According to CossWhale

Today’s the day

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People realizing that this project is a fucking joke.

>people bought tokens for a non-functioning exchange

I donno.
He just kept coming here and making COSS threads with a trip, saying “X more days,” and then three days ago said, “This is my last thread about this. See you at $5.”


>"Release the GUI with full functionality and DDOS Binance. It's time."

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Coss is my worst gamble

Yep I'll join you on that

Sell all of your coins with a market order immediately.

Let’s keep tabs here.

Some other possible larper said that today is when COSS is going to start to bleed very, very badly, with whales suppressing the price for a while so they can accumulate before the major COSS release (FIAT pairing and site update—possibly finally out of beta mode), after which the coin is supposed to moon to at least $5 before the end of April.

And today it certainly is bleeding.

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Alright then. Not even FIAT pairings can save that Pajeet tier exchange.

Sometimes I think people hate on COSS just to feel good about themselves.

where are you pajeet now? yes, cosswhale I'm talking to you. you kept telling that something will happen today, and I kept telling you that you are full of shit.

guess who was right and who is full of shit? now eat a dick please

what point of really really dont you understand?

I got 10k coss in Nov for super cheap. I hope it bleeds like a bitch with heavy flow. If it gets low enough I'll snatched up another 10-20k.


there is a million dollar coss trading promo going on. So what do a bunch of whales with only coss do to win this trading promo? they sell and they sell and they sell, because volume is what wins this promo. but guess what happens after they are all done dumping? They want their coss bags back and they still need to generate volume to win the promo so guess what they do next user? THEY BUY

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>certainly is bleeding

Hope your right user and your theory makes more sense than the pajeets.

Looking at the chart it at least looks like it's bottomed out.

the million dollar Coss promo became 250k coss promo along the way

What you say does make sense, though I doubt it will moon like crazy. It'll probably spike up to somewhere around $1 to $2 soon so you could get up to 8x gains if lucky

Interesting theory.
April is going to be an interesting month for sure.

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besides that, let's say you are a Coss whale with 500k Coss. Would you sell just to win 20k Coss when there's a hypothetical chance that those Romanian interns deliver fiat+UI and the price goes X2-X4? makes no sense. all you deluded fucks need to understand that price is dropping because there's no volume, Coss team didn't make any serious progress since months and the whole market sucks balls. When the price was 3 it wasn't because the volume justified it, but because of the anticipation of the volume and the trust in the team. Guess what happens when they keep pushing deadlines and can't deliver a fuckin revamp of the UI which should take 2 weeks for a seasoned team - testing included. I repeat, we are talking about a fuckin UI, Wich isn't a feature, it's a must. A couple of static pages, delayed by fucking months.

>thinks a UI is only a couple static pages
You obviously don't know what it's like to be a full-stack developer. Don't talk about what you don't know

>romanian interns

You can use this FUD for a few weeks more, but they have hired 3 in house devs, and are hiring 3 more "very soon" according to Rune

All Rune hired are local singapore chink and pajeet rejects who couldn't find better jobs. Shows in their lack of direction / initiative and they only get moving when Rune's giving instructions.

Those CVs look like rejects to you?

why the fuck do you need patents in radio technology for an exchange?

for the love of god just hire some people from facebook/google

Actually, it makes me wonder why such academically decorated super geniuses would bother working for a shitty crypto exchange.

Wouldn't you think this would tarnish the reputation of these "good people" with PhDs and loads of academic publications and even patents? I mean, we all know crypto is seen as gambling/the retard stock exchange/the black market currency. Why bother putting "I assisted in the back end development for a low volume cyrptocurrency" on your CV at that point?

truth hurts right?
they already have the backend you brainlet

t. full stack lead dev btw

hired 3 people, and yet, still no progress

>t. brainlet
Can't tell if you're retarded, or just trolling

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this looool

Because working on something that at your start is shit and at the end is a success looks even fucking better on a resume
I swear to god people on biz can't see past the day of tomorrow, this is why you're staying neet for the rest of your life

>Actually, it makes me wonder why such academically decorated super geniuses would bother working for a shitty crypto exchange.

Because they have read the whitepaper and see that the potential is not just big, its fucking enormous?
If they are able to pull this off, their great grandchildrens grandchildren will still be stupid rich.

Success is used very loosely here, lmao.

>Because working on something that at your start is shit and at the end is a success looks even fucking better on a resume
Moral character is also a thing people are generally concerned about on a resume.

Would someone with all these accolades want to necessarily show they helped a porn website go from beta mode to functional on their CV?

>Ming Pak Pung
>23 academic publications
>Honorary Speaker at Women in Tech
>Patented GB2418817 Decoder with plural maximum likelihood detectors which share distance metric information as-signed to parallel processors and GB2418816 Decoder with plural maximum likelihood detectors which share distance metric information
>Completed full stack development for

another great argument from you

The volume is now almost half of yesterday's

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lol, why are you watching the token volume?

COSS has potential IMO but this bear market has been tough on alts in general. Trading across all exchanges is down significantly atm.

That’s because there’s more hgt volume rn

Exchange is doing 2.5 mil
So no your wrong we’re up by 500k

Companies want employees who can make them money
It doesn't matter if the employee worked in porn to cite your example or crypto to stay on topic, what matters is how much proven improvement he has brought

Well I guess volume went up.

Only buy in today if you like money.

Or dump your ETH into some shitcoin with no purpose or function in the hopes that other people pump it also for no reason

COSS token volume is $916,736, which is still a few hundred thousand lower than yesterday.

Where can you find the total exchange volume?

just sold 6k

Never mind, I'm a retard.

Nice to see the HelloGold promo has led to HGT overtaking the COSS token as the most traded coin there...

CossWhale was right.

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Someone post the coss chart dividends



oh mama

were getting a fuckton of HelloGold tokens this week, boys

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>there’s more hgt volume
Where did it come from though? HGT has been on the exchange for a while and the traded volume kept dropping if I remember correctly. Why's it spiking now?

I've been checking coss volume since NOV consistently
It does well. There is no trading promo for it right now as it happens. There already was one awhile back.
Why is it trading high right now? Because people want to buy it? Idk, idc DYOR