XTCC Airdrop

Pssst kid, what some free XTCC? Just post your stellar addys like a good lad and make sure to add the trust line info

Code: XTCC
Amount: 1000000000 (1 Billion)

Follow the team here for updates and giveaways on Twitter @taichichain

Everyone who's posts gets 20 XTCC, dubs get 200 trips get 500. Post your twitter handle too and if you follow the team I'll send you an extra 100 ;). Hurry up and post guys I'll probably get banned again for this

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Followed, retweeted, and commented. Thanks OP.







Sent :)

Says your address is invalid bro, try another one? You cant send me an exchange address either has to be a stellar term wallet or something that can accept xtcc

You cant accept XTCC, you have to enter the information in my op to accept it

Bamp again

Where is willy the whale pls


Thank you!




Lol Willy aint coming back it was a pump and dump, sure hope you aren't the guy who spent his dad's oxygen money

Bro you have to enter the asset information in or I can't send you anything
Sent ;)

Is this shitcoin ever getting onto a real exchange?

Eventually. Still need to see the release of the whitepaper and github.

I'm not, but I'm deep, deep, deep into the hole. It's very concerning.

Sorry to hear that brother but i think people are getting wise to that scheme, he was never going to pump it to a dollar just alot of people fomoed in at the right time unfortunately. Doesn't mean the project wont develop and youll make your money back down the road

Thanks for your words of encouragement, its quite uncomfortable but I guess we just need to wait and see, cheers.






HOLY SHIT this was must first experience with setting up a stellar wallet and I cant possibly see this shit ever being adopted in its current state

Create wallet? okay select from one of these thirty wallets. most are shit

Want to transact XLM? okay add 1 xlm to activate account

Add xlm? okay go to exchange and make an account and exchange xlm for btc

Get btc? okay go to coinbase and buy btc in exchange for dollar

Have XLM? okay send to public key address

Get XTCC? okay create trust line in stellar tools

What's a trust line? okay don't worry about it just imagine you want oranges and you will get oranges

No anchor address? Okay use stellarterm instead and add asset xtcc just use ID address GDDFBZGVJ6W6MELF2H4VTO5IRMKI5234GJVTIQNB6RPL5RI5X6K2SFQ5

Need to modify trustline? okay go to change trust and copy the transaction envelope XDR and download the stellar transaction signer and paste the transaction information and then sign the transaction and then copy the result into the stellar network to authenticate the transaction. That will be 0.1 XLM plus tip

If all wallets were like this we would all be early adopters for another 20 years

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memo: 1091221869

I love you this much.

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The memo part threw me. Good thing I use an exchange. Didn't have to jump through all those hoops.

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I retweet everything mr XTCC dev.

kill() destroy() (@some random hex address) you've seen me ;)


Willy when are you going to pump this shit you lying faggot?

LMAO someone bought literally 1 xtcc to make it look like the price isn't totally fucking KO. Here OP let me fix that for you. Driving it back down to 0000000000000000000000001 in a second...

Most of that can be abstracted away from the user by the wallet or exchange.

already follow and retweet thx

op is ded

I was only able to recover what I initially put into this coin.

It sucks. Website's a joke with fake names and all stock photos, no indication how it works, the creator was asking on Reddit with barely any support if a grassroots privacy coin would succeed then deleted the trail. No whitepaper/darkpaper, the idiot running the Twitter tells people to kill themselves.

It's a shitshow all around made probably by one guy pretending he has a team, and now it's been irreversibly fucked.

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Already added trust


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Isn't this the coin that some whale larper said he was going to pump a few days ago? Did Veeky Forums get justed again?

when will this piece of shit coin get on kucoin or something i'm bored with it

Thanks also I did follow them too a while ago

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thanks mane


Thank you so very much!


Couldnt send to any of you because either the address isnt set up to accept XTCC or its an exchange address which wont accept them either. Please follow the guideline to be able to accept them guys dont want you to think im skipping you.