Craig is not sa

>craig is not sa

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Craig stop posting on Veeky Forums

Dude is on another level, these talks go over the heads of most people

At this point I'm about 90% convinced Craig Wright is Satoshi

Trips for truth. There's no one else around with even 50% of Craig's knowledge of Bitcoin

Craig talks go over the head of EVERYONE because he's known for just stringing together buzzwords without meaning.

Satoshi is exactly the opposite of craig. Just look at his bitcointalk posts. If you still think he's sa afterwards you must be mentally retarded.

Nick Szabo has so much more knowledge

>buzzwords without meaning
Is this what the disabled have convinced themselves is the truth instead of them being retarded?

Nope. He's knowledgeable since he was part of team Satoshi (Wright, Kleiman, Finney and Szabo), but he doesn't know Bitcoin like Wright. No one does.

Why are people trying to push this meme so hard lately?

It's likely he worked with a small team but it is clear CW is the brains and driver behind the Bitcoin project, like Vitalik at Ethereum.

The posts on on bitcointalk are pure business and do not go into any personal topics. The effort was made to make the posts and concise as possible and give nothing away.

You can't infer anything about Satoshi the man from his posts.

>dude i have thw bloody fucking prvate keys but i won't sign shit because i don't have to prve anything
>i'm not saying i'm satoshi for fucking attention at all you twat
Craig is a liar. Sinple as that

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He never wanted to be outed as Satoshi. What he did was chess in 5D. Brainlets don't understand

>years go by
>evidence keeps stacking up that craig is satoshi
>obviously him at this point
>simple as that
It's as sinple as that.

It's 6D Chess. He is no Satoshi

Wonder how many of the smart people and whales in crypto know?

Obviously woke people like Roger Ver or Charlie Lee must know.

it's 44DD prosthetic limb tossing .
BTCchad is maybe Satoshi

Just from the way he so concisely explain d exactly what he was banging on about in terms that the common man could understand I knew he was Satoshi. Only a computer genius like satoshi could break it down like this

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Didnyou guys notice how he lost weight? Bullish af if you ask me. He's clearly not a stress eater like Sergay

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whales universally do not give a shit about chinkcoins like bcash, apart from the pump and dumps that were pulled on the gooks.

try asking anyone that was legitimately early in crypto, and doesn't have direct ties to chink miners, or bcash itself, if they give a shit about it.

He's a free rider on the bch bandwagon

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