Who rich enough to buy a daily coffee here?

who rich enough to buy a daily coffee here?

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I buy sometimes 4 or 5 a day

Nah I get good coffee for free at work. At least there's one benefit to wageslaving.

1.90 wawa coffee everyday

On days like these I thank God that I'm not a norman junkie.

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Every morning I put on my dressing gown and my flip flops, and I walk down to my local corner cafe and buy a new $1000 phone.

>beige colored drink with ice cubes

Millennials have made a mockery of coffee.

2$ a coffee? wtf?
I buy the cheap shit for 5$ and it gives me coffee for a whole mouth.
Are americans really buying coffee for that price? I tried starbucks one time and there is no fucking difference between it and some random noname brand in any store.

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>candy is a drug

I buy $4 hot chocolate every morning, though bought my note 8 for $800

I only drink water, milk and tea.

Tea is not a drug

shut the fuck up you degenerate druggies

I hate druggies so much. They're like a self-selecting underclass.

You sound like the faggot who says "I don't do drugs but sometimes weed but it doesn't count"
Medieval wars would be fought and thousands of lives would lost if a crate of candy bars accidentally back in time.

I can buy 4kg of flour with 2 bucks.
I can buy 3-6kg of vegetables with 2 bucks.
I can buy 0.0001 bitcoin with 2 bucks.

justify how candy is a drug

>ridiculous hypotheticals justify my xanax blackouts

Tea is the foundation of civilisation, it is a hobby and a culture.

t. Englishman.

>i don't do drugs, i don't have any addictions!
>t. NEET who spends 16 hours a day on the internet

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Sugar lights on the pleasure parts of ur brain moron

>it will cost you $56 a month

For how many months??? For the rest of your life?

What a retarded statement.

I enjoyed watching this cunt at work destroy herself with 3 mcdonalds large iced coffees with 8 extra creams and liquid sugars per day

are you not aware what a sugar high is?

3 seconds in google: anandamide

Nigra don't make me take you to a candy store and watch how kids manipulate their parents into buying them another hit

>all food is a drug because your monkey brain derives pleasure from it
i guess sex and shelter are also drugs

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What if I paid you $5 to fill your whole mouth?

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My addiction is collecting youvotes from mad people on Veeky Forums, thanks lads

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but... anandamide

Sugar is a drug insofar as it releases dopamine in your brain and can thus create an addictive habbit that can be as hard to break as many "harder" drugs. Also if you look at studies examining the effects of high daily sugar intake, you'll see that it correlates heavily with diminished cognitive functions like memory.

With their diets full of sugar, Americans are quite literally eating and drinking themselves dumb.

What is the "kernel" of society that you think you're rebelling against? Since you seem to have such a developed understanding of which substances are "mainstream" and which aren't; what's the essential difference?

there are countless things everyone does in their daily life which "release dopamine"

No, comforts are not a drug
Taking/making excessive use of pleasures is abuse though. Your caveman brain would spend the rest of its life in sadness if you had been eating berries and venison and one day found a snickers on the ground.... Candy is excessive pleasure. Feeding your kids concentrated sugar is how the jews get them started on a life of drudgery

>Your caveman brain would spend the rest of its life in sadness if you had been eating berries and venison and one day found a snickers on the ground.
this is what brainlets actually believe

I notice people like you are fat as fuck or have spaghetti arms.
Keep feeding the nestle jew

candy is literally barely any sweeter than grapes

we have been injesting high sugar substances for a long ass time

have you never heard the phrase nature's candy

oh and before anyone accuses me of being fat, my bmi is low range of normal

And the antidote to this is what, research chemicals?

Ain't no grapes as sweet as skittles
Ain't no skittles as nutritious as grapes

Nope, no antidotes.
I'm just as fucked as you. Best you can do is see it for what it is and steer your urges

>grapes are nutritious
almost spit out my water lmfao

then what about honey, nigger?

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Yes, and? It is the reward hormone and if you can get a reward every time you do something as simple as put a candy in your mouth and swallow, it creates a risk for addiction. Its the same with everything from cocaine to sex, though most people just dont have the money or lack and brains to do cocaine 24/7 or the looks and money to fuck 24/7.

