Proof of Weak Hands

Check the token holder chart you faggots

>Have you ever seen a coin this distributed?
>Have you ever seen a coin where the devs didn't take a big chunk of the tokens for themselves? See those top adresses? Those aren't the devs.

Check the website

Check discord

discordgg wfG97Kt

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if its entered normie phase and doesn't need Veeky Forumsraelis why do you post it here?

Cause he’s a goddamn pajeet wanting us to buy his pajeetcoin shitcoin lmao

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand PoWH3D. The concept is extremely complex, and without a solid grasp of theoretical solidity most of the variables will go over a typical brainlet's head. There’s also P3D_Bot's memeatic outlook, which is deftly woven into the smart contract and front-end; his personal philosophy draws heavily from Carlos Matos' conference speech, for instance. The shills understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the multi-dimensional nature of the humour and economical model, to realise that it's not just one overblown meme- it say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who have not invested in PoWH3D truly ARE pajeets- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Mantso's existential catchphrase “We now have a minimalist exchange API to be used in whichever application you desire to create.”, which itself is a cryptic reference to John McAfee's, 'The Secret of the Yamas: A Spiritual Guide to Yoga'. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated pajeets scratching their heads in confusion as Mantso and P3D_Bot's genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

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powh btfo yet again kek
its a miracle contract is not drained yet desu

To rub it in your fucking face. These PoWH posts were bumped every few minutes, had hundreds of replies. Everyone could have made it on this train, but they decided to be faggots instead.

Thanks, will use that as copy pasta for my next thread when we reach 3000 ETH.

>got in at 2k
>desperately shills it because he's still below initial investement
>thinks it will go to 5k and will 2x him
typical powh "investor"

stay poor biz. keep buying your stinky linkies and holding ETH like a bunch of cultist homosexuals. the only reason to buy ETH is to gain profits from the pyramid. it's literally the last use case of a dying shit coin that will survive because of a genius smart contract that pays to play. fucken niggers on here don't deserve money so stop shilling my bank account to these monkey shit skins. hit up leddit and kikebook, but leave biz in the dark with their cult coins.

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this is the top of the pyramid and even those who don't understand math are starting to get a feel for it, hence the increasingly nervous posts on Veeky Forums
once dudes throw 80 eth at once you know you've reached peak stupid, the drop will start slow then it will get biblical

>mfw you are trying to turn this around when YOU are the guy who has to invest at 2k now

Every smart bizman listened when it was still early.

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>smart "bizman"
fuck off back to your discord pajeet, you don't belong on Veeky Forums, in fact you don't belong anywhere so you come here as a last resort

y didn't you invest early bruh, you chose the wrong horse again

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>in a pyramid
you probably thinking you're real fucking smart getting into this "early"
you probably think that you will outlast everyone and will ride up again when it drops to the ground
in fact devs will just dump on you, make new one and get more money of shmucks like you

>devs will just dump on you
you're a retarded nigger from africa. they broke even and are collecting profits you cuck shed homosexual. how does "dumping" help them? the absolute state of biz...just pajeets now trying to fud the only use case for Ethereum

Kek, I made money on (got in like day 1), got an Eth of divs from that and tossed that into PoWH day 1. Mfw fucking done MASSIVE gains on ponzis in 2018. Once PoWH tops out, the divs from that will be tossed into while it's low - and so on.

Next, I want to get them to basically create a feedback loop - I'm going to start using my divs to issue MakerDAO CDPs, use my DAI to buy MORE Eth and basically leverage enough to pump and dump them to win with Futures but covering the fees. Get rekt noponzi fags!!

you fucking cuck still don't understand that I bought into this below 100 ETH do you?

I'm made around ~55 ETH gains just by knowing what project has potential.

Literally nothing you small minded faggot are saying is effecting me, because I cannot lose. I'm probably 10 times your networth already, just because of one little "pyramid" you fag called scammy.

Enjoy playing with birdies EX DE

>pyramid stagnates(oy vey looks like it is stagnating now)
>devs see its going nowhere
>they dump at 50x profit
>you lose your shekels
Its not that fucking hard to understand.

and here you show us your wallet to prove your shitty story

give me your discord name and I will msg you buddy (:

nah post it here buddy for everyone to see, what are you afraid of?

you're actually retarded. if people sell, more people will buy because you earn from people selling. the pyramid is perpetual you fucken shit skinned street shitter. i hope they sell. go squat a shit on the train tracks, and stay away from the loo, you don't deserve plumbing

There's no need to create a new one - thats the fucking point. Everyone is bored with having to fomo into something else every week - if the devs dump, other people buy in and become the whales etc. But why would they even dump? If they can get sustainable volatility happening, and have a ton of tokens they're making thousands of $ per day. Why the fuck would they kill the golden goose? Even latefags will be fine - general volatility will make it better than most other holds.

