Cashed out 400k

>cashed out 400k
>have no idea what to invest in since everything is crashing

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all in on obscure startups

Rule of thumb:
When the stock market is crashing, buy gold/VIX.
When crypto is crashing, tether up and wait it out.

just hold cash until you do know, dont invest just to invest if you think stuff is too expensive. im doing the same thing right now

Short Goldman Sachs

This. Make a brokerage account and buy NUSMF. They are 75% done with their exploration vessel that they plan to launch this year to see if it's possible to mine minerals and precious metals from the waters of Papua New Guinea.

fuck off

>cashes out right before crash
>cries about opening buy opportunities over the next months

I could have cashed out more, but didn't. I can't ever live that down

Wait for housing bubble collapse

>Crypto is crashing
>Stocks are about to crash
>Also apparently so is real estate
wtf do i do

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Buy gold and silver

crypto you fucking retard , it´s the calm before the storm.
If a crisis happens countries will devalue their currencies massively and btc will reach 1million.

Fucking hell everything is going down and every country is still printing money since 2008.
And in the eurozone countries like greece and spain are still in the crisis.

Bitcoin will literally moon , the fact that fees are now less than1,50 and it survived hard forks means it will mono massively.

depending on your age ~50% into stock market for long term gains.

I don't have the stomach to have more than 10-20% of my money in crypto. I just have 5 BTC now.

I have 20% in it right now, but it's obviously going to crash quite a bit since it's a bubble.

oil, retard. $200 war barrels incoming

>I have 20% in it right now, but it's obviously going to crash quite a bit since it's a bubble.
The "bubble" might crash tomorrow, the "bubble" might crash in 8 year. Also there might be no bubble, assuming the growth is exponential the log-Chart should be linear (pic related).

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Hoard guns and gold

While the oil price is going to go up due to memezuela collapse the fact is that if it goes higher than 100 you will have electric cars plus fracking beocming extremly competitive.
Never again oil is going ot be so important as before.

But there is a truth in what you imply as low oil has been proping the market.
And since moron trump wants higher oil because muh cheap coal , that means less money in the private sector which means market collapse due to high oil.

But venezuela is idiocracy due to the brain drain already they literally created a new currency yesterday to just remove 0s from their old one..

So high oil is going to happen , a market collapse will follow , then the dollar euro and yuan will be devalued to hell.
Only crypto will survive , btc core in particular , monero and ethereum still have a chance.

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put the rest into crypto, buy in increments from 7k down to 2k. if we dont get down to 2k put the rest in at like 13k(confirmed strength)

>log scales are sustainable
every single time

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btc is the way to go , i am not shilling but look at south africa and venezuela.
In south africa they don´t allow whites to sell their properties and leave(casually you can see a growing interest in btc as this happens).

In venezuela gold is worthless because in a crisis you will need to eat and trust me it may go high at first but the crisis that will happen will be very long as will be caused by high oil prices.

So you may prevent your money from being fucked by politicians by buying gold , but btc is the way to go.
Fucking hell , even bch has a foothold in memezuela , due to the high fees of december in btc.

Make no mistake if a crisis happens now it will last 4 or 5 years if not more , but you will have a bernie style fucker at the white house.

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Stop talking crap , guns , ammo , water and food are irrelevant.
Even third world shitholes in civil wars have supply of those things in fact if a crisis happens there will be a excess supply of those things.

The question about the coming crisis is not what to buy , but how to prosper or at least not get fucked by it.
Gold is good to not get fucked by it , but crypto will prosper as the common denominator of the next crisis will be a massive growth of statism and controls and btc will be the only way to escape that , since the rest of the cryptos lack infrastructures yet.

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boom and bust forever baby, short term projection is ultra-bullish. Renewables will not replace oil, we may need to use every drop of oil to manufacure sufficient renewable energy equipment.

if you're financially secure and dont have those things, you're really irresponsible

anything can happen in this world, keeping a 6 month supply of food and water is just common sense

on crypto?Yea specially in btc.
on the global economy?Yes 2018 will be pretty good with great recoveries in south america , continous growth in africa ,asia , europa and a even faster growth in the usa.

But having oil at 150 will not exactly help mantain that.
Between venezuela total collapse and brain drain , putin dickshowing , saudi arabia and iran fighting proxy wars. unless trump stop with the clean coal crap and push fast for clean energies and electric cars oil will stop the us economy in late 2018 or early 2019.

Oil will go up and with that the world economic growth goes down as most oil producing countries are shitholes that instead of demanding goods send that money to their corrupt leaders bank accounts.

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You underestimate people capacity and the market the only reason you would need those tings is in the case of a civil war , but then again if that happens instaed of guns a plane ticket would be better as wasting your life waiting for a war to end is crap.
Specially if it´s going to be between two statist groups as always.

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Did your bank ask you where all that money came From? Legitimately curious how that works and if it's a guilty until proven innocent sort of thing.

civil war? you need those things so if the dollar gets hyperinflated roaming gangs of starving poor people dont kill you and take your stuff

go full circle

Kek no , i have seen hiperinflation , even with 4000% of inflation you can still get things of course if this remain for long it fucks you terribly long term.

That said the ammo is a good idea since citiesi n the us like detroit have literally remove cops from areas and they take 3 hours to answer calls so in the case of hiperinflation that could happen.

But ignore water and food and the rest , those things will keep flowing unless you end with 4000% of inflation for 5 years.
Save for a plane ticket because if a bernie bro gets in the us it will be the end of the pax americana and the collapse of the dollar completely.
There will be no fix as the us economy has not been based around phyisical goods for a long time and leftist would pay their lesbian dance therapies courses with state money making the inflation even worse.

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I suppose people like you have been predicting it for 50 years already. Do you neets just want some action in your life although you dont imagine what that means?

Do you understand what a logarithm is? If so, tell what is wrong with my statement.

while i disagree with his fears , that shit is now closer than ever in the usa , all it has to happen is for china to remove their firewall and the internet will be full of chinks writing china numba one everywere.

The petrodolar is based in the fact that the us culture dominates , it used to be based on industrial and technological power with military.

But the first is gone , the technological exist but outsources everything to china , and the military can´t be used because leftist would chimp out.

That leaves only the cultural supremacy , and the us is losing that one fast , china only has to remove their fucking firewall and us culture will start to retreat.

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exponential growth is never sustainable

That is the same logic that leads to people not wearing seat belts or having first aid kits.

Anybody who does not have a supply of food for emergencies or temporary unemployment is irresponsible.

Youre gonna be one of the first ones dead. No bug out bag for you.