What is your excuse for the delay this time?

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Imam calling to prayer

b8 coin.

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[Forwarded from Talal Tabbaa]
Hello @Jiang998 Patience is a very important business characteristic that not many people have, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed. To manage your expectations, we are not like many of the other cryptos you follow. We will NOT provide you with weekly updates to our code.. We are a blockchain company providing products and services to banks, financial regulators including pilots with some central banks. You are free to ask any questions about the project, but our communication strategy is corporate and not your typical crypto.

If you go through our latest announcements and plans, I'm sure you will realize that the team are working around the clock to deliver on the vision that has been laid out.

JWallet beta, iOS and android versions are in the works and will be released soon.

The block explorer will bring a completely new way of disseminating data from Blockchains, and has a user interface that is easily understood by anyone (even if they don't have crypto experience)

We are also are planning to list on more liquid exchanges, so that should address some of your concerns.

Rest assured that we won't be "left behind".. For media presence and exposure, we have regular coverage from regional and international media outlets.. We have also not forgotten about crypto related outlets (boxmining, etc).

Happy to have you with us at Jibrel, but I think you need to adjust your expectations on the frequency of formal communications..

Our focus is on building products, obtaining customers and growing JNT and Jibrel Network as opposed to providing constant updates that can become counterproductive.


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It was his own deadline? What has this shit story to do with that issue?

perfect response to your typical woman brained, hysterical cryptocurrency "investor"

Why are you following this coin and keep track of shitty medium articles? Are you a desperate bagholder trying to act cool on biz?

Tbh, I get that they want to focus on a product. But if you can't see something as simple as that community is important in crypto than I don't see them doing anything groundbreaking.

good project but it will moon in 2 years. not today.

its the arabs

Jibrel literally doesnt need community for their shit to work though, its literally irrelevant how many people speculate on this shitcoin, and Joe Average will absolutely never have the assets to actually use JNT

please someone tell me its going to be alright
im way too deep in this shit to get out now
i went all in, ive got 60k jib
where are the new things coming out
i was promised a lot of shit
everything is constantly delayed
im just waiting and waiting
please tell me its going to be alright

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no you are fucked, might as well kys right now

Stream it on biz

Told all of you about Arabs and their ways into commerce.

Didn't I tell you arabs are the best at making ''Promises''?

Didn't I tell you JNT is surely having problems behind the scene.

Didn't I tell you not to trust Arabs, especially a 27 years old.

But no, you said I was fudding.. Now, enjoy your heavy bags.

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you are a rotten, evil person

oh ffs just get a grip and fucking chill
what the fuck where you expecting
the goal was always moon EOY

Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers you fat sack of shit

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I know from a trusted source that Jibrel is having some issues. I won't specify what kind of issues, so as to not risk doxxing my source, but I'll be honest. It doesn't look good for them.


Yeah i heard the rumor that their banking license got denied from an insider I know. This coin is dead. Hope you guys didn't go all in.

That's funny, because my dad works for the bank of arab land and he said they're granting a licence to Jibrel next week.

my dad is the sheikh and he says this post is a lie and everything is cool

Nice larp faggot

Finally some god-tier FUD. Nice!

My dad is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and this is fake news

They applied for the banking license in Switzerland, dumb fuck.

Enjoy your bags either way.

Fuck, he rebuked an idiot on Veeky Forums. Most def legit FUD here guys. Transferring my JNT to bibox NOW. better sell or I dump on U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what an alpha response. i couldn't be more bullish about this project

there he is again. the next-level jnt fudder. great line, keep it up. i need to get 100K but won't have a chance in hell at that until summer.

Bully Talal

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You can keep deluding yourself, it's your choice entirely. Just know that I believed in this project, because it has some of the best brightest people in crypto working on it. But this is out of their hands entirely, and it is likely they won't succeed.

Aaaaand here is the outing. You'd know they are applying for multiple banking licenses in multiple countries as well as actively seeking out partners that already have banking licenses to work with if you actually supported the project.

Switzerland is not the only country they are working on, that would be retarded.

did you even look at the roadmap?

I never mentioned anything about a banking license. That's what the other user said, and it has nothing to do with it.

FUDers on suicide watch.

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Everyone here is getting sandnigger'd. Ahahahahahaha this shit won't do anything for another 2 months

I can understand news outlets being slow. That is out of their hands and I get it. Being unable to post a fucking medium article in a timeline YOU GAVE? That is a huge red flag.

lol, they are backed buy a fucking absolute monarch. Even if they were only doing transactions in Dubai, this coin would still moon.

This is from march 3rd.


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their roadmap is too agressive also, no way they make the q3 deliberables milestone. if this is going to create too much stress for anyone probably better to get out of jnt

It just shows how unprofessional they are. If you keep breaking your own timelines over and over, then it is time to change the strategy.

Yeah and they were supposed to have a new one out already. I have no doubt they will move the timelines up on the new roadmap instead of moving them back. They are going to overpromise again and burn anyone holding.

If they road map comes out and things are you supposed to be out SOONER you should probably just sell because it's clear they don't know what they are doing.

i have done a few tech startups, it's almost impossible to be accurate on timelines for this kind of stuff. especially if scope is more or less fixed and there are complex external dependencies.

I expect them to need to update the roadmap and have factored that into my risk assessment.


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You should let the plebbits know...those fuckers have started talking about JNT.

No delay. Tonight is the deadline and the article is getting released tonight. We already had a pre pump earlier today. Stay tuned.

I have not seen this shit talked about at all on plebbit

Honestly, if this project failed, the creator would end up in a UAE jail. You don't fuck the King of Dubai and get away with it. The team will do everything in their power to make this work...they have to at this point.

>landing in jail cause a comp fails.
>Being a this deluded bag holder.

What timezone are we talking about, they only have a few hours GMT until Monday. And if they actually had the article it wouldn't make sense to delay it to the last possible moment.

Most likely it ended up being more work than they imagined and it's delayed to next week.

YESsss FUD! theres another 2k just bought

thx again Bizzzos!

Here's a new post on reddit. Shilling on Reddit has been on overdrive these last couple of days. Just Google reddit JNT and set your search to this week.

Idk they'll probably release it by the end of the day. JNT devs know how to build up suspense.

once this gets added on binance or gets some more news, this will explode on /r/cryptocurrency.It has all the bases covered for the risk averse reddit crowd.

Bro, we are talking about the fucking UAE here. You can go to jail for literally anything and trials are all a sham. The legal system is corrupt as hell.

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Yup that seems likely. They've been late with almost everything they've promised so far, not too worried about stuff like this as long as they're meeting deadline for their actual customers.