PoWH is creating new schemes, is creating new schemes - there's a whole ecosystem of this shit evolving. 2018 is Dapps year - and these endless circular ponzis are going to be huge.

I just realized that I already posted the proof in here. I wonder if you're smart enough to find it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's not 55 btw, it's 50% more than that

Too bad your divs are "true" do to your broke ass greedy ref links. What could have been...if you faggots didn't try to take a 30% cut off someone using a ref, then the whole div net would be evenly distributed...

But noooooo, you needed even more!

You really have no clue how dividends work, do you? They don't TAKE a cut off anyone you fucking donkey. You get 30% of the cut the other token holders get from the referred buyer.

so you have 6k tokens, that you bought with 1 eth, anyone buying now with 1 eth will get like 150 tokens, whats the point lmao to funel more eth to you so you'll dump when you get to 100 eth? I hope Veeky Forums is not cucked enough for that

If you believe in the power of stupidity, this is the best project on the fucking internet.

You think people won’t be throwing their referrals EVERYWHERE? You think you can’t persuade someone to put money in this, ‘even as a joke’ then take 30% of their 10% buy-in?

The beauty of this joke pyramid is it works exactly the same as a real one but lured in normies with memes. There’s also no endpoint - there’s no one waiting to pull the rug.

Exponential referral link growth has (and will continue to) propel this far beyond 2k ETH. The growth will continue to become faster as more referrals spread. The ride will not end. There will be no ‘stagnation’. Just continued linear growth coupled with exponential spurts.

You take 33% actually of their buy in right? If they use a ref link. That means the remaining .77 gets distributed to the community pot, right? Therefore giving all of the total users less than they should have gotten on an even 10% take from everyone.

What do I not understand?

>muh pyramid is perpetual meme
old buyers won't pump it that high again
new buyers won't come
you're literally retarded if you think this is sustainable

Kek you get dividens....just wait for the exist scam retard

There is no exit scam. The contract will continue to pay out forever. YouTubers are picking this up now. There’s a direct financial incentive to shill. If you don’t understand the power of this wolf in sheep’s clothing you understand nothing.

The contract could have 100k ETH in it EOY simply because of human greed and fomo. Those that bought in at the top are having to shill hard and the buys are still increasing. As unique token holders grow the shilling power increases.

If you think this won’t succeed just look at the growth rate of E. Coli. This is a crypto virus and it isn’t going away.

You don't understand that the referred buyer wouldn't have bought into the contract in the first place, if he wasn't referred.

The 70% the contract is getting because of that would have never entered the contract if it weren't for the referer.

"Guys, it will keep going up forever. Everyone will become rich*" :)

Where did I say that?

There will be far more losers than winners. But the power is within your ability to shill this that matters. It’s almost like it’s a decentralised pyramid scheme.

If you can shill to normies you can be at the top of the pyramid. It’s not hard to understand.

Ok...thats not the issue here you fucking donkey.
The issue is the total distributed divs is unbalanced, and since it's fucked, people will not be receiving divs as fairly as they should...bc of the devs greed.

You can go on and on how they wouldn't have gotten involved if the ref links weren't there, but if your "product" is as revolutionary as you make it sound, it shouldn't need it to be spread. After all, you are already getting 10%, why be a greedy cunt and try to take and extra 23%?

Have you ever considered that this might be illegal to do? Escpially in the US? Unregulated markets doesn't mean you are free from the laws of the SEC. Walking around calling this an investment on the homepage sounds like fraud

>buy into this pyramid
Get kiked

Where the hell do you pull the number 23%?

The divs aren't unbalanced. If you work hard/know how to shill well, you can make a living off of this.
You can cry as much as you want about yourself not getting divs, but it's a fact that you suck at shilling if you can't get people to buy into this. Look at Craig Grant. He is pulling whales left and right and probably made like 10-15 ETH just by referring people.

i just found out craig grants owns 13,437 p3d
hes #4 on most token holder of POWD3d his address is 0xe3c42F2Fe3446348a2dc5D71f7a1F5f0666aAf2f
he also goes by Gary Gibbs#7922 on the official POWH3D discord.

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Are you saying this is a good or a bad thing?

