Avoiding the tax man from USA

Avoiding the tax man from USA.
So, hypothetical here anons. Say you made millions from crypto but don't want to give over 15% or more. What are the best non extradition places to immigrate to?

Where would you go?

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Been thinking the same thing but I live in Canada.

I am thinking Portugal with their golden investment visa. You buy a rent, house, apart. for a big sum and you can leave your money with no capital gain tax over there. I know about it because mostly all French rockers, artists are moving their money there.

You could also try Malta since its crypto friendly. But the procedures on how to do it, I dont know.

Perhaps cash out 30,000$ from your millions to travel over those country and ask how to do it?

Anyone could help?

Buy diplomatic immunity from some African micronation.

You won't have to pay taxes EVER again and can commit crimes without getting arrested.

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Isn't Portugal part of the EU? It will extradite then. So will Malta.

Top kek. Try 30%

Why I stipulated or more.

don't you have friends and family you'll miss? is it really worth leaving all that behind for a bit of extra money? you know the moment you try and come back to the united states with that money you'll get fucked by the IRS

just pay your damn taxes faggot

op, pay the 15%. 15% is just a speeding ticket in the grande scheme of things

No, yes, no.

Good luck op, don't give the kikes a single cent.

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After the crash you will probably owe 80-110%

I just made a similar thread because i'm in the same position, and there's two real options we have.
1. assuming social security collapses there isn't any real monetary to keep your US citizenship, and while a bunch of people say this is priceless they don't know how easy it is to get into the US as an illegal immigrant and stay. I'm betting you, much like myself, have watched an immeasurable amount of illegal immigrants take up residence and pay no taxes in your own neighborhood. So option one is give up your US citizenship (but keep the passport), open up a bank account in Northern Mexico and link that account to your crypto account when you need to sell. get back into the US and stay for 6 month intervals, spend winters in Northern Mexico. If you don't need to be in the US ever again like me, you can really choose whatever country you want to try to survive in with white skin. Personally I have Italian skin and brown eyes/hair so I'm hoping with a tan I can look brown enough.

2. sell in the US and pay a shit ton in taxes. remember, whatever you make has to go through capital gains first (50%) and then income tax (50% above $1MM) so essentially, even if you do "make it", you have 75% taken away from you first.

I'm honestly leaning towards leaving the country, giving up my citizenship, and living the rest of my life in whatever 3rd world country i can get comfy in.

you're fucking retarded if you think its only going to be 15%. I'm in the same boat as OP and all things considered it can easily be up to 80% of what you make taken by taxes

I have a related question. If all trades are taxable events does it even pay to day trade?

OP I think the best thing to do right now is lay low for a couple more years. What we will see is the IRS going into panic mode and then we will have to deal with the repercussions of the realization that taxation is going to become very problematic. Mainly because taxation of conceptual assets where tax evasion and tax avoidance are identical in nature because the asset itself can be modified dramatically without losing its core functionality.

Ask yourself, if you can do anything you want to the technology at any time for any reason does the asset really exist? In this situation avoiding taxes is completely the same thing as tax evasion.

We will see crypto become illegal at this point and we will get to enjoy watching all of the "honest" people who paid their taxes and reported what they have lose everything as it gets confiscated. The value of crypto will probably tank hard then climb to all new heights.

An increasing number of ways to not ever have to cash out will come to fruition.

Seriously, just lay low for a couple years, the shit storm is going to make having to do anything dramatic almost pointless.

>just pay your damn taxes faggot
Taxation is theft. You're disgusting.

Yeah way worse than I anticipated. Haven't really looked into it but even more incentive to skip town.
This is sound reasoning. I also considered buying physical gold with BTC. Or converting it all to XMR then cashing out some how via third party.

taxation only became theft once the federal government decided to start spending money on shit nobody voted for

I was actually meaning to ask about this more. This thread seems like a good place as any.

When you have something like a cryptocurrency then its really not a physical object. It has no real location and its not ever really store anywhere. Its basically raw math. But the nature of the coin can change in any way you want with a fork.

That is basically the equivalent of having a bunch of gold bars and at any moment the ability transform it into wood. Then at any moment change it back again. Like, at that point how is that not tax evasion and avoidance at the exact same time? If you have the ability to transform gold into wood at any moment you want then assuming you have the ability to transform wood into gold again at will. How the fuck do you consider this taxable? What if its not even you who is doing it?

So on January first anyone holding any kind of wood suddenly subjected to capital gains taxes as if it was gold? If you have the ability to change the rules for something then shit gets really weird right?

>just pay us a bit of extra money, goy
>tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars extra
>a bit
Kys, the sooner the better