I don't care how rich I get, I'll keep comign back to this board to ask questions about money, finances...

I don't care how rich I get, I'll keep comign back to this board to ask questions about money, finances, and life in general because you were all autistic neets like I was(and really still am).

The autism of this board is the best part. It's so helpful if you can get separate the good information from the bad

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Veeky Forums bros for life

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I just don't understand. I go to university and all I think about is how I can make money out of every situation I can come across, and I'm the only person I know my age with more than $5k in savings. It's ridiculous.

That said, I'm autistic enough to use this board

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im in the same situation
third year mechanical engineering student

can confirm
i am autistic

i just dont get it. making money is so god damn easy
my parents offered to help with paying for college but im doing fine paying for my tuition and living below my means. I've got my apartment, car, and girlfriend and I'm doing more than okay. I just dont buy hype shit and would rather save for a nice life after college than blow it all on clothes and going to the strip

Yes. Others will be partying and you'll realize that the money you spend going out and drinking makes you not enjoy yourself. The stress of losing money for some outweighs the fun of spending it. Just don't lose your damn mind living in the woods eating rice to buy more link. Try to live a balanced life, but a responsible one. Your health and sanity are also assets that can be assigned a monetary value. What would a rich dying person pay to be young and healthy? Probably whatever it costs.

I honestly haven't been coming here long but I like you guys. Let's help eachother.




dude if you really have to just go fuck

nofap doesnt work unless you're NATURALLY RELEASING the pent up sexual energy if that makes sense. I don't fap but I have a girlfriend for that.

Feels like everyone on here is actually smart to a degree but we just have the self confidence of a chicken nugget honestly.

Then the newfags come in asking "HOW DO I BUY CHAINLINK"

lol i used to be very popular and very confident

had alot of friends and used to hookup with alot of girls

im a good lookin guy (as I have been told myself)

but i dont know what happened

i started spending more time by myself
dont communicate with friends anymore
i just study, play chess, and try to make money
now i have difficulty talking to people
girls as well, even the ones who clearly eyefuck me

i feel happy though i don't feel depressed or anything

no troll very srs

that's exactly me except all of my free time is dedicated to running my businesses and managing my money, or studying. But the thing is I'm perfectly happy. I have solid friends who aren't nearly as autistic as I am, and they do all sorts of degenerate shit but I just steer clear and do what I want, and have no problems with it.

its really weird honestly. I thought I'd be hopelessly empty like this but actually I've never been happier

money's coming in and I'm finally secure

The right girl is so fucking hot? Source name something?

nice bro

hope everything goes well with you
i wish you the best

>making money is so god damn easy

Same here lol. Popular high school kid with all the girls trio and stuff. The chaddest of all. Now student, i just like to stay home game and sit on Veeky Forums. Don't hangout with stoner friends anymore. Got some other old friends who I do some fun stuff with. Like it way more. Although sometimes i miss being the popular guy with all the girls like the whore i am.

>just go fuck
Not that simple user.
I have a loving gf, stunning 9/10HB. She's a professional dancer so imagine that body.

Lately she fell very miserable and depressed due to first work, no money and wagecucking problems. We barely see each other and we live with our parents.
I fuck her good, she used to cum multiple times, sometimes to the level of losing consciousness. But now... She's depressed af. Her pills, killed off her libido. She doesn't need sex at all I don't fucking understand it.

And no, I am certainly not getting cucked. I know everything about her, she's transparent.

I don't know what to do. We had hard time lately. I am about to dump her but I know it would be extremely hard to find such a genuinely pure and smart women like her. I know what I'm saying. I've dated more woman I can count and most of them are either fucking around thots or unambitious lazyass bitches with no passion or purpose in their lifes.

Now, I've found the one and she's a dead fish. Fuck my life.

Wow so there are not only autistic neets on this board. Good to know.

She aint got no breasts doe

And I'll obviously won't cheat on her cause I'm not a nigger. Some people still have honour and conscience.

Yeahhh... But like it's not like cheating is devil thing? It's just unfair that you break the trust. Maybe you can talk with her about it. Not directly saying u want to cheat. But you love her but u want to have sex, ur a man its normal. Maybe she understand. worth a shot.

Small tits are where it's at

>user's gf doesn't want to fuck anymore
>not getting cucked
>wont cheat on her because im not a nigger

oh boy do i have some news for you

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>There are no nignogs in our country.
>She despises them
>She trusts me with everything including bank accounts
>I've been through her phone, mail and fb
>She's technologically a primary-schooler, can't hide shit

I've been through hoes user. I do know a lot about them. It's been a loooong time since I've been actually truly surprised by any womens behavior. Since you learn some lessons and know the patters they are all repeatable and boring. Sometimes I think being gay is a blessing


Seriously. Just buy courses and follow the instructions to a tee. Have some charisma and automate what you can.

is this the /larp/ general thread?

Unironically buy low sell high.
Most of the time I'm trading shitcoins increasing my ETH stack by 2-5% daily. Sometimes more if I get lucky.

we're all gonna make it

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>he likes the flat one with the tattoos

I can't imagine that
I'm about to turn 20 and met my girlfriend when I was 16 and she was 15, and she was an exchange student at my high school. We hit it off almost immediately and now the only expense I ever splurge on is going to visit her in germany, where she's from.

