You missed ETH

>You missed ETH
Don't worry user, REQ is here to help.

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holy shit, the delusion is real

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>REQ mainnet launching any moment
>he still hasn't accumulated

do you enjoy being poor?

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All you need is $1000 into REQ. Reason is because it will provide passive income if hold till it hits $100, and it will faster than you think, the token burning will provide passive income at that price range

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Got 30k, eagerly waiting. Which website is that?

REQ truly is the last ETH
$100 EoY

REQ seems alright I'm not sure I fully understand the point in the token though, it's just a payment system similar to PayPal but decentralised right? What does the token do?

In case you faggots haven't noticed, the days of "CONFERENCE SOON/TESTNET SOON/MAINET SOON/PARTNERSHIP SOON" pump are gone. This kind of news leads to dumps these days. The market is transtioning from hype to slow and painful buildup (which is healthy)

Dude....that's requests website....holy shit man DYOR before buying 30k

We all know main net will dump, but around June and on I'd say, this is going to fly off the handle

The token is bought (via kyber) in order to pay for the tx fee. Then the tokens used for the fee are burnt.

Will buy after it has its next dip, dont buy green guys.

The main-net launch would dump if it came alone, but there are some unknown factors that are not priced in yet, such as what partnership will be announced, if it's a big name it will probably pump to 1$ without a problem

The token is a physical representation of the cost required to process the transactions.

so let's say REQ goes massive, what happens when all the tokens get burnt?

This question has been asked numerous times. The answer: The Req token goes out to 18 decimals so as more tokens get burnt and the value increases, the fraction burnt with each transaction decreases. For the foreseeable future it would be impossible to run out of Req tokens.

>>he thinks it will dip before .50 cents.

REQ always gets sick digits

>impossible to run out of Req tokens.
and obviously possible that the Req you hold will become more valuable as time goes by.

Why don't some people get it yet? DYOR and check out who backs req, their white paper, and everything about them. You're making a big mistake for not buying req whenever it dips.
It's the easiest win in crypto, it's basically a hand-out, you just need to buy whenever and be patient, it's not an instant moon mission, but in less than 3 years it'll reach over 100$

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Well done!

Gold claps

$100 EoY

Yes phase 1 pyramid scheme cool why not?

Price goes up as supply goes down ez - less tokens getting burned

>what happens when all the tokens get burnt?
Like Ethereum and Bitcoin, the REQ token is divisible.

If too many start to get burned up due to high volume transactions, the less tokens available in the market will be more valuable.

A $1000 transaction could be burning 5 REQ in August this year.

By march 2019 the same $1000 tx now burns 0.004 REQ

Why would this be the next ETH?

I've done my own research but I still don't know this could reach even $10.

It's a platform ecosystem. Think about it

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What could be done with Request platform that couldn't be done on Ethereum platform?

Look up "abstraction"

Where is that screenshot from

Paying a psychiatrist for you, user.