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anyone claiming they're making gains is larping.

Nobody. That's the point. The people who made it cashed out long ago, otherwise they would be losing right now along with everyone else who's still bagholding.

Buy bnb

Alts are doing really well lately. I don't think it's that hard to grow now, in sats, Fiat is something else.


RLC have a look

CampusCoin, easy 10x next month

>he missed the bnb, nuls, fun, dnt, ICX pumps

just collecting bag holders now. if you're dumb enough to buy this shit.

you must be retarded, for every panic there are bounces, plus you can short and margin. If you're in shitcoins and expect them to moon, guess what, that's what everybody else is doing, I don't expect you to understand basic game theory but it's obvious that if you expect everyone to make money, it gets saturated and dies. If you want to make money, you got to participate in the market. Otherwise we would all be NEETS by 2020, which clearly doesn't make sense from a economic point of view

>He missed ICX
>He missed STORM
>He missed BNB
wew lad, how does being a brainlet feels like?

buy and sell predictable alts:





Dropbox (DBZ on Nasdaq) IPO was yesterday. Spotify starts trading April 3rd.

Sorry, meant Friday, not yesterday.

being this new

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Every single person on this board user

anyone who shorted properly. others got out and are waiting. others like me are hodling

others are waiting for the bottom to sell, so that they can buy once it does a bull run again in may/june

1. Don't margin trade. Seriously.

2. If grandpa is shitting the bed, find out the resistances and supports and swing-trade BTC/Tether. Walk away from alts.

3. Check the crypto calendar for events which are at least 2 weeks out, accumulate. Sell the news. A bit risky, but good gains.

There are a few others but do this and you'll make reliable gains. No moon or lambo territory but clawing back losses and solidifying your position for the next bull run.

Wtf are you talking about? DNT and STORM both just had 100%+ pumps, ICX is up over 50% this week and there's plenty of others showing decent gains.

My portfolio is up over 50% this week alone.

>anyone claiming they're making gains is larping.

The BNB exit scamming chinks who spam this board are making something to post here though.

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im just holding fiat, not making money but not losing either

I make money because I'm still bearish biased until indicators will switch to bullish on the daily chart. 3-4k for bitcoin is still a possibility. We won't just jump into bull market without new money coming in. When btc failed to reach a higher peak I took a chance and shorted because risk to reward was good. My guess is about 3-6 months of bear market left (for crypto). I will risk the current uptrend to ladder even more shorts.

Why on Earth would someone buy Dropbox shares?
Or some music streaming company's shares. I'd rather buy NANO-shit.

I made 1 great deal and I am on my way to making my second right now.
Got from 44k vechain to 48k, and now to 51 in a day or two.
Not green moneywise. But It will pay off once the bull returns.
7k vet will be a lot of money, and a thunder node.

Crypto, cashed out 10 percent of positions to trade 5x leverage BTC/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/ETH. Using profits to build leveraged trading account and to accumulate more ALTS.

Stock Market 3xETF bear/bull on sectors 66 percent of portfolio, 25 percent on 0 day options(call or puts) and the remaining 10 percent on weekly options in oil, gas and/or metals. Try to be in cash at the end of each day except for the weekly plays.

Wall Street.

Modum the last week, but that’s because it fell by 80% since jan

powh makes money, but you're just to smart to buy it, don't you?

I have over 100k campuscoin

I made 150% with STORM

I've been playing around with $2 the past two days. Turned it into almost $7 now. Just putting it in whatever I want while my real money stays in Stink.

If you haven't been shorting the past 3 months you have missed out on a lot of money.

Just wait for the chart to look like it's about to dump, put in a short, and close it when it starts recovering. Dont hold a position for more than a few hours. You might not get the exact tops/bottoms but you can make easy money.

are you kidding

I've done paper trades based on the crypto calender alone and found it to be terribly unreliable. Some shitcoin events are priced in 2 months before the event while some are priced in 2 days before the event. Not only that, some unexpectedly moon from the news if some info that wasn't priced in also got announced. All of that makes generating profit off the sell the news meme unpredictable.

Read the article... wtf man, is this really gonna pump when there's a million other cloud storage services? Did the CIA loan their Utah Data Center or some shit?

Short the local tops at like 9200-9500

long the bottoms at 8000-8200

Use tight stops. Use medium leverage. Do not get greedy. Buy when RSI below 30 , sell with stop loss when above 65-70

any questions?

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Like this OP.

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Siacoin , they had a tweet showing a beta version of video streaming meaning they are close to implementing byte ranging and a file buffer API.

No one ITT says find a solid investment in a good company with good people that you understand.

This is why you are all poor as fuck

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>can not differ between trading and investing

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I am up 50% and will be 100% from my investment in BNB within a weeks time, you have to do your fundementals and you will know when to buy and when to sell.

