When is the best time to buy bitcoin? i have 4k USD

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when it hits 1.5k, probably in 3 weeks

Wait a few weeks or at least until the death cross (Google it). Possibility BTC goes to the $3-5k range worst case scenario. You can buy a whole BTC and then hold it for a year.

it seems to be the general consensus...

i will wait exactly three weeks

im going all in on April 15, 2018

screencap this

Don't be an emotional brainlet, wait a few weeks to buy.

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see above

be carfeul what you say pal
or we have to fight

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My body is ready
My mind is prepared
I came from the Donald and I'm here to fuck biz up.
Pol check
G check
B check

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Bitcoin has run its course. Look somewhere else. You're better off buying Amazon stock.

i don't know whats time is best to buy btc, but its always best time to buy powh

no pajeet coins allowed

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Sorry biz bro, everyone is a brainlet until proven otherwise.

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okay i forgive you fren
love u

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4k USD

LMAO why would we screencap that? Your piddling little order wont even register on the 1 min chart

.......what are you trying to say pal?

infact its already over for you

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i thought it would sound cool

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*pets cute Pepe* OuO

You could short Bitcoin right now and see how that work out for you.

Nice dubs. Buy my order back and I'll stopp fudding your threads. it's only like 5k shittokens.

i'll buy in three weeks

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get in now, we're going to the moon

3 weeks
i already screencapped

no turning back

im a man of my word

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Only correct answer is to Dollar Cost Average over 1-2 months. You're not smart enough to time the bottom, trust me.

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im 20 steps ahead of you
I have already calculated the bottom price

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A lot of people are speculating that the price will keep plummeting over the next few months. I’m holding back from buying too because by the time summer starts I have a feeling that everything in crypto is gonna be dirt fucking cheap.

your going to fail user...

watch your mouth bro
and by bro i mean you're not my bro

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Don't buy Bitcoin, buy PEPES at kekexchange.surge.sh for ETH. This market is going to fucking moon so hard

wow lol your gonna get banned but yeah I own like 3 pepes and the justening of the jungle lol,

i wouldnt count on biz though it's mostly retards here now who only buy shit after it moons

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omg another pepe hero!

keks exchange is gonna moon so hard, it's not just pepes but literally all good memes, wojaks are being released soon.

ez money

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pshhhh get an apu market and im all in

pepe is gay

lol you can actually get any meme you want uploaded if you contact the devs, it's kinda retarded how serious they are about this

the discord link is on the website

i would be suprised if they dont add apu

they literally keep going on about how they are going to build a meme empire and catalog every meme in existence, they keep ranting about how its a deflationary meme economy and asking people to prove to them that memes arent god

Just buy a mining contract on hashflare you'll get more btc than if you just straight up bought some.

Shill me harder baby


Buy 4 BTC when it hits 1k

no one texts each other cryptokitties

everyone texts each other memes

dev is an obsessed neet, he keeps bitching that he girlfriend doesn't understand the inherent value of the memechain and how he's going to use profits to build memeworld and put disney out of business

what more do i need to say

ez money

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shalom! when will that be? hehe

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