We talk to eachother literally for hours every single day, but I only get to see her every couple of months, but holy fuck are those couple of days we spend together AMAZING. Maybe it's from not having sex at all when I'm not there, but idk. I'm studying in Europe next semester so we'll be able to see each other every weekend, and it's going to be fucking amazing.


keywords to look for - "automate"

let's assume you're not getting cucked which I seriously doubt but let's just assume. then you need to break her spirit now to gain full control of that hoe. Women want to be controlled by a dominant pimp it is the answer to all her depressed emotional problems. You're a good guy so you won't beat her to death or send her out hooking when she's sick with the flu so it's all for the best. You know what to do user

I like brown eyed Spanish looking beauties. Left is flirty and ready to take it, right is braindead with void in her eyes.

I find braindead a turn on.

>German girls
Bro, they are the least feminine creatures in existence.

This is a kind of advice I was never expecting to get in here.

This guy fucks, learn from him cunts.

24. Go to my job. Lift weights everyday and read threads about link. Trying no fap no nicotine no alcohol no weed. Hopefully I'll catch a break in life. Maybe meet a nice women someday. Probably would rather have a family then rich and alone.

Obviously you overcolored this, but yes. I'm going to be distant and make her chase me.

Good for you.

Kek, true.

user, that's rough.
Fuck those other guys telling you she's fucking around. She's not, I've been in your shoes. Girl I loved and loved me lost lots of weight, her hormones changed and she lost all sex drive.
It's decently common and as long as she is willing to make the effort to change this you have a chance. Talk to her, she'll understand your issues. Change doctors, change medal, change your and her life around, be supportive. There is a chance.
On that note though, my relationship with the girl is over

Chad is fucking her right now

imagine being THIS deluded. hf with divorce rape

>Fuck those other guys telling you she's fucking around.
What would you expect to hear from them? Bunch of losers and theorists. I wonder how many of them have a crush on some girl they are afraid of, dreaming about her before sleep while she's moaning on some Chad's cock.

Yeah, I know. I've talked her out of pills already. Actually it was her idea. No more raw doggy for me

do something fucking interesting with your life

have rewarding hobbies

you will meet women with same values and hobbies

women want personality and character

trust me I get more tail fat than I ever got ripped

saving money in college is gay. why waste the best years of your life pinching pennies just so you can scrape together a few thousand dollars. you'll be making 10x more for your time once you have a real career. you should focus on getting a good degree. and getting blackout drunk and having sex with as many girls as you can.

whats the least degrading job to do while in college?

Found the normie good goy.

t.Millionare because of penny pinching in college

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thats kinda how i feel sometimes when i splurge and feel guilty about it

i don't even get mad at a loss with trades because i know im young and money comes and goes

feels nice to have another user say it

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digital arbitrage. Happy now?

Germans are, by nature, very similar to me - docile, overthinking all the time, I mean practically everything. It's like dating my hoodie except she fucks like a champ

so if any, or all, of my businesses crash and burn I have a backup plan. And that's not to say I live like a rat, I just live like any other college kid on their parents' dole - except im not.

>there are no black people in your country
>but she despises them
I'm not sure I understand. Are you from a 3rd world country, then?

is there a pepefied version of this?
there should be.

My guess - from the fact that his gf is a dancer - is its somewhere in eastern europe.

How would you guess it from that?

We travel a lot in Europe and see things. We've been to US too. I would never want to raise my kids in that fucked up leftist fiesta.

If she's on birth control, try to get her off of it and see if it helps. It can easily be the cause.


I'm in europe all the time, there's just a high concentration of people in dance from eastern europe for some reason. No idea why Also its the only nigger-free place left.

There are still some countries that are fairly conservative.

yes goyim you're already mounting tons of student debt. just have some fun while you're already down that much money

Oh I wouldnt be here if I was in debt. I have a scholarship and pay cash to make the difference.

>high concentration of people in dance from eastern europe
I'd say latin America more.

>There are still some countries that are fairly conservative.
True. And I'm blessed to live in one.

you're right man saving while at uni is pointless because you're not earning any money. You're denying yourself fun times while you're young just to save in 4 years the kind of money you can save in a couple of months once you have a proper job

You're the kind of people who post tfw no matter how rich you get you'll never get to experience young love or no matter how rich you get you'll never be a chad


t. good balance of autism and ability to enjoy myself

>this filthy normie thinks im like him


no m8 I'm not a wizard


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Thinking about making money is entirely different from actually making it. You're no different than any other college kid who thinks they're smarter than everyone. Wait until the real world chews you up and spits you out a few times, then you'll understand.

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That was just an example. I run three different businesses and pull just over 5k monthly, before taxes ofc

stay poor rakesh.

Every billionaire will tell you they didn't get rich by wasting pennies.

do you think Trump was a loser autist like you? Or Branson?

Even Zuckerberg had fun in college

This might be a hard pill for you to swallow but there are people who are both richer AND more sociable/less stingy with money/get more pussy than you

Literally privileged rich kids. The vast majority of actual SELF MADE millionaires and billionaires don't have nigger rich mindset like you, nigger.

What about Branson? And Cuckerberg is rated an 8 on the Forbes self made score

YOU are the one with the 'nigger' mindset. All you're trying to do is justify your failings in one aspect of your life (social) by saying it was necessary for another aspect of your life (wealth)

Of course you don't get rich by spending frivolously. But that doesn't mean you can't get rich without being a total miser. There comes a point of diminishing returns when it comes to saving money.

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