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Middle bottom row

explain yourself

Welp, see yall later. Guess I'm going back to Veeky Forums now.

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is this loss?

yep, bottom middle.

overlap from left to right

I like top left

shit, i'm a brainlet. see ya Veeky Forums

Was my thought too, however second row don’t follow this exactly

Top left

IQ invented buy retarded "pcycologist" who want to look not retarded
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Its top left.

It's a tricky answer my dudes. It's top right. Look at them vertically not horizontally and you'll figure it out instantly. So in columns, not in rows.


>M-Muh patterns
Never gonna make it

It took me 3 minutes to figure it and I ultimately went with Top RIGHT. Then when I read all the comments here, my confidence went down hard. Then I saw your comment and I regained my confidence.

I think the answer is top right.

why, what's the process going on?
personally i cant figure it out.

Shit, jap comics and Chinese have made this hard, there seems to be a different right answer for every direction you read it. Top left. Top right, bottom middle all seem to work.

Bingo. The rest of you are retarded as fuck, lmao.

>Top left. Top right, bottom middle all seem to work.
no, they dont

Top right, I spent probably 15 seconds figuring it out. Am I retarded or smart?

This one is hard and it's even harder to explain in words.

The only logical picture is the top right because that's the only one that has been repeated once before AND any other answer would either be a duplicate in that column or something entirely new that shouldn't be there.

*I did not mean repeated but "appeared" once before. Also, middle bottom can't be right. Top Right is the answer.

i picked top right as well but dont have a 100% pattern i can put in words

its not like you could guess the right pattern for the empty space without choices but with the coices it seems to be the only one that remotely fits any pattern

so for me it was more like cancelling out which ones are for sure not right and top right was the one left over

although i think the key is to focus on the four squares in the right bottom corner. they all are the result of flipping the contents and adding something

in that case only bottom middle and top right are possible. and since in the middle row the big squares are not the same twice it has to be top right

Top right. It's in the right direction AND it was one small and one big in the left side (the only combination possible) and two smalls at the right (again, the only answer that follow a patron). Pretty easy.

Top right would make sense, but there is other pattern where you subtract size

Top right.

Read vertically starting from left bottom. Each line has two places for squares, left and right side. Imagine that in every case all squares are on top of the line, if they are at bottom, just place them on top in your mind.

Now start from bottom left, all overlapping squares will be substracted from one another. 2 boxes - 2 boxes = 0 boxes, you read them that way. In bottom middle we find out that 1 big box - 1 small box = 2 small boxes. Okay, use that info in the next one. We have 2 big boxes on the left, what we need so there will be only 2 small boxes left? Thats right, one big box and one small box. on right we place just 2 small boxes so 2-2 = 0.

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top left. three small ones to one big, add the first two to get the third.

I think top right is bullshit, and just saying "it's hard to put into words is in no way logical.

I say middle bottom as there is an actual sense of reasoning behind it.

It's simple addition of the first two squares, but what we learn from the middle tile is that the "block" size maxes out at the larger size.

Top left is the waveform from left answer
Middle bottom is subtraction from top answer
Top right is the normie right to left pattern answer

ah ok that makes alot of sense. nicely done m8!

so above the line means add and blow the line means substract

small - small = nothing
big - big = nothing
big - small = 2 small
small - big = - 2 small

now we have it in a proper pattern

*no other pattern that is

no. try again. top right is 100% the only possible pattern

Brainlets will say anything but middle bottom

I did, im 100% sure there are multiple right answers

no offense but i really dont think so. those things are not designed to have multiple answers. also that one user gave us the pattern that applies 100%

see here

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lets call big blocks B and small blocks b

So by your reasoning BB-bB = bb but bB-BB also equals bb??

jo you made one little mistake. you forgot the minus

BB-bB = bb
bB-BB = -bb

It's top left, right?
Squares above the line are positive, below the line are negative. We add them together and the third box on each row is the sum. The second row shows us that one big square equals 3 small squares, therefore top left fits in perfectly as the answer.

Am I a brainlet, Veeky Forums?

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But then why are the middle and right tiles of the top row the same, or are we just making up a rule that negatives and positives are displayed in the exact same fashion??

is it C? the one at the top right i mean

hmm true...
but it seems so perfect

Thanks, have a Remi pic!

IMO it is less about always being substraction on some horizontal line and more about visualizing the blocks together and imagining their interactions, in this case when 1 big block collides with 1 small block, it results in 2 small blocks.

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But so does saying it's simple addition with B being the max block size. There is no definitive correct answer without making some sort of assumption.

fucking retards, stop trying to solve this puzzle, it was tampered with and it's unsolvable;
that's not the original pattern test, OP changed the original...

>t. brainlet

Truth, the correct answer was flipped. Now guess which one.

OP here, well done!


middle bottom

read from left to right
add first two pictures together to get the third
small + small = big, and big is the max


Right, sorry about that.

The answer is top right.

Haha, I'm glad I solved it.
Fuck you OP, great thread.

