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I like link but I always hesitate when I see their team... Do you think 2 can make it moon? I saw they have 3 other members (Rory, Keanu and Thomas), but why are they not listed as team members on website, and even if they were are 5 enough?

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i own 10k link you should buy more

5 devs working on the code and a godlike SteveJobs-like CEO. What are you worrying about faggot?

There are more than two people working on the project and you would know that if you took even a second of your time to look at the github, but you probably don't even know what github is.

Steve Jobs had charisma. Sergey is cringe personified.

There are more than two people on the ChainLink team, and you would know that if you took a second of your time to look at the github. I guess that's too much trouble for someone that doesn't even have two brain cells to rub together and doesn't even know what github is.

Sergey is a legit Chad. You are an autistic NEET so you don’t know shit about social relations.

Have you seen the same tubby, awkward, unkempt neck beard mouth breather as the rest of us? Who the fuck you think you're kidding?

Checked brother
$1000 EOY

That’s all part of a strategy. He looks like a Veeky Forums NEET right now but when mainnet drops and he is standing besides all these big names, he will shave off the beard and get out his fat suit. Then you will see what a fucking Chad he is.

2 links won't make it to moon, but eventually you'll have $2000, which is p nice.

Have you ever listened to his presentations?
He gets invited to speak to all the big bois and girls and he speaks to them well.
He's chad. Chad isn't skin deep.

‘2 links does not a chain make’- Satoshi Nakamoto

‘Miss me with that serGay shit’- John Mcafee

can someone tell me what this is about? surely this is the end of link?

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You're forgetting all the free help link gets from desperate assholes like you shilling these bags as hard as you can.

Link is dead and no amount of shilling is bringing it back, period.

Holy shit, what a punch

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real but old news.
that was priced in to the february crash.

>Link is dead
sometimes, when all seems lost, only the unsubtle fud will do...

The price over time is the only FUD I need. This long with no real moon mission? The death of the alts but this two-man piece of shit is going to survive? Please.

this is the dumbest thing that I have ever read on this board...perhaps even Veeky Forums all-together. My only hope is that it is spill-over from reddit (I woulen't know; never been) and that your stupidity is not contagious.

>a thing hasnt happened by a certain time therefore it will never happen



He speaks like a mumbling faggot and always says...right at the end of every sentence, right.
He always spergs and rambles complete shit to confuse people then asks does that even make sense, and everyone is just like YES!!! because we dont wanna hear his shit anymore. go listen to him without your autism ears and you will know he is a retard.

Assblaster why

N0bs your such a shitty assblaster wanna be Im gonna call you N0bs from now on, you knob.


So is Zuck

I was watching that live. The reporter said "McDonalds would never partner with the likes of Chain Link."

You're not AssBlaster. Go fuck your mother if you want fuck.

>Do you think 2 can make it moon?
Satoshi and Vitalik made their shit alone.
No coin with a big team has ever mooned.

that was during his testosterone cycle, now his on estrogenes, chill out

1 chad autist can do what 100 men can't.

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Lmao have you actually watched any of his talks? I've never seen him lose a single argument point in a public forum

That's what happens when you try to FUD in front of the man himself. If only he know what kind of shit were Veeky Forumslets talking about his project, he would strangle them all with his bare hands.

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