So, how much have you made so far user?

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sure is december in here.

about $13,000 since last summer

Anyone buying after December is literally buying bags paying for people's lambos.

80k and debt free, feels good

10k since September

Since today I'm officially up in sats. I would rather not discuss Fiat.

only $1100 profit
bought 900 eth and btc in august
didnt buy alts until december

over 5 years
>total cash in: $40k
>total cashed out: $50k
>peak unrealized: $370k
>current unrealized: $150k

doing alright

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you must be bad at timing the market

How the fuck lol...
Been in it since mid 2017, also 40k in but sitting on 700k unrealised

I'm actually quite good. I run a low risk profile and cashed out the $50k purely from short term shitcoin gains buying low and selling high. now more than my entire investment is cashed out.

I keep the majority in ETH and always bounce back from all the bear markets. it's clear you've never had to manage the risk on a large sum of money.

you are fuccking looser as you in crypto for 5 yrs and in 40k, and just 3x. pathatic looser. If i would have been in more than yr. i would have make at least 5 mill with those 40k in .

note that cash in is exactly same as you, in around October. cashed out 100k, ATH 900k. current 300k.

Like 600 off 5000
Fuckin bear market was hard....

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>large sum of money.
kek. 150k lot of

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you took a massive risk and got lucky, nice work. you can only make those kinds of gains on shit like TRX, XVG, ICX, XRP, etc.

I've never exposed any of my gains to that kind of risk because I plan on keeping it around for a very long time.

>total cash in: 10k
>total cash out: 260k
>peak unrealized: 500k
>current unrealized: 100k

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About $100

>you took a massive risk and got lucky, nice work. you can only make those kinds of gains on shit like TRX, XVG, ICX, XRP, etc.

no , I never had trx,hvg,xrp in portfolio. will never as well. I went 33% each on NAS/REQ/LINK. then I moved all REQ to ICX. then I sold ICX at 8$ and Moved it to Lamden , sold all lamden around 70 cent, moved back to EOS. right now EOS/LINK/NAS all I have.

0 no coiner here


BTC/ETH/LTC/... all had massive gains during the last 5 years (let alone all the free coins from forks).

0,4 eth, started with 0,05 last month, better than shitposting all day i guess

i think he is larping. if he put 40k in 5 yrs back. even btc would have given him 50x.

how did you do that exactly?

I shorted BTC before the cross and so I am a bit underwater right now. I am at -$12K right now but I expect that to go up quite a bit in the next week.

I am getting use to being down 5K and up 7K. Quite a ride.

Made about $1000

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Almost minus half. I got into this exactly at the moment when everything was going down and it's still going down. I also invested into cloud mining meme which turns out that after a year you'll get 80-90% less of what you invested - that is assuming price won't fall even further. I would be better off if I just bought those coins on the market right fucking now and sit on it for a year.
Thankfully I didn't spend more than I was prepared to lose from the start and if I lucky, I will get x2-10+ more.

fuck you nigger, I would have to live frugally for 20+ years to save up that amount of money

over 5 years you mong, with 90% in 2017 when ETH started climbing.

I'm not willing to put 40 fucking thousand down on shitcoins like REQ and ICX like the other user. I value my sanity.

>Total cash in: $20k
>Total cashed out:$900k
>Peak Unrealized: 1.6 Million
>Current Unrealized: $35k

I made about 6K from $600 in the ZCL pump but i didn't sell and i have nothing left now

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Over half a mil off of 20k in June.

down $2,800 from $8,200

holding eth, neo, and enj for long term

also some zcash

looking at picking up some etc

On paper? Approximately 120 million USD.

I try to just hold for the long term but that didn't last long but after some heavy losses trading now I have my long term do not touch funds and some dedicated light funds to trade around with IMO that works best for me

30K from 10K.
ATH was 55K :(
This year should be +100K or im killing me


>Initial Investment: £3000
>Peaked: £220,000
>Now: £50,000