Right answer, absolutely retarded reasoning. I have actually designed these tests and virtually you are limited to one “vague ruling” by which I mean you can design the test with one unconventional thing to test for lateral thinking. Like “ignore the lines” etc but in this case you have more than 2, first ignore the lines, second assume that going down to up is subtraction, third is to assume that three small blocks = one big block, when a big block is visually 4x larger. One such unintuitive rule would be permissible, but not three, youre violating occams razor. The answer is top right for a completely different but very obvious reason that anyone who has studied morse code or to some degree encryption would understand. Guessing OP is taking some sort of symbolic logic course or perhaps something to do with Kolmogorov complexity, perhaps secure systems administration. I can reveal the answer but I dont want to spoil it for people still studying.

Seconding on retarded reasoning. Was trying to figure out how he did it but can't get through it without cringing.

1. ignore lines.
2. if blocks cancel each other out, except when big block meets small it creates 2 small blocks.

What do you know, it even works horizontally from right to left, or vertically from bottom to up.

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For me it's the bottom middle.
Add horizontally but it can't get bigger than the biggest block shown.

*blocks cancel each other out

Doesn't explain bottom row, faggot, you have no pattern for that;
using your reasoning you wouldn't be sure if the last panel is small block big block or big block big block

Bottom row or left vertical row.
In other words, your reasoning is incomplete.

You need the help of this fine gentleman right here.

Top right is the correct answer, and it fits perfectly. You are misunderstanding something, maybe the fact that all the blocks on the right side interact only with the blocks on the right side, and same on the left. Take top right answer square and combine it with bottom middle square to get bottom left square, it works fine. first on the right side 2-2 = 0, on the left one big square cancels the other out, leaves with one big square and small square and they equal 2 small squares, as I have explained.

>deducting correct answer from possible answers
And you criticize my way for not being stylish?

Intricate semantics have gotten the best of you.
Thread closed.

If it's top-right, then the makers made a mistake and allowed a different pattern to exist.

If the big box equal 3 small boxes, and hanging boxes are negative, the top left answer makes this:

0 (-2) (-2)
2 6 8
(-2) (-8) (-10)

Simple arithmetic can solve both to the right and downward.

Your reasoning would actually leave one small block on top of the line in the top right.

Spill the beans senpai

- cubes don't disappear or change AND change in size
- mirroring of the row1-2 & row1-3
- pattern therefore it can be only this one
- continuation row2-1 row3-1

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top right

how do we even know what the ""official"" right answer is. OP? Can do you have said answer? Genuinely curious

this is Veeky Forums biz ... and the jpg really easy fuck with - most scams i know of have been either talked or flung here

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wrong answer, it's top right.

get the fuck out of here with your autist bullshit

>first row is probably a red herring
>second row changing to third row is just a flip over the X axis
>in the middle column it does a flip + one of the blocks gets bigger to match its neighbor
answer is probably middle bottom row
am I retarded? it's kinda iffy logic but it's all I got

>muh right answer
It's either bottom middle or top right. Both can be justified with decent argument.

I got bottom middle when I first saw it and then realized anons could justify top right by looking at it differently.

This is a MENSA test question and it's been confirmed that it works unilaterally and both top right and bottom middle are the correct answer.

Middle bottom

Hey user, honored you copy pasted my answer from Veeky Forums was just about to post it here. Cheers.

hey user op here, the person who told me it was top left is Veeky Forums kek

Look at it from bottom to top for each row. small building + small building = nothing, small building + big building = small building, big building + big building = small building. Now for the last one, big building + ? = small building (so first one must be big building based on previous observations), and the two building on the right: small building + ? = nothing (so small building based on previous observations). Thus bottom middle

just looked up the source ... and translated the norwegian site - its from a mensa test and the solution is the middle bottom ... according to their own tryout back then

have no doubt about - even if the puzzle itself contains a mistake or is supposed to be confusion ... i wouldn't see why it would be the right one first row

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nothing tells you the value of a big block is 3 brainlet

the answer is top right, and it can be verified with your link since neither the bottom middle or top left are provided as answers there.

it's a subtraction/addition problem. anything below the line is negative, anything above is positive.

so you have:
1. nothing + (-small -small) = - small -small
2. small small + small big small small = big big small small
3. -small -small + (-big -big -small -small) = -small -big -small -small

1 is supposed to clue you in as to what is going on, and 2 establishes what happens when you try adding non-zero patterns.

Do the equation you little fool.

Take the value of a small block as 1, then do the middle column equation, as stated in my solution.

what your saying is upside down box is = to upside box when they are clearly not
>fuck off brainlet

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the only one that makes sense is top left.
read it vertically from bottom to top.
The bottom one minus the middle one equals the top of the column. Small blocks equal one, large blocks equal 3.
On the first column, 2 minus 2 = 0.
Second column, 8 - 6 = 2
Third column 10 - 8 = 2

The positioning appears to have no meaning in terms of left or right side.



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well my answer is none of the above. am i any wronger then the each of you?

Holy shit this works from left to right too.
Adding the first and second picture together to get the third.

0 + 2 = 2
2 + 6 = 8
2 + 8 = 10

good bye user

I got 89.7 percentile on the test that included this question. I picked three upper right. Is there any way to see the actual answers?

i think OP may be fucking with us, the other images show different options lol

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less than 120 iq brainlet

do we tell him?

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top right and middle bottom is still the same,google what a mesa test is and btfo

ok prove that top left is the correct answer
pro tip you cant
>btfo brainlet