Name a better Veeky Forums flick

name a better Veeky Forums flick
Protip: you can't

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Anything by Brandi Love

>The Big Short
>Wolf of Wallstreet

Brewster's Millions

great movie.

yep. it relates to TA fags currently screaming 4k or less

Literally Veeky Forums: The Movie

>We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that perfect world in which there's no war or famine, oppression or brutality -- one vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.

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Another god-tier scene

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>Wolf of Wallstreet
>Literally a movie pushed by Hollywood trends in hope of influencing normies to invest their money in shit and do drugs on a daily basis

Degenerate as fuck even though it's a fun movie to watch.

pirate this one also Veeky Forumsros

yes on big short
wolf was a funny meme

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Big short and Money ball are good. Money ball were better, they are both based on Michael Lewis' books who also wrote Flash boys about hft in wall street. Prolly movie coming out of that one too at some point

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Other night I watched The Big Short and then Margin Call back to back.
Honestly they compliment each other so well, I recommend doing this is you have the time.

The big short is a terrible movie. The only worthwhile scenes are the ones with Christian Bale. The rest of the movie is literally "Omgggg these bankers are so evul! BUT WAIT, I'll show you an EVEN MORE EVIL thing they're doing!!"

Holy fuck I hate Steve Carell so much, horrible actor.

Absolute classic right here. Glad my dad gave me a good taste in movies.

>"Omgggg these bankers are so evul! BUT WAIT, I'll show you an EVEN MORE EVIL thing they're doing!!"

i dont remember anything like what.

Hustler is better


Guaranteed to make you a better trader and not be such a weakhanded faggot

Ben Afflack kek. mumbles as much as Gronk. typical hollywood bullshit like wolf

Add this.

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He's in the movie for less than 10 mins, this isn't Batman v Superman. Much better than watching DiCaprio sniff coke for 3 hours

American Psycho is the Official Veeky Forums certified flick. GTFO of here you reddit pleb.

Protagonist has sex, is a trust fund baby and actually kills niggers instead of talking about it. Try again

American Psycho has nothing to do with business. Yeah they all work on wall street, but there's literally no mention of anything biz related.

What is it you don't understand? The reason American Psycho is /our/ movie, is because this is what we aspire to become once we make it. Yes, we are not there yet but once we make it we should try our best to mimic Patrick Batemans philosophy of life.

We all wish to be Patrick Bateman. He is the quintessential Veeky Forumsinessman.

Patrician choice. It's nice to see her tale BBC now. She is proof that open relationships work. I think everyone should try it.

The disappearance of haruhi suzimaya?

That's why Wall Street (1987) is /our/ movie on making money and American Psycho is about what we should do once we make it. They both go hand in hand.

the big short

I make no comment, lost in my own private maze, thinking about other things:
warrants, stock offerings, ESOPs, LBOs, IPOs, finances, refinances, debentures,
converts, proxy statements, 8-Ks, 10-Qs, zero coupons, PiKs, GNPs, the IMF, hot
executive gadgets, billionaires, Kenkichi Nakajima, infinity, Infinity, how fast a luxury car
should go, bailouts, junk bonds, whether to cancel my subscription to The Economist,
the Christmas Eve when I was fourteen and had raped one of our maids, Inclusivity,
envying someone’s life, whether someone could survive a fractured skull, waiting in
airports, stifling a scream, credit cards and someone’s passport and a book of matches
from La Côte Basque splattered with blood, surface surface surface, a Rolls is a Rolls is
a Rolls. To Evelyn our relationship is yellow and blue, but to me it’s a gray place, most
of it blacked out, bombed, footage from the film in my head is endless shots of stone
and any language heard is utterly foreign, the sound flickering away over new images:
blood pouring from automated tellers, women giving birth through their assholes,
embryos frozen or scrambled (which is it?), nuclear warheads, billions of dollars, the
total destruction of the world, someone gets beaten up, someone else dies, sometimes
bloodlessly, more often mostly by rifle shot, assassinations, comas, life played out as a
sitcom, a blank canvas that reconfigures itself into a soap opera. It’s an isolation ward
that serves only to expose my own severely impaired capacity to feel. I am at its center,
out of season, and no one ever asks me for any identification. I suddenly imagine
Evelyn’s skeleton, twisted and crumbling, and this fills me with glee. It takes a long time
to answer her question—Where are you going?— but after a sip of the port, then the dry
beer, rousing myself, I tell her, at the same time wondering: If I were an actual
automaton what difference would there really be?

I too want to be a yuppie user

Why the fuck would anybody wanna be a yuppie or bateman? He literally gets cucked by some dumb bitch and his friends talk shit about him. You're worse than those fags that wanna go to thailand to fuck lady boys but maybe not as bad as the travel around the world cucks. You'll never get a reservation at dorsia with such low aspirations

I will only act Bateman for 10 years. I want to show off, I want to make people envious of my accomplishments, I want to impress people and make people jealous. I want to take care of myself.

After 10 years, I will drop the Bateman act and find a nice girl to impregnate with 4 children.


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time to finish the job with a real classic

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Good luck user, dubs always speak truth

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this movie was clunky and looked amateurish at times
The Big Short is much better

travelling is awesome

living in your parents basement like you is not

Lord of war is 2nd only to wall street desu

Glengarry Glenross

will always be the best

The movie was a critique on that lifestyle though.

I own acres user. And a basement which is decked out with everything I could ever want. Traveling is awesome and you should see the world but there's quite a bit to do before then when you get financially have made money here in crypto, right user? You didnt just migrate here from reddit during the last bull run did ya :p

>movie where boss asks his subordinate to explain in "plain english" 4 times
why does Veeky Forums like this movie

That's how bosses work. They pay you for the technical skills so they don't have to learn them.

>goes to synagogue
>become billionaire international arms dealer
so this is what being jewish is like

literally the only guy who knew anything was that one guy

Pic related

Watch this movie again but this time, imagine they're trading shitcoins instead of commodities

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He's Ukrainian in the film. His father pretends to be Jewish for some reason...I forgot why but he ended up liking it so much he just stuck with it.

The father sticks with being Jewish is what I meant. Does anybody else go to /tv/ to unplug from crypto? Their brand of retard is pretty hilarious