I put a low sell order and a high buy order
Both or 1 of the orders eventually get filled
I lose, either way, which means somebody has to be winning.

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Crypto is a scam. I just want to break even. I am currently over £3500 down

>sells IBM bags
>buys Apple

Yeah, I have given up and thrown all my money into JNT and plan to hold for the next year. Allah take the wheel.

you lose when the fed prints money, which is all the time

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Tfw been all in on Nuls for the last 2 months

Good job betting on a shitty marketing company that is about to go bankrupt any second now...

Op, it sounds like you don't do your own research and don't understand that the market is manipulated by whales. It's almost the end of Q1 and many testnets are coming out. Do your own research and look for testnets and mainnets that are coming throughout Q2. I'm not even a genius but I'm still making money off of this market.

Do not get greedy is the most important

I actually made a lot of money with one short followed by long before the g20 thing

These shitcoins need to die out if we want to see crypto grow...give crypto a bad rap


TRAC has been climbing for literally a month straight now, one of the only coin in my folio not getting completely fucked (LINK is the other)

Whales who can move the market

Gamblers who got lucky (will probably be burnt soon)

That's about it.

Get out of the market until it is time to return, seriously.

I am making money by deploying the definitive meme marketplace on the blockchain. I am not even meming you. I'm dedicating the next two years of my life to this at least and will even strategically switch blockchain if I have to.


im up almost 300%.

Come up with an average amount you can daytrade in %. So if you can average 4% a day, then 72/4 = 18.

Every 18 days you double.

>until it is time to return
>BTC is up to 16k again
>broke resistances
>bears failed
hmmmm i guess it's 'time' to return
Buy in.... immediately go up $200 followed by crash and dump

this is you friend

how do you average 4% a day?

No. BTC will not go to 16k again any time soon, that is obvious.

It is going much much lower. When it's found a bottom, and the FUD is at an all time high, that will be time to return.

Put down the calculator, user

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Another happy customer.

thanks for the money

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and you're basing this on what ?
you're just as retarded as the bulls. we have no idea if it's going up or down and to what levels.

yo why is it up today

Missed RCN and ELF, cos paycheck
Bought STRAT a few hrs ago. Did I do good?

Korean Jew on Twitter claims he's almost back to his ATH already

The only people making money in this crypto market are dash masternode holders, everyone else like long term holders and miners are losing money.

Lack of the demand and genuine interest. The whales are the only reason this shit is being propped up right now, and that is just so they can repeatedly range trade with margin longs and shorts.

No one feels comfortably longing right now, except those who will never sell anyway (except maybe when their faith is finally shaken). So we need to reach much lower levels, where whales and the masses will once again feel comfortable longing and holding

Getting to 16k in the first place was just part of a pump n dump, and those who pumped it to those levels the first time have no reason to do so again. They already got rich shorting and dumping on your ass, and now they have less risk and more to gain by dumping it the rest of the way before going long again.

It's down to luck right now. Everything is bleeding, but there are still organized pumps and dumps. Those who happen to catch them profit and might even think that it was a result of their "smart investment decisions", but serious projects haven't rebounded much or at all. We'll need to wait, maybe a few months more.

Also, I forgot to add the only TA that matters:

BTC is currently in a CRASHING BUBBLE pattern.

For it to return to 16k from here rather than going much lower would mean that it has accomplished something that no crashing bubble in history ever has.

tron holders. Buy the dip in anticipation for testnet short

I did. It's not taking off 'till July though :(.

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I definitely do agree BTC is going down even if it has some sharp spikes up along the way

I should have said hypothetically btc hits 16k and people buy in only to get rekt.
I was trying to say what dictates 'the right time'
You could be seeing all green in the market and everything is good. But that could all change within a week for example

Swing trading

>bought nano at avg 70k sat, sold at avg 130, started buying again at 95k.
>Bought tnt at 700 sat, sold at 1k pump to buy again at 700, seems like this time it'll fly above 2k sat, so I'm holding.
>Bought link at 4k sat, can't decide whether I should sell to buy later, increase my position
>Bought aragon at 32k sat, sold at 46k

Making money isn't easy, you need patience and guts to deal with losses. You take %10-15 losses like a man and try to catch a falling knife.Because eventually all these shitcoins will pump at least %300-400.

join the kek chain we got memes

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>Every 18 days you double
In couple of years you will own this planet

here OP

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Literally been swing trading RLC for weeks. It is typically moving a 24 hr volume of approx 200 ETH. Whenever you see that volume is 400+, its time to start swinging for a few hours. Will move by 20 cents every hour. Extremely volatile. I have made several thousands this week alone.