The sock market

where is it at now? how long until the plunge protection team stops?

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Unironically only at anxiety. Boomers btfo

What do you think

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to keep things in perspective

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It's at Disbelief.

we're at panic

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tomorrow we welcome the 100% ethno petro yuan
fuck you 56%


forgot pic

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It looks pretty bad even after zooming out. That's a steep drop.

Mid 2019 it's over for stock boys

it's that time again
thanks satoshi

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We talking socks now? /biz has gone too far

a stock market crash would be good for crypto. we only talk about stock markets in times like this.

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Its so odd that every time this happens the media will be like "IT WAS A SURPRISE!!!". The writing was in the cards since February.

I think its on purpose so everyone can steal the 401ks by shorting the market. Hopefully all my puts placed on Friday at close go the way its looking.

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None of them, not even the niche business papers tell the truth until after the fact. Zerohedge and sites like that are the only ones doing it. Established papers don't give a shit if average joes lose all their money and they know the smart money understand it all anyway and know what to do.

oh shit, lol I thought that was already happening. so petro yuan launch + equities teetering in cliff + trade war + interest rates too low to save equitites

goddamn, we prolly going to war

I'm a genius, I'm half in and half out. That way I lose no matter what!

all autists here (actually not only here, but in all the similar internet discussions) believe markets will drop further, that means it's time to buy and shorts will be squeezed. The real bloodbath will have more important reasons than muuuh trade war murr durr facebook and almost no one will predict it

That’s cool but OP is talking about the sock market

Now is not a good time to go long on socks, temperatures are warming up so more people will be wearing sandals or flip flops

If you guys want good socks check out darn tough socks.

guess you better long 10x then on bluechips

it was obvious as fuck in december
the longer delusion lasts and the higher the markets go the more nervous people get and the smaller a "black swan" event needs to be to take it all down

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