Stay Away!

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Thanks for the elaboration.

Stay Away!

I know this is a pajeet OP but did they randomly delete your account? I moved my BTC off there and they closed my account. It doesn't even say it existed.

you are trying too hard you retard

Poloniex fucked us when they took away the TrollBox.

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thats true tho

they only did this beacuse of idiots like OP who blamed them for their own inability

fucking newcoiners

that's from btc-e

we had pink names on polo tho.

so fuck off

My 1st site :3
But i moved away


didnt goldman just buy this? not sure if they are what you would call "pajeets"

Probably because they have pajeet-tier staff

yes thats true. you can see it on the official twitter of poloniex

circle bought it (which is from goldman)

more like a triangle and an upside down triangle overlayed atop one another. but i digress.

the fact that the people who are FUDding poloniex are not talking about this is astounding. when goldman starts trading it as a commodity, its fucked. theyve been trading futures on it since january, and now they own a major exchange outright. shit is not looking good desu

>shit is not looking good desu
actually i think its actualyl good
afterall i think cricle wouldnt buy it if they dont think its profitable

>the birth of tethers

fuck goldman sachs, abandon poloniex

good point. i was just pointing out the fact that goldman being able to own an exchange outright, and also being able to trade futures on it, seems to be a conflict of interests. its not fair if they can crash or control the underlying. but they know there is still little regulation in these markets, and even less so if they themselves are the ones who would be enacting the regulations on the exchange. they can get away with whatever in this kind of a setup.

if youre feeling conservative, sure. not trying to FUD anyone out. just trying to straighten some facts. i had heard that circle aquired it, but was unsure if it had already happened or not.

i think goldman realises that crypto wont just go away and therefore just buy an exchange for 400M in order to be part of it. its not like that 400M is anything goldman cares about for an opportunity to stay involved as the biggest palyer.

afterall they have a lot to lose

this is also a good point. the longer they are involved, the more it will be viewed as a legitimate commodity by the greater financial world. and besides, ive always said, there will be at LEAST one more massive pump before all this is said and done. they wont break their toy with all the money still inside it. and they obviously finally see the potential to it, as many longterm holders did here years ago.

you guys will get one more BIG pump at the very least.