Top 3 coins of 2018?


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All three are shit, getting hyped by basement cucks

lol crypto is dieing idiot

Slide thread. Sage and report.

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I can't wait for the lynchings to begin.

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Is that a fucking slice of watermelon in the lower left corner?

wouldn't pepe's eye be visible in the scope reflection and not the jew?

Also sage

>SFW Interracial Folder

Pretty much yea.

>Slide thread
Yeah dude I'm sure those jews are desperate to get all these pajeet scam threads off the catalog.

It is, good spot user

dox the whore lynch the chimp

t. hershel spiegelstein

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and let's be real BTC.

I wonder who's behind this post...

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Can someone explain to me why jews would post pictures of white girls with black guys? What do they gain from it?

Probably a braindead /pol/fag who can't stop thinking about niggers fucking white women.

it's a preemptive strike

NEO, WAVES & PCL (long-term moon-shot just started today)

a brain dead brown populace that is easy to rule over.

I don't get it.

that's because you don't know history and you're unable to think critically. probably why you're poor

What are you talking about?

why do you autistic fuckers get so triggered seeing a white girl with a black guy?
If a girl prefers a black over you then so be it no need to get all butthurt and jealous. Nothing is more unattractive than a butthurt jealous faggot

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you are going to die no threat just facts. and white women fucking niggers is the destrucction of white people it doesnt matter if you are a fucking retard and dont understand. if you promote white women fucking niggers you are evil and spreading darkness on the earth. dox the whore lynch the chimp

They push miscegenation with the goal of ruling over one big dumbed down, docile, hybridised population with no history, culture or identity. Europeans have always been the thorn in the side of the evil satanic Jew because we’ve pioneered civilisation and exiled the Jews from our nations constantly throughout history.

Okay. That sounds about as retarded as I expected. Good luck with your little conspiracies.

Call down rabbi.

paranoid schizo logic

human nature isn't a conspiracy. people are tribal and will always be.

Her slave looks happy.



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>people are tribal and will always be
That sounds plausible

>jewish people are posting interracial pictures on an anime website in order to push miscegenation so that people will race mix and create a new race of subservient brown people that the jews will rule over
That does not sound plausible.

Why doesn’t the second one sound plausible? Elaborate.

weakening a group that you perceive as your enemy (think holocaust) is a very logical and rational method of self preservation

>jews are subhuman
>we are ubermensch
>jews rule the world

how do subhumans with only a few mil rule over 7 billion people

you can ignore the retards that say jews are subhuman, the truth is that the ashkenazi people are the most intellectually advanced, hence their success. of course, when it's a few vs. the many, nepotism is another strategy to advance your tribe



How does posting pictures of mixed race couples on Veeky Forums weaken the white race?

Besides, didn't white people save the jews and create Israel? The British are white and they're close allies of Israel and faught against the Nazis. It makes zero sense.

The burden of proof is on you.

The proof lies in the power. Only a dirty lying Jew rat or an indoctrinated good goy could deny they hold the power. Elaborate how pushing miscegenation on the internet is not plausible.

>British helped the jews
Just because you think I'm your friend doesn't mean that I see you as anything more than an enemy that I can also exploit.

i'm not suggesting that it was in fact a jewish person who posted the picture with the intent to gain an advantage. obviously it's a shitpost to garner attention for the thread.

there are factions of opinions within tribes of course, there are going to be jews that truly want to get along with everyone, and others who are on the other side of the spectrum. of course, those who pose a threat to another tribe will attain the most attention.

poor deluded man...enjoy being poor you have my pity

>if you disagree with me you must be a dirty jew
This is getting boring.

Okay now we're in the realm of paranoia. Maybe everyone you think is your friend is secretly trying to fuck you over and exploit you, but again, the burden of proof is on you.

Enjoy hellfire juden

>there are going to be jews that truly want to get along with everyone, and others who are on the other side of the spectrum
I agree. There are good and bad people in every ethnic group. There are plenty of fucked up and evil white people that I don't want anything to do with.

>Okay now we're in the realm of paranoia. Maybe everyone you think is your friend is secretly trying to fuck you over and exploit you, but again, the burden of proof is on you.
I have no friends, only people that think I'm their friend. Most people are fools who deserves to be taken advantage of.

