How long after you start a job is it "appropriate" to switch to another job elsewhere?

How long after you start a job is it "appropriate" to switch to another job elsewhere?

I'm wrapping up my final semester of university and have a part time job where they expect me to go full time after graduation. The pay and the commute are both good but the job is boring, and almost all the co-workers have 10+ years on me. Everyone younger seems to only stick around for a year or two and goes elsewhere, so I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way. The group I'm in seems to have a high turnover rate for younger workers in particular.

What's holding me back is that I was referred, so I feel like I'd be a dick move to quit too soon. I guess I could stick around until my referrer gets the referral bonus, but I don't know if he will if I'm only part time, and I wouldn't be able to stand working there full time for 6 months.

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Loyalty means very little to most companies, just take whatever the best job available to you is at the time.

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>How long after you start a job is it "appropriate" to switch to another job elsewhere?

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Ask for more pay, if they don't deliver, quit

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Give your referrer a heads up and then a 4 week notice. Standard is 2 but I find the two extra weeks is helpful.

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I work for a company with almost the same situation.
Lots of old dinosaurs who have pensions shackling them to the same job their entire career and younger kids who have no pension and only incentives to job hop.
The current work environment does not reward loyalty, otherwise you'd be offered a pension or some decent vesting options over time- Not some measly 1.5-2%/yr peanuts. The only way for young people to make money today is by job hopping. I've noticed every 2-3 years seems to be a sweet spot. Especially if you're bored or otherwise dissatisfied. It works very well if you work for a large corporation where you can hop around within many departments. This also increases your exposure to the entire business so you can really climb the ladder if that's what you're interested in doing.

Advice- Don't listen to when boomers complain about millennials lacking loyalty. They're the ones not willing to pay for it.


That's the thing though. It's a "research" job, but the research is extremely menial and trivial. Can I continue learning something new if I stay there? Sure, but what they do is equivalent of trying to squeeze water out of a rock. I'm worried since the work is so niche I might have difficulty finding something new the longer I stay there.

It honestly seems like the place where boomers and older Gen Xs go to hang out until they retire. A lot of them are unwilling to even learn how to use some of the most common software used in the industry.

I think they might give me a bump if I go full time, but that job is just killing me. I dread the amount of hours I have to put in at part time, so I'm not sure how I'd dredge through a full time schedule week after week. Right now I'm at the equivalent of 80K if I were full time.

Yeah, I plan to let him know before anyone else when the time to quit comes.

I honestly don't think I'd be able to stay there for 2 years working full time without completely hating my life, but what you said is what I've heard from the other employees there. The new guys/girls come in for two to three years and then bail out.

It is possible to more around in the different departments at the company, but there has to be a need for that to occur, and the group I'm in is the one with the most turnover because it does the most menial work.

The only need should be your desire to do so. If your manager shows disapproval in you wanting to advance your career then s/he is a bad manager and you definitely need to get out.

I'll definitely give it a go as I'm closer to graduating/going full time, but considering that they're constantly trying to fill at least one more position in the group I doubt I'll happen. I'll apply elsewhere in the meantime, too.

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OP I agree with this dude. Just because you get a better offer somewhere else doesnt mean it's the best choice financially. You have to think of where you want to be in 10 years.

Have you learned enough from this job to merit switching to another?

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OP it doesn't matter anymore. 6 months min to put it on resume.

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