Isn't blockchain technology 1984 on steroids? A permanent, non-removable record of everything you do...

Isn't blockchain technology 1984 on steroids? A permanent, non-removable record of everything you do... Why are we so happy about this again? Is crypto just a ruse by (((them)))?

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you haven't realized that yet?

The point is that it is decentralized, so it would serve the greater good.

As far as shitcoin is concerned decentralized has become a meaningless buzzword. You're essentially just shitting out your fingers onto the internet at this point.

no shit, it's why it's going to succeed

The only thing they should know is I made a bunch of money. After that I turn it into USD and pay for almost everything in cash that I can. Land, guns, gold, everything I need. If the FBI cannot stop pollock they won't stop me.

Can we get a list of bitcoin/shitcoin buzzwords?


>everything i do is public and recorded

>ichi clouds


except I use it properly. things OP describe are dangerous because there's a single entity that can make or break your existence. Decentralized systems aren't dependent on a whim of a malevolent actors, that's their main advantage

Only if it fully replaces fiat currencies. For as long as the rich can hide behind fiat cash and the peasants are forced to use a public ledger, we're fucked.

This is how you know we're in a crisis when the economy is crashing, people are thinking about what items to stock, and the governments plans are finally being accepted as conspiracy facts.

You got the right idea user.

>A permanent, non-removable record of everything you do...
Good thing nobody uses that shit for anything but speculation

Where I live the fish and guns are plentiful and the dirt is black. I have only personally had a small garden before but I have done day work on a small homestead farm (ex-wife's family) so I know what the days look like. Growing your own food use to be one of the most traditional and conservative things you could do but now it is seen as being a bit hippy-ish.

What state?

This is going beyond alternative currency bro. Any important data will be uploaded to a blockchain at some point.

A decentralized public ledger simply adds a level of transparency, whether it be for the better or worse. It's analogous to BMO having your entire electronic transaction history, but now your neighbour Steve (and any other potentially interested party/institution) also has access. Why is this good?

Yep, that's why this shit is going to make us filthy rich.
Chrematistic reasons aside, there is also the possibility of unriggable voting, heavily reduced bureaucratic and legal overhead, some tentative forms of UBI, uncensorable payment systems, websites and social media, etc. So it comes down by how you use the tech. Pretty much the same thing that happens with everything else. If you want to get angry at something, get angry at human condition, not at blockchain tech.

>all these stupid faggots not knowing why decentralization is good
>I-Its just a buzzword
Yeah, until you have your bank accounts and paypal closed because your an ebil nazi(and as time goes by the bar to be considered a nazi keeps getting lower). Meanwhile in a decentralized system you can't be shutout. What's actually worrisome is blockchain technology that is centrally controlled which you can bet is what the government will promote most heavily.

>that's why this shit is going to make us filthy rich.

Only if you're invested in IBM or similar. Thinking large corporations or government bodies will use some bedroom startup blockchain service is pure delusion.

>private blockchains are the future although they don't have the size and security of public blockchains that incentivize miners to secure the network!
If you want a "privately owned blockchain" you don't actually want a blockchain. You just want a database with regular backups, dumbass.

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It's something every household should do. What do you do if the grocery stores shut down? I'm slowly accumulating things. Got a BOB, in good shape, and have food for 6 months. Have seeds and know how to grow/make the soil right for plant growth. It's a wonderful experience watching your plants grow from seed.

Fish and guns sounds like where I might be moving at some point.

It's good because transparency of money creation is good. Steve can just mix his coins if he wants to obscure his stash but the positives far outweigh the negatives

The allure of money will be our downfall



The future will be centralized as fuck. I hopefully I make it before then.

I hope we all make it.

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Yes and well all receive a personal wallet.

You're right. I said this before and I'll say it again, if you're around 20 years old like me, we together WILL see the skynet that will control everyone on blockchain by the end of our lives.

Get ready for the black pill from someone who's worked at the higher levels of finance and government: there's no great conspiracy to control the world. People have ideas and plans and alliances, but in the end we're all animals who eat, fuck, take shits and in the end reproduce. For every old one who'd keep DLT co-opted, there's a young one who'll see an opportunity to displace the old guard.

It's not the blockchain you should worry about, but anti-aging treatments and childless politicians.

Women should not vote or hold office, and neither should men without kids.

It's been here for years anyway. Google probably has 99% of the data a doomsday blockchain would in their behavior profile of you today, and everyone they sell that info to, to say nothing of other companies like Amazon or Facebook. Getting around tracking from the powers that be will be far easier with money than without it, so I don't feel to bad getting myself in a good position.

Don't say anything bad about my greatest ally. They took better care of me than my own parents.

They're the least bad the of three, but still not good if privacy is something you value. But at least they're not getting people to happily pay to bug their own houses like Google.

>A permanent, non-removable record of everything you do...
If you read the book, you will find out that that would actually be against the interest of the Party.

>A permanent, non-removable record of everything you do...
you mean just as with centralized banks but with anonymity?

Doesn't Amazon do this as well?

I was thinking about if all the accusations of the 2016 US election alone had all of the information between party members/accounts and foreign countries could just be accessed and not deleted/covered up etc.
I think the gobment wants this but not within themselves.

so much this. the party's real power isn't through surveillance, it's through saying what is the truth. if they had an immutable record of what the truth is, that would have destroyed the party.

>it's the classic "young whippersnappers in their garage are no threat!" argument

As far as I know they don't have their Alexa box, but if they do it isn't nearly as popular. Maybe Amazon can listen to you through your "smart" refrigerator though.

I doesn't matter, they could market this stuff as "We are selling this to intentionally spy on you" and people would still love it because you can ask how hot or cold it is outside or how many ml are in a teaspoon.