>stock market
Soon even deder

What are you going to invest in now?

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and ammo

short the stock market
you can make money in both directions senpai

yeah, the brokers will totally give you the money in case of collapse.

>what are you going to invest in now?

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Italian super cars


i invest time in my twitch channel and stream myself daytrading crytpto

Buy the dips

thos cant b real

Isn't it obvious OP?

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Who is this semen demon?

Precious metals duh. Have you never seen a crash before? Gold skyrockets above the dollar.

Still nudity, you dumb fuck

>reverse image search
>Result: Business
We are fucking googles algorithm.

Not for long, burgerboy.

bitcoin cash - pic related

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Just gotta do it ahead of time.

why is he so awesome

land far away from any major population center, ammo and other rations
>stock market ded means you're ded too bucko

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Silver is fucking retarded. Needs a shit ton of storage space.

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wau coin, usd, silver, and gonna go big in numa when it launches. 'app' crypto stocks bonds are all ded


You need a two metric TONS of silver to store one million dollars of value. Buy Rhodium instead

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Wish I didn't see this. Disgusting nipples.

shut it nerd, I was asking for

who is this brapper user i need to know

Food, water, non-gmo seeds, knowledge of what to do when a major crisis hits, and I'm most certainly investing in getting into shape to handle days without food.

Moringa leaf. Buy a shitload of it. Superfood that has various amounts of B vitamins and so much more.

All this fucking money people put into invisible coins with "potential" to be useful. Well right now, it's a fucking investment that will not keep you alive.

So everyone is beyond low IQ if you don't invest in what you need to live off the land. Don't go panicking when it's too late.

ill keep selling shovels

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I will be investing in Bad Dragon sex toys. Mine should be arriving in about a week

I lived on the road on and off for years. I know ho to survive with nothing. I'll be fine.

Have you ever made a lean-to in a real life Barter Town at 3AM while twacked out of your mind?

>get on my level


seems we will be entering the utilities buy cycle here in a year or so.

Nice shop. Look at the hand color. He still has this attitude that I love. BCASH!

will invest in Peculium PCL!

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land crypto silver.