If BitConnect was legal and HerbaLife is a publicly listed company, this is legal.

>paying off his beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetconeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee debts i see
holy shit you powh faggots are pathetic, whats next fucking trevon?

Trevon is also promoting this. Are you telling me that having BCC dumb money in this is somehow a bad thing?

Craig grant is also under federal investigation for stealing money from people in bitconnect. Do you think he is anything other than a useful idiot?

Holy fuck you all will be locked behind bars with your favourite niggers.

Fucking pajeet scam

you're literally retarded if you think it isn't. dumb cunt get fuct. here i'll spell it out for you, people "dump" then people buy. all the faggits that missed out will gladly hop in. everybody that fuds this wishes they were in early. nothing more nothing less. just a bunch of fence sitting queer bait neck beards shilling their pajeet coins wishing they weren't holding a bag of bleeding ETH. everybody in the pyramid makes gains by shilling an actual profit making pyramid. fuck whoever sells, they'll be back when it pumps again. sorry brainlet you just don't get it. the contract runs FOREVER! this can stop and start at anytime you mong

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Kek. Just like Etheroll has been shut down for illegal gambling. This is a crypto currency game that allows you to bank on stupidity and greed around an unregulated asset class.

How much ETH do you think the contract will get to when the first mainstream news article hits?

hold on, hold on
if that guy that has 6k tokens has 55 eth now that bitconnect retard has at least 130 worth of eth now he pulled out of you retards
the absolute state of Veeky Forums
let me hear those based black man excuses

Yeah. And now all the people he brought in are talking about this with their friends and getting them to buy too.

>literally gets cucked by a nigger
>loves it
oh right, sure they will probably funnel it into his masternode so he will get even bigger share of your divs
fuck biz is stupid

Yep. And 7% of all his viewers buying in goes to everyone else. And then those people promote it to their friends.

I don’t think you understand what exponential growth is.

>nigger owns 10% of tokens
>gets 3% from master nodes
>10% from those 7% as well
>Veeky Forumstard thinks he's not prepping his big black bull

So you’re saying Craig Grant is my employee?

Devs own 65%
How the fuck does biz fall for shit tier scams like this, just wait and u will see the real dumps when devs pull out

I'm saying you're his paypig

So you’re saying that people who promote their masternodes have a huge financial incentive to continue promoting them, well after any ‘meme magic’ may have faded?

Even the stinkies ran out of steam in the end. And if what you say about wanting to avoid stagnation is true, people at the top will do anything to promote the pyramid to avoid it.

Sounds like a foolproof investment to me.

are you retarded? i'm saying that guy will eventually get 50% of all tokens if it goes like that and will just keep that amount so he will profit of you autists paying him with every transaction

Biz falling for pyramids over and over
Wtf is wrong. Is a pyramid the only thing biz wants to promote

Fuck this it’s a scam don’t fall for it biz

Due to the exponential growth of referrals I outlined earlier, the more CG shills he will get more tokens. However, his relative share will continue to go down as the growth of the pyramid increases and other people shill (perhaps more successfully than him).

An effective monopoly will be incredibly hard to maintain as the rate of growth increases because your relative token share will be diluted by other participants. However, your token value and dividends will go up with the increased volume to compensate.

thanks for confirming you're retarded
he literally owns 10% of your pyramid and it took him 10 days to do that with whales selling he will control more and more of and eventually get a monopoly, probably in 2-3 months

Then I’ll see you at 5k.

Are you really that stupid or just pretending

This is a fucking pyramid
Literally the website has a shillkit
The icon is a pyramid

Go copy paste the code and give urself the advisor addressses. Make it a bit more “fair” for early investors while you put the first eth. Dump it make another

No see you when Craig get to 25% and you will scream at the top of you lungs because he literally gets 50% of divs from his masternodes at that rate he will just increase his % exponentially ventually getting so big you would never manage to outplay him
fucking hell you guys are complete tools

you should honestly listen to bill ackman here he knows a thing or two.
>If BitConnect was legal and HerbaLife is a publicly listed company, this is legal.
he lost a literal billion dollars trying to short herbalife, poor guy.

how ya doing bill?

thread is almost dead and nobody will know that in reality i'm a super small shrimp with 50% of my stack in powh
i'm completely unable to shill because i'm retarded and autistic so I fud and get btfo by somone with a clue about this whole thing making people more confident about this project and bumping thread in meantime
it looks like this strat actually works
wish i could shill my masternodes somehow though

well you gotta work within your own limitations i suppose. you seem like a smart guy user

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>thinking nobody knew this