As your time off is important to every Veeky Forumsnessman I'd like to discuss SEA

As your time off is important to every Veeky Forumsnessman I'd like to discuss SEA.
Many of you have been shilling here this part of the world for vacation. Can I get a quick rundown? How does holiday there look like for a single 20 something year old first worlder?

Let's say I get out of the plane in Thailand and head to my 30$/day airbnb appartment by the beach. What awaits me next?

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It's most fun if you go with friends who also like sticking their dick in anything resembling a female.

Thailand is something you either like very much. Or hate it completely. You'll only know when you get there.

thailand is probably the best part of sea for holiday.

Singapore has good food and it's the safest place in SEA. It's like a Japanese city but cheaper.

SEAMEWE is a good investment. Much data, very fast. And it sounds like see me wee which is a lol.

There’s an island right in the middle of this map in the Philippines off the coast of a town called roxas that costs $650k

I would put in 6.5k if we can find 99 other people we can buy it.

the fuck

Maybe it stands for south east Asia, Middle East, Western Europe?

You will see women blow darts from their vaginas to pop ballons. You'll blow up a car with an M203 at a shooting range. You'll consume incredible drugs, and narrowly escape getting partyvanned. You'll win money on betting which of the 2 roided up meth heads with titanium reinforced skeletons successfully kills the other in the middle of a screaming crowd. You'll also meet incredibly insightful people on occasion. And you'll probably fuck a trap that's 10/10 hotter than any woman you've seen in your hometown.

Basically, it's Veeky Forums IRL.

>still expensive
>boring as fuck

This. Start in Singapore, because it's Asia with training wheels. Everyone speaks English, it's cleaner, safer, and has better and cheaper public transport than wherever you live now. Lots of excellent hawker food, too.
Then go to Taiwan. Insanely underrated destination that hasn't been killed by western tourists, so the locals are actually happy to see you.

I’ve been living in Thailand for years and I’ve seen none of that. The dart shows exist but who in their right mind wants to see some granny’s roast flaps? Tourists are here are fucking morons.

are you talking about the Olutayan?

Been to many places in SEA. What are you looking for culture, or a party?

Been to Laos, almost all of Vietnam, Thailand, lots of China, Malaysia if you want to know any more ask something specific.


There are a race of underwater species deep in the ocean that populate the ocean floor like we populate the land.

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What, do you prefer Burma or Malaysia or Phillpinnes and get kidnapped by ISIS terrorists? Because that seems like a breath-taking adventure.

I was planning on taking my girlfriend here this summer since it's so cheap. How safe is it for a 20 and 18 year old? I'm 6'4, fairly fit and speak English, French, and Afrikaans and shes a native German. How quickly can I expect getting robbed?

Also, what's the best value destination here?

no robbers unless you really dont give a fuck.
quite a few scammers though. dont follow ANYONE trying to sell you anything

You can drown in pussy, booze, and really good food for about $100 a day. $200 if you are stupid. Dont try to pull local chicks for free if you are only staying for a bit. Stick to the bar girls / hookers, treat them well, and you will have an awesome time.

Protip: ask the chicks you meet to bring a friend who "doesnt work at the bar" who is "pretty and young" next time you go out with them. Fantastic way to tap some smoking hot and relatively untainted asian poon. Of course you will pay her too-- just think of it like ordering something special thats not on the regular menu.


its ok the chinkies gonna be scared of the big black man

>quite a few scammers though
good, I write scam contracts all the time so I'll fit right in

You are a retarded faggot. Almost all of sea except goddamn png is safe as fuck.

>except for papua new guinea

the only place with niggers, how ironic

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Pngs are way, way worse than niggers. Yes such a thing is possible.

I find that VERY hard to believe. My parents are Rhodesian and I grew up in South Africa.

Port Moresby is a very violent place my friend

it cant be much worse than harare

Singapore is great if you like shopping centres and generic fine dining restaurants. Its boring as fuck honestly (yes I've been).

If you're scared as fuck and you want somewhere safe you'd be better going to japan. Or even Hong Kong is pretty fun if you'd like a little more chaos. Thailand is a mice mix of western comforts and adventure but you cant let your guard down completely.

I've lived in Bangkok for a gap year teaching English and I loved the place.

If I were to go whoring in East Asia and i had some money i'd pick Hong Kong I think. Chinese girls look better and HK has good food.

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Hanoi is pretty cool. But its conservative. So no whoring.. you can hook up with a local girl on Tinder of OK Cupid but dont expect to get into her pants on the first date.

People here are cool.. nice mix of respect and dont cross the line buddy.

hong kong has some great hookers. definitely not cheap to stay there tho