Have you seen how short some celebs are? Just get gud at life.

Start winding that down in the next year or two, fucking random thots gets boring after a while and it gets harder to find wife material.
t. someone who hit your targets.


That's the thing after a while I don't trust many woman. I've slept with a few that seem super loyal and caring but actually have boyfriends. The last girl I dated seemed incredible but was a total fucking slut

This isn't r9k you disgusting basement dweller

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Is a legit 5'10 barefoot considered short nowadays?

Anything under 6'2 is a manlet

But 6’ is average in USA...

I’m 6’

I'm 6'0'' and it's perfect. I also got a nice chubby girl that likes me and wants me to plumb her all the time.

Now I only need the money.

How long does this take and how expensive is it?

by not being mentally ill, i guess.

Yeah dude it's actually v hard. One thing is that you'll have to drop your standards slightly. You won't be able to "wife" someone who is as hot as the hottest girl you've fucked.

im 5'3'' and this is like 1 of the 100 problems i have in my life, i just don't give a fuck anymore about anything

why i just don't kill myself aready

u got baited


lucky enough to live in an area where i can find shorter girls so its not really a problem. Also i lift heavier than than taller guys

Veeky Forums has warped your brain 6 feet is like only 13% of the male population

Post stats, little guy

6'6" is the fucking best man. Everyone is intimidated and constantly looking at me with envy and jealousy. Hahahahaha, fucking manlets.

Pls be in London

>tfw live in a hole in somebody's wall

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girl here, bit older than a lot of you 24..

The thing is that most women want men between 5'4 and 5'9 who are natural and live a great life. All my friends, and even I have been with mean above 5'9 and i always prefer men between 5'4 and 5'9. If you are too tall (5'11 to 6'3 (giraffe)), Only those really whorish girls will fall for you because this means that you need to roid to get big (which is so true, you can even see it on fitness blogs). Too tall means that most clothes make you look lanky, that is why best height is 5'4 to 5'9, manlets.

respect comes from wealth, presence and confidence and also big chest. and a lot of the times smaller men are better fighters, for example manny pacquioa, mayweather, connor mcgreger are under 5'9 The national average for a young girl nowadays is less than 5'4. Mature, confident, and smart woman would never care about a mans height. Animalistic passion is the only aspect women look for in a man, and since most animals are not giant lanky freaks (above 5'9 to 6'4), women want men from 5'4 to 5'9.

report this thread if u can

>tfw I got to an overwhelmingly white/wealthy liberal arts school in the northeast
The average height of a guy here i'm convinced is like 6'3" or 6'4" and all of their dads work at investment banks.

I know my philosophy degree will be earn me bank though, so i'm not concerned

5'4" here, and being honest my height is the only thing I would change about myself, other than that my life is pretty great, I'm content. It's interesting bc my girlfriend is 5'4" too though

6 ft 4 with 5 inch cock checking in
Im also on noporn and literally cum within 30s if i jerk to pictures of fully dressed women now
What do biz?


There's probably a lot of truth to but not all girls are the same. It's anecdotal but my girlfriend is on the
>Mature, confident and smart
side. I might be jerking my own dick here but we're both pretty smart

>When you're tall, there's no variety in women.
There actually is a variety - spinners and non spinners.

t. 6'7" God

>I know my philosophy degree will be earn me bank
user i.....

>giant lanky freaks (above 5'9
>giant lanky freaks
>The average American height for men is 177 cm or 69.7 inches, which is approximately 5 foot 10 inches tall.

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>Maybe I should paint my skin black so german girls are attracted to me.
Why do German girls love BBC so much?

Seriously I keep seeing these really cute blonde girls with Somalis and other nogs. WTF?? It's so annoying.

Can confirm that it's hard to get big when you're tall. The amount of protein I would have to eat to seriously bulk up is insane - pretty much a full time job. Fortunately I have a swimmers body and have never had an issue finding a beautiful mate

>women want men from 5'4 to 5'9

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Tfw 6'2 feels short man.
Really jealous of you 6'5 average dudes