>can’t come up with a reason why Jews pushing miscegenation online is inconceivable
You’re right, you are pretty boring

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>I have no friends
I wonder why...

>prove to me that unicorns don't exist
That's not how it works.

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You don't understand how we think, the British serve our interests, we give them nothing and owe them nothing.

You must think I don’t know you’re using pilpul. Make a claim, back it up or concede defeat. You don’t seem able to back up your claim so I’ll take your pilpul as a concession.

What does this have to do with anything?

>Make a claim, back it up or concede defeat
You're the one making the claim without backing it up.


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>That does not sound plausible.
Back it up or concede defeat, Juden.

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>file deleted
Why are the mods being racist now?

It's not plausible because you haven't provided a shred of evidence.

If I tell you that I saw a unicorn without providing any proof you will be skeptical of my claim.

For the third time: the burden of proof is on you.

>It's not plausible because you haven't provided a shred of evidence despite OP's post being the evidence itself
Wew Hershel better brush up on that pilpul.

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>sh-shh goy the jews never brought the niggers to america on their merchant s-ships!

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>oy vey don't let the goyim know how we use our power to push miscegenation!

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>us jews are a noble race. we'd never push miscegenation, goy. p.s. dont forget the six gorillian!

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>we don't even hate europeans!

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How does any of this prove that there's a global Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race?

>our influence in the media is overstated

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>trust me goy we love the white race

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Do you really think that a series of quotes from random Jewish people probably taken out of context constitute proof of a global effort by the Jewish community to kill white people?

You're even dumber than I thought.

>no really we love europeans!

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>oy vey, stop taking quotes out of context. the talmud says we love the goyim

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>there is no grand conspiracy to mix the races

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Peculium - the 2018-diamond!

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>you're just cherrypicking random jews, goy! we don't have any real influence.

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None of those people are even Jewish. Their European leaders. This is just getting more and more ridiculous.

You actually believe that these pictures made with MS Paint are proof? I mean if you do that's fine, but you obviously lack critical thinking skills.

Everyone knows Hollywood is run by Jews. Nobody disputes that.

It's huge leap to go from claiming that Hollywood is run by Jews to "all Jews are part of a concerted global effort to destroy the white race"..

>puppet presidents are the real power, goy! us jews don't operate behind the scenes, no! we make sure to put ourselves in the spotlight, trust me!

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And now we're back to Nazi propaganda...

Just gtfo


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>there's no conspiracy, goy you crazy! jews are just there because of their high iq!

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>oy vey shut it down!
nazi propaganda, you say?

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>shut it down shut it down! we can't have this wholseome family propaganda paraded online! quick someone put up a pic from Blacked!

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inb4 thread gets killed

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>aaaaaaa my eyesssssss

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I really can't stand people like him, Anglos are the perfect servant class and here he is wanting to fuck that up.


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Replace "all" with "most", and then prove him wrong. Taking over the world is part of the jewish religion. You can find video of jews on youtube admitting that they believe one day all non-jews will be their slaves. And the liberal, non-religious jews do their part by going into other countries and spreading leftism, degeneracy, and multi-culturalism (even without realizing their part in the larger plan). Most people don't even know that Marx, Lenin, and Trosky were jewish, or that the Russian mafia and the most powerful groups in the American mafia are jewish. Or that jews got porn legalized in America and run it today almost exclusively. Or about the system of White sex-slavery that exists today in Israel. There are unending examples of the large and negative influence jews have in the world, and the vast majority of them, when pressed, will say TO YOUR FACE that everything will be better when there are no more pure white people.

Watch Kevin MacDonald, he explains it perfectly.

Now we're just making quotes up completely rather than taking statements out of context.

That quote is 100% fake. Do some research.


>Marx, Lenin, and Trosky were jewish
I don't think they were practicing Jews.

Do you understand the difference between a religious and ethnic group?

>Do you understand the difference between a religious and ethnic group?
Do you understand that most Jews are atheist and identify as ethnic jews?

So you're saying that most Jews aren't Jewish. Okay.

It is fake, but even if it was real you'd just use the same pilpul you used here