Are there any anons still holding this coin?

Are there any anons still holding this coin?

B-Brain gang unite!

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This sold me on DBC

Sad but true... I'm still holding. I boughtat 7 cents so I am not that fucked... I feel it will never go up.

Kek confirms. DBC is a worst shitcoin

Got 7k of these from a raffle.

Not worth selling for the ~$300 they're valued at now so Imma hold them until I can squeeze at least $1k outta em

I'm thinking seriously in becoming a member of the deepbrainlet gang.

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They just made an AMA with devs.
Didn't anwer fundamental questions, keep on bragging about uhm nodes.
They dont know shit about testnet releasing date. Nothing. In Dec they made a great to do list for Q1 and all the shit got postponed. I really think all they do is driving around meetings and make laughable "partnerskie" with little chink scam companies

>be a brainlet
>buy deep brain chain

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You're about to get burned hard.
Don't you know they are about to release a niggillion od tokens and enable mining?

Supply will increase bleeding this shit under 1 cent each

Yeah, that's another red flag for me.
I am dropping this bag of shit, it's too much.

>investing in officialy confirmed pajeet coin

Go on, sell it. See you on 1$ EOY mongs.

this wasn't?

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Bought 540 of these, waiting to dump these bags

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>540 it's like unnoticeable fart

500k DBC brainlet reporting in. I'm going to crash the price on KuCoin in 15-30mins.
Sell your bags now or suffer later, so long.

>implying there's anything left to crash

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>crashing rock bottom
Do it faggot

>rock bottom

DBC has no bottom.

11k hodler, wasn't my smartest invesment so far...

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Not getting burned if I never invested anything into it

Like I said, $300 is too little for me to give a fuck about it going lower. But if I sell and this shit actually takes off in a year or two's time, I will kms

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this shit gets me every time. crypto really is something special