Self improvement thread

What are you doing to improve yourself right now user?

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playing vidya

The best self-improvement step for most of biztards would be to kts

>The absolute state of Veeky Forums
>Also playing vidya

Fapping to better hentai


thanks, donating some bitcoin would really help a lot.


Woke up today at 4PM instead of 5PM

no, im a mod.

The ChainLink project develops a protocol that provides high-quality data exchange, while DUCATUR is a full-fledged framework based on which you can create your own oracle service or choose a suitable one in a single registry of available solutions.

Moon time

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Sport, I love watching Sport.

Heeding the warnings of Joobilation.

Reverse FOMO is real...

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Limiting fapping to once per week rather than once a day. Next step is to become a zillionaire

Lifting consistently, eating better, writing more, starting a little business to make extra money.

being a better neet

Leaving Veeky Forums forever.

>shitloads of vitamin C
>was doing no fap but now is nofap+noporn
>using spring break to get into machine learning
>also reading some Evola-Jung
Life is good mang, the turning point was when I begin to do high intensity exercise.

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You're doing a piss poor job of it.

im watching sakura trick to learn more about pure adolescent love

This. Well done, user.

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learning some powershell shiiet
also getting lean and big (already more fit than 95% of biz)
scanning biz for the next xrb

more like pajeetshell
zsh is the white mans shell

Found the bot

lifted, why?

honestly the best thing I could do to start improving myself would be to stop spending so much damn time on Veeky Forums