"Matt Green [scientist at Zcash and creator of Zerocoin] says that he and his fellow researchers are not interested in...

"Matt Green [scientist at Zcash and creator of Zerocoin] says that he and his fellow researchers are not interested in facilitating criminal activity with Zerocoin. "Zerocoin would give you this incredible privacy guarantee, then we could add on some features which let the police, for instance, to be able to track money laundering. A back door." "



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>The Zcash company (i.e. the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, based on the original project, Zerocoin, that conceded the Zerocash protocol, which then yielded the Zcash currency) was sponsored by several corporate entities and sectors of government, notably being the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the Israeli Centers of Research Excellence I-CORE program, and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.


Typical libcuck dev team with their numale leader

Can't make this shit up

And the backdoor:

Zcash was launched by way of something called the "multi-party computation" – also known as a "trusted setup." "The public parameters (zk-SNARK providing and verifying keys)" for Zcash's launch were constructed in a ceremony spearheaded by six individuals:

Andrew Miller (Zcash advisor)
Peter Van Valkenberg (Zcash "board member")
John Dobbertin (pseudonym, "The identity of 'John Dobbertin' has not yet been revealed, and I don't yet know when John and I will be ready to do that.")
Zooko Wilcox (Zcash founder, CEO)
Derek Hinch (NCC Group, a cyber security consulting group)
Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core Developer)

"The ceremony used a multi-party computation protocol with the property that the resulting parameters are secure unless all of the participants were dishonest or compromised during the ceremony."

why they want to do a sudoku?

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>Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core Developer)
Peter Todd who was part of the ceremony has something to say on this

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>not trusting a US-based, DARPA-funded "privacy" coin

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>Zcash CEO

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>Bitcoin with Coinjoin

>A server called a "masternode" is required to expedite the mixing process, which in turn "requires users to trust that the server is not recording details on where each user's outputs are ending up."

Do you want to run your own master node on Dash?

It'll only cost you half a million $!

"A masternode requires a deposit of 1,000 Dash coins to run"

>with the power of sporks, the Dash development team is able to – for example – invalidate the past 24 hours of blocks for the sake of invalidating all transactions in those blocks, opening up the vulnerability for the Dash team to "deposit Dash on an exchange, sell it, and then flip a switch invalidating the deposit under the guise of a 'fix'."

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No point in discussing Verge because it's not a private coin. It only conceals your IP via Tor / I2P, but "there are no cryptographic privacy features with regards to the blockchain, the linkability and traceability of transactions and addresses, nor the concealment of the amounts being transacted. All information, including the destination of transactions and the amounts being transacted, are transparent on the blockchain, and are easily viewable by an observer."

Notice how 3 of them are Jews.
We warned you about Jews.

>private but not too private
Is he braindead or what?

fucking soyboys
>muh drugs
>muh money laundering
crypto community will come up with solution to everythings, those cucks can go fuck themselves

I know Komodo uses zsnarks so is that coin fucked too? They seem like the most libertarian coin out there.

are any privacy coins actually legit at this point? I know monero is compromised

I thought Zerocoin itself used some old RSA that was supposed to be secure for its setup. (better than what Zcash did obviously)

>I know monero is compromised
You're misinformed. Monero is the only real option

Zcoin is the future

Why would anyone even use crypto over USD if they didn't want the benefits of crypto? Makes no sense

I told fags who were going on about 2018 year of the privacy coin weeks ago: once regulations come in, only 1 or 2 privacy coins will survive, and once the next Wikileaks dump happens it'll come to light that the teams are on the NSA payroll. Screencap it.

If true this is merely capitulation to what they suspect is coming in the form of regulation. This team having invested so much into this coin the realization it may be banned from exchanges appears to have sent them crazy even considering such a thing. Perhaps they feel this is a way to get around it but in reality they have sold out their audience.

Just use XMR or TRTL

>Bitcoin Core Developer
>Bitcoin Core
bcashies are truly sad

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Hahaha fuck me didn't Snowdon shill zcash recently?

Lol there’s always a Jew

What? Bitcoin Core is a piece of software