Sugar is this thing thats sort of socially accepted to abuse and because of this, it is exactly what people do. Also addiction isnt necessarily bad (exercise etc) but due to the aforementioned neurological harms, in the case of sugar it absolutely is.

>>I notice people like you are fat as fuck or have spaghetti arms.
>>Keep feeding the nestle jew

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once you have 6K in dividend stocks you can drink coffee without touching the principal. At 9% that’s 1.50 day, enough for blue bottle at home

Jerseykike spotted

Nice noodle arms

Still what I don't undersrand about druggies: because it's accepted to drink litres of Coke a day, you want it to be accepted to do whatever DJ Screw substances you come across?

Honey is good, used raw honey instead of sugar when I made teriyaki steak the other night

Jesus you're a fucking idiot. Is this really the level of nutrition education in Murica? No wonder you're all fat as fuck and lose limbs to diabetes.

If anything, fructose is even worse than glucose in terms of how it relates to your blood sugar levels and insulin.

I earn 37$ an hour and Id never think of wasting 2$ or more everyday for something stupid as a cup of coffee that lasts for 1 sip.

You dont get rich by spending money like a faggot

In Florida, got a wawa right down the street damn those Hoagies are gods Grace

Who's saying that?

PA stinky LINKY

>nutrition broscience
every time

show scientific proof

>why doesnt tim cook charge 2000 bucks for a n iphone x?
interesting question. maybe he should and applefags can eat it up all they like

That seems like the whole ideology of the dedicated drug user.

>society approves of smoking and fast food, therefore society should approve of every other form of substance abuse

HFC is a meme. Sugar is sugar. You can live on nothing but glucose(sugar) and fiber and a tiny bit of protein if you need to - aka rice.

sex is a drug in excess. where do you think nofap comes from?

psuedoscience from virgins falling victim to the placebo effect

totally incorrect

enjoy your anemia and neurodegeneration from lack of B12

>american "coffee"

People like you fucking sicken me, allowing your fellow countrymen to rot in a fucking cell and have their children taken away because
>muh evil plants

and you probably don't even fucking know how or WHY are brains are able to interpret reality differently goddammit I fucking hate people like you. You've probably never even dwelled on the fact that the spectrum of light, color, and sound that we experience is extremely limited and there is an entire realm that we do not have access to and the fact that ecstasy can cure PTSD in war veterans but none of that is important because you encountered an annoying dumb pothead in college once. Fuck you.

Fruits have been genetically modified to suit what humans like the most from them, similar to domesticated dogs. So candy and fruit of today is way sweeter than what we would've had in early human history, meaning it's not what our bodies naturally evolved to consume and benefit from.

Fructose is the worst sugar. It can't be stored in the body's muscle glycogen like glucose can. It must be processed through/stored in the liver which has a much lower carrying capacity for glycogen.
"Fructose is metabolized primarily in your liver. Fructose can be used to make glucose through gluconeogenesis, or it can be used to produce energy through glycolysis. However, in contrast to glucose, fructose enters glycolysis at a step that bypasses the regulatory control exerted by phosphofructokinase. This allows unimpeded conversion of excess fructose into cholesterol and triglycerides that can raise your blood lipid levels and increase body fat."

Sugar in modern times is essentially a drug. As you only have a little you get a dopamine kick and then later your tolerance builds to that and you require more sugar for the same level of pleasure/dopamine.

"When the brain gets flooded with dopamine, a protective mechanism ensues.

The brain starts reducing its number of dopamine receptors in order to keep things balanced.
This is called "downregulation" and is the reason we develop a tolerance.

This is a well known feature of drugs of abuse. People need progressively larger and larger doses because the brain reduces its number of receptors (16, 17).

There is some evidence that the same applies to junk food. This is the reason why food addicts sometimes end up eating huge amounts in a sitting (18, 19, 20).

This also implies that people who are addicted to junk food don't necessarily get any more pleasure from eating... because their brain cuts back on dopamine receptors in response to the repeated overstimulation."

The last sentence explains why many of the people in this thread don't realize how much of a drug sugar really is. Their tolerance is set so high they don't notice, but if they were to quit eating sugar for a day or two they'd get grouchy and bitchy af.

I know all about downregulation and upregulation
But sugar is one of the weakest things that causes it

You probably get more receptor downregulation from Veeky Forums

Why the hell did each of you take the time to memorize and copy notes on sugar trivia?

You’re the first one who said kernel faggot

I always hate this "daily coffee" meme. Its a stupid expense, but its not that expensive. What is star bucks now, $3.50 maybe a coffee? I make my own coffee, and by beans are $11.99/lbs which is actually expensive compared to some other sources. That's still only like 20 cents a coffee for me.

There are about 22 working days in a month, so the star bucks route is $77/month, while your own coffee would be

This is objectively true. But it would take over a year for some to save up enough money to buy one this way. Though I imagine he's implying that people should take out a loan (via 'service contracts') for a fucking phone.

Caffeine is a highly addictive drug, you degenerate moron.

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Chocolate has caffeine.

Both are bad for you, I'd imagine. As to which is worse, I'd go with sugar

It's important to know about what you put in your body imo. Also I got curious by realizing a few years ago, if I cut sugar out of my diet I could eat literally anything else and drink as much as I wanted and not get fat

Dude, DYOR. You will quickly get why candies are bad to your health and even function drug-like.


>This review summarizes evidence of sugar dependence in an animal model. Four components of addiction are analyzed. “Bingeing”, “withdrawal”, “craving” and cross-sensitization are each given operational definitions and demonstrated behaviorally with sugar bingeing as the reinforcer. These behaviors are then related to neurochemical changes in the brain that also occur with addictive drugs.

GL getting thru swarms of pissed off bees

It depends on how much you make I think, because $77/mo is almost $1000/year, and yet you read all the time how like 50% of adults have less than $1000 saved and shit like that.

Also, what gets me about it, is the time involved to get it versus just buying and using a drip machine at work. These people are likely already wagecucking and then they waste time to drive, sit in line, and for the coffee to be made

damn this junkie really flipped the fuck out

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Same boat

god i've got to stop drinking coffee. i love the taste but its definitely got me addicted over the years. i've been drinking it non stop since i was 13

im going to go cold turkey. what can i fill the void with though?

btw i dont buy it i only make it from home and put it in a flask if im going out. buying coffee in public is inexcusable

I just stick to alcohol and high risk activities. I don't have an addictive personality at all.

I make my own when I feel like drinking coffee, going out just to get an expensive ass creamy coffee has to be the city life mongoloids.

$2.62 for a medium coffee at Starbucks every weekday for me.

For $9 USD I can go to the store and get the Fred Myers/Kroger Simple Truth Organic coffee in a pound bag, and that makes a good cup of coffee.

I definitely need to stop going out to eat and buying sips.

I'm not wagecucking, but I can't stop thinking about how much harder that money could be working instead of giving it away for convenience.

Chocolate's a drug. And sugar acts on your brain the same as a drug.

Traditionally we pay darkies to do that for us.

why is being addicted to coffee a problem? Studies show that drinking 3 strong cups of coffee a day reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer by 50%.

He's not exactly wrong. The iPhone X costs about $1.50 when paid for in monthly installments.

I paid less than that for my computer, do normalfags really leave their house that much?

until you pay off the cost of the phone dumb ass

fucking kys retard

tfw not an addicted coffee fag

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He literally specifies "expensive coffee places," he's not talking about making your own.

And yes, when you're not a poor third worlder you can afford to pay for Starbucks

>$56 a month
Kek why do fags finance a fucking phone?

My 400$ phone does the same shit as 99% of people use theirs for.

Only smart post in this thread so far.

That does not mean tea is "addictive", the hell kind of tea do you drink that has that much caffeine in it? I experience no adverse effects or cravings whatsoever when I go without tea for hours, days or even weeks and I drink lots of it.

you don't get rich by scalping either

t. chinaman

Kek not sure if weird bait or you